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Sports rehabilitation treatment for injuries in Romford

Are you looking for a sports rehabilitation clinic that offers specialised treatment at great prices? Have you recently suffered a sport injury?

Contact us at our Gidea Park based sports rehabilitation practice to experience the benefits of how our dedicated care and tailored development can help develop your performance. Sessions are a minimum of 1 hour. This is because we truly don’t believe we can do any lasting physiological good in less time — your muscles, tendons and ligaments all interconnect and so what we do in one area of your body affects another. We need time to affect this network of connective tissues. Our service is good, our reputation is also good and to maintain this we won’t compromise our standards. Whatever the project.

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sports rehablitation

How we can help you


Our range of sports rehabilitation services includes

Sports massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Mobilisations and Manipulations

Pre- and Post operative care specialists

Reflexology based around your feet. This aims to help your biomechanics, but also the motion of your tiny muscles and bones in your feet

Complete ultrasound rehabilitators via cavitation or deep oscillation

Physical rehabilitation

Nutritional and nutritional counselling


We help a wide range of injuries

Our multidisciplinary team has a hands on range of therapeutic techniques and understanding at their disposal so can help you with a wide range of injuries which typically are underpinning every phase of your sports rehabilitation timetable

chronic back pain,

ligament and tendon injuries,

repeated strains and thus building strength and endurance

acute sporting injuries,

frozen shoulder pain,

muscle pain — including the help that is required for athletes to gain muscle mass


The variety of benefits of manual physical therapy.

Sports rehabilitation promotes a healthy and active lifestyle

Maintaining physical function

Focus on conditioning to prepare your physiology for certain new exercises or training goals

Reducing pain and increasing mobility inlcuding spinal and joint conditions

Helpful for seniors or people with disabilities or movement restrictions

We also provide general health and fitness counselling.

We specialist in post surgery healing

Our team can also help you with Sports rehabilitation , giving you the time to heal and accelerate your ultimate performance. If you have had an operation, this is where we excel as we are working with the Harley Street and Knightsbridge clinics as specialists after surgery. Our core knowledge of human anatomy and physiology is both practical and academic.

Exercise rehabilitation means you can enjoy your previous level of activity or even enhance it through improved kinetic and musculoskeletal function.

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Sports rehabilitation

We can help you stay fit

The clinical experts at Essential Feeling also advise on general health and fitness. Our professional therapists specialise in non-surgical solutions for a wide range of injuries and health conditions with programmes designed to put theory into practical neuromuscular use when you’re injured and looking for an advanced functional expert in sports rehabilitation. We have skills and knowledge gained from over ten years post grad qualifications practical experience and we’re happy to liaise with your personal trainer.

Some clients like us to speak to their personal trainer as part of their sports rehabilitation health assessment which is part of their consultation programme, whilst others may decide to wait until we’re at the management stage of recovery, easing you back into an exercise routine with constant monitoring requirements. This may be where we support you with a specific analysis of your return to your training process — important for an athlete. Others are just happy to see us exclusively.

You can check our costs and availability online.

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