Deep oscillation

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Deep oscillation facial

Look and feel better immediately. Your lymphatic system is a weblike structure which can easily become sluggish then stagnate. This results in dull skin which is congested and atrophied.

This beautiful therapy works on oscillating MLD (manual lymph drainage) to aid the remove lymphatic toxicity & strengthen cutaneous tissue. Your skin will feel energised & you’ll glow! If you’d like to book the red light therapy, then you can do this at each session (London). 

Karen Botha MAR

Co-Owner & Therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford

deep oscillation

Questions & Answers


What is a deep oscillation facial?

They clinically proved deep oscillation therapy. It’s used for health and wellbeing, but has the side effect through internal rejuvenation, that you skin not not only feels better, but it looks better too.

You can find all the information on deep oscillation here 


What are the prices?

We have two packages available, one just for your face, or you can have the option to add in your neck and under chin too.

Package 1 includes the top part of your face including jowls, around your eyes, including crow’s feet, eyelids and bags below your eyes. This is £300

Package 2 gives you everything included in package 1, but we also include under your chin and your neck. This is £500


When do I see the results?

It’s immediate. 

You’ll relax during your session, but straight afterwards, you’ll feel lighter, your skin will have more of a glow and the dullness will have gone.

Deep oscillation facial

Come today and glow for your special event

You know when you have a standard facial; you need to have it a few days ahead of your special event just so there’s time for the impurities to come out.

Deep oscillation facial is different, your body gets rid of these toxins through your lymphatic system, so they come out of your lymphatic system, This means, you get all the visual benefits, without the downsides.

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