Reflexology for stress & anxiety
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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

Reflexology for stress & anxiety

OK, so we hear you, how can reflexology for stress and anxiety even be a thing. I mean, you’re rubbing feet, right? It’s got to be a con.

Yep, we’ve heard it. And all those people who have then gone on to try reflexology for stress and anxiety rave about its effects.

They’re right in the sense that reflexology is all about using pressure points (reflexes) on a foot, hand or face to release a certain level of tension in another part of your body. Kind of like, pulling on a rope and the other end will move. That’s what we’re doing with your feet in simplified terms. And it stands to reason that if you’re struggling to cope with stress and anxiety and that reflexology removes tension, that one of the best, most effective things it can help with is relieving tension.

Hence why people suffering with stress and anxiety, absolutely love reflexology. Once they give it a chance.

Karen Botha MAR

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Questions & Answers


What pressure point relieves anxiety?

This depends on what your cause is and is the same answer if you’re asking, ‘does reflexology help with stress?’ For instance, if you have mental anxiety brought on by an overload of mental responsibilities then we may work the top of your toes. If however, it’s because of an emotional break up then we would work different areas pertaining to your heart and lungs.

This is the beauty of Essential Feeling and Karen, your MAR reflexologist. You are treated as an individual and won’t just be given a standard routine because that’s all your therapist knows how to do. Your treatment will be adapted to give you the best possible outcome — in this case, stress reduction.

Karen will generally practice reflexology on your foot but may teach you reflexology self care via some reflexology points to help you when you are at home, or in the office, or going about your daily family life. These will more than likely be on your hands and will help relieve tension stress when you’re between reflexology appointments.


How long does reflexology for stress anxiety and depression take to relieve stress?

You’ll feel results right there and then, in the reclining chair as we work you. You’ll be a few minutes in and already you’ll notice a sense of calm has washed over you. Your system will calm and you may choose to chat or drift away. Relaxation is one of the more immediate benefits of reflexology and indeed countless studies have shown the same.

Then that night, you could sleep better. With several weekly sessions, we help our clients get on top of the rest of your emotions, your sleep will usually have improved massively at this point, both insomnia being cured and you’ll find you sleep much more deeply too.

After this point, it’s down to you as to whether you want to keep going with your reflexology for stress and anxiety sessions, mark them down to a top up frequence so your emotions don’t run out of control again in the future, or whether you just want to come for a top up as and when you feel you need it. The effects of stress on health are well documented and we’ve written about this here. We’re not going to pressure you into anything. This is supposed to combat the effects of stress and anxiety after all.


So how does foot reflexology and hand reflexology relieve anxiety and stress?

The different acupressure points that we have talked about each relate to different systems in your body. By working these in a personalised treatment plan, your reflexologist, Karen will provide you relief from the matters which are making you stressed. You can read more about this here.

Reflexology is a holistic methods of releasing stress, a type complementary therapy, so it does this while you can continue with any other treatment you are being given. For instance, if you are on medication to help you with an anxiety disorder, you should continue to take these as prescribed by your medical practitioner. But, reflexology will continue with its care techniques focussed on reducing stress while you continue with your traditional medical care.

This way, both work together to reduce depression and psychological pain and effectively manage your stress which leads to greater relaxation and overall health and wellbeing.




Where will I have my reflexology session?

You will be treated at the Essential Feeling reflexology clinic in Gidea Park, Romