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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

Fat reduction: lose weight and size fast, with no downtime.

This non surgical weight loss technique uses radio frequency (RF therapy) to achieve fat reduction and contour your body. This sculpting treatment removes fat from our body in a non invasive way; treatments using gentle heat and sound to stimulate our lymphatic system to flush out fat (or adipose tissue as it is officially known).

Karen Botha MAR

Co-Owner & Therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford


Questions & Answers


Is this the same as liposuction?

No. Our machine is the Lynton Lasers ProMax Lipo machine, but that’s where the similarities end. Liposuction procedures are invasive, even vaser lipo. A plastic surgeon will suck fat cells out of your body under anaesthetic. You’ll be bruised afterwards, suffer swelling and have stitches and small scars. This takes a few months to subside and up to six before you are healed and can see the final effects of the contouring procedure. The cost is also relatively high.

Using the radio frequency route avoids all of this. We use radio frequency (RF Therapy) to encourage your body to eliminate fat without surgery or pain. There’s no downtime — you literally don’t need to heal afterwards. This method comes with minimal risks, no pain, although some do mention slight discomfort, and what’s better no need for surgery.

There is another difference between liposuction and radio frequency fat reduction and that is the amount of fat that each can get rid of. Effectively.

Liposuction can within reason suck out as much as is healthy for your body. Your medical practitioner will use this invasive procedure to remove excess fat. So sometimes you may be left with sagging skin and need skin tightening. Because they take out so much that your skin has stretched to cover more fat than is now left.

Radiofrequency fat reduction is best suited to eliminating pockets of stubborn fat, destroying cellulite and tightening skin. So whilst it doesn’t hurt and is great for your health as it doesn’t take the same toll on your body having to heal post surgery; typically it’s best for fat reduction of a few inches or less. So if you’re after slicing off great rolls of fat, you may be best to get under the surgeon’s knife. We can help with finding a great one.


How does cavitation work?

Your technician will massage a gentle conductor cream onto your skin and then use our state-of-the-art cavitation device to send sound waves through our tissue and into the fat layers of the area you want to transform. This noise creates a vibration which disrupts the membrane that contains the fat.

We then use radiofrequency devices to heat this fat until it melts just enough to leak out of this membrane and into our lymphatic system which is what our body uses to eliminate the fat out and improve your figure and overall aesthetic appearance.


Getting the most out of your fat reduction treatment

There are some genuine activities you can do to help yourself get the best healthcare from your treatment.

We have some full aftercare notes in this article which you should read. But essentially, if you drink a lot of water before and after your sessions this will help your wellness. You can do this for multiple days. And if you can cut out carbs and sugars, all the better.

Also, the sooner after your therapy you exercise or do some kind of activity, the better and certainly within 72 hours. It’s not like you’re going to need recovery time after, you can literally walk out of our clinic and take a good yoga class and your results will be improved. Doing a gym workout or even a simple walk will speed up your lymphatic system which is how your body expels the fat and improves your cosmetic results.

Some people worry that they will have an odd or painful sensation and therefore need to take extra care of themselves after radio frequency fat reduction. You don’t. Whilst results vary based on your individual body composition we can promise you that you’ll lose more weight with daily exercise. This advice as deep-rooted research supporting it by the way. We can advise you what will your ideal road, we’re not saying you need to be lifting heavy weights.

Benefits of radio frequency fat reduction.

