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Myofascial Release for Sports Injuries
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What is a myofascial release for sports injuries?

We combine myofascial release with an authentic Balinese massage. The traditional modality of myofascial release combines stretching to boost your circulation. By stretching out your fascia with an array of skin rolling techniques combined with a full-body, deep-tissue massage therapy, we use deep pressure on pressure points to target knotted muscles. You leave feeling lighter and more flexible, the end result being improved wellbeing, calm and deep relaxation.

In terms of its history, it’s an ancient healing therapy which has its origins as you may expect, on the island of Bali, Indonesia. Its roots were traditionally in folk medicine and healing techniques passed from generation to generation. This form of massage are reflecting the old principles which is designed to relieve pain and discomfort. By mixing different techniques we give you the best possible results.

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Questions & Answers


What kind of pressure is used during Balinese healing massage and therapies?

You can expect your therapist to use deep pressure. This is because damaged and knotted tissue often sits deep beneath several layers of muscle and body fat. Lighter pressure just won’t help the root cause of your issues. However, it’s more than likely that your therapist will combine this with more gentle healing strokes and kneading to relieve tension. This will also improve your circulation of blood to muscles which are closer to the skin’s surface.


What is the difference between Swedish and Balinese massage?

While both are named after their place of origin, of their historical roots if you like, they are different. Your Swedish massage therapist will use a more limited palette of strokes, where as Balinese massage may use this same modality, but isn’t limited to it.


What are some of the benefits of Balinese massage?

Here are just a few benefits of traditional Balinese massage:
*Useful in healing muscle damage
*Relieves strained muscles
*Great for sports injuries (it’s often confused with a sports massage) and this therapy helps prevent sports related injuries
*Improves circulation which in turn can be effective in reducing swelling
*Increases relaxation and stress reduction relieve joint pain as well as improved mobility
*Enhances your sport performance by tuning your body and helping overcome chronic injury


Is this a sports massage?

As we know already from this site alone, there are different types of massage. Each has their own benefit, but selecting one can be confusing. That’s why at Essential Feeling, we don’t make you choose. You know your options, but when you come along for your appointment we’ll ensure that you get what is the best solution for your unique problem.

But, it’s still good to know the difference between some of your options.

So sure, you’d think, I have a sports injury, I need a sports massage, but here’s why that isn’t necessarily the best choice for you. A sports massage just uses the deep pressure. Deep tissue massage therapy uses a combination of some techniques combined together, including fascia release and trigger point therapy, so we think it’s better than a pure sports massage.

But, Balinese massage is a holistic type of massage therapy that combines many techniques to fix and improve athletic performance. This therapy is designed to give athletes a more rounded outcome and improve recovery. In our opinion, even though many people ask for a sports massage, they are actually better with this approach because it treats the body, holistically, as a whole.

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Is this physiotherapy then?

No. We are massage therapists. A physiotherapist may incorporate some elements of massage, but we both specialise in different areas.


How will I feel after my Balinese healing massage?

You should feel relaxed and refreshed with a ton of energy you didn’t know you had. In an ideal world, if you can go home afterwards and take a lie down it will help your body to realign.


What should you do after a massage?

Ideally, you should relax and drink a lot of water. Allow your body to recover and rejuvenate from the work we have done. We wouldn’t recommend any exercise, particularly anything strenuous until at least the next day.

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