  1. You don’t need to allow time to recover; You leave our professional clinic and it’s common for our patients to just get on with their day.
  2. Complications are minimal as for example, there’s no real healing required and you’ll have no numbness after as you would with alternative treatments
  3. This isn’t a drastic change. People won’t see you one day and then the next you’ll be noticeably smaller. You need a few sessions over a short period. Usually around six to eight. At first it will be twice a week and will slip to weekly. This means that your change is as natural as if you’d been dieting so you don’t have to explain anything to anyone if you don’t want to.
  4. The device is one to the few noninvasive options that are effective. It’s nonsurgical so there’re no incisions, no injections, no acid, and nothing messing with your hormones. We’re literally using heat energy and sound technology on patients to disrupt how fat is treated by your body. Oh, and you don’t need anesthesia.
  5. Simultaneous fat reduction with ultrasonic cavitation and skin tightening and cellulite reduction with radiofrequency. Plus, we have the option to use a vacuum function to speed up your lymphatic system which effectively helps your body with the removal of the max amount of fat. And everything is natural unlike e.g, an injection of Botox.
  6. The temperatures and intensity ultrashaper use during these radio frequency methods are safe and only work down to the dermal layer of your skin, so your muscles and organs remain unaffected
  7. We can adapt the treatment to the exact shape you’re trying to contour. We don’t rely on clumsy handpieces that attach to the size of these attachments limits the skin and the amount you can treat.
  8. No post treatment bruising or swelling after these techniques
  9. You don’t need to invest in additional MLD treatments like you would after liposuction because there is no risk of infection
  10. You don’t need to wear a compression garment for weeks/ months after you’ve had your treatment as you would with cosmetic surgery
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Promax lipo machine used by Essential Feeling Romford, Essex for fat reduction, BMI, skin tightening RF therapy
radiofrequency skin clinc romford

What areas is radio frequency fat reduction suitable for?

RF therapy is suitable for any targeted area, for instance;

  1. Slimmer, tighter, stomach (abdomen) tummy
  2. Toning Thighs
  3. Smoother Flanks (love handles) and shaping waist
  4. Toning back and bra roll
  5. Reshape Arms
  6. Buttocks
  7. Non surgical face lift, wrinkle reduction and eliminating double chin and lifting neck
radio frequency fat reduction



How will I be after my session?

You’ll be fine. You may experience some redness, a delicate rose colour, for a few hours following your session. And you may be thirsty, this is your body telling you it needs water to flush the fat out that has been liquidated during the radio frequency treatment.


Compare RF therapy to coolsculpting

Cool sculpting uses adaptors that latch onto your skin and will freeze as much fat as will fit into the patch that their suction mechanism covers. This frozen area could be more or less than the shape you referred to in your consultation.

You’ll experience some stinging and they limit results to the different sizes of the handpieces. RF therapy is more free form. You identify the selection of the area, and your clinics will be able to adapt your treatment to the exact shape of the piece of fat you’d like to reduce.

With RF therapy you won’t have any pain afterwards which is desired, right!? Whereas with Cool sculpting, they will test your tolerability as you’ll be incredibly tender afterwards with some nerve numbing. You should also be advised to wear a special compression garment afterwards and not do anything too strenuous for a few days — not that you’ll want to. the after effects of Coolsculpting are pretty painful to be honest.

It’s also possible that cool sculpting by nature of the intense sucking that happens during the treatment, may reduce fat, but may leave you with a noticeable mark. This could be as bruising, often severe, or a lasting increase in cellulite as cells are damaged. RF therapy will prevent and even permanently improves cellulite and skin tone in the area we’re treating.


FAQs — Your questions answered.

We are certified, and they have tested our expert clinical competence before being approved to work with this market leading machine — this isn’t your average radio frequency machine!

The temperature we heat your fat to is controlled and tailored exactly for the area we’re targeting

We need to have a consultation with you before we go ahead with the treatment. This will enable us to review then discuss your personal treatment plan and offer associated costs.

The result is permanent in that if you keep your diet and exercise routine in order to post sessions and you consume and burn the same amount of calories, then the fat will remain off and you’ll continue to be toned. But, if you don’t do this, you’ll also continue to build fat on top of this newer base level. It’s also important to note that you will age naturally, but that this will also be from this lower base level as the collagen your body produces because of the temperature doesn’t evaporate. It just continues to age.

We will perform your radio frequency fat reduction at our clinic in Essex. We’re right next to both the A127 and A12 with free parking right outside the studios. Book your consultation online now.

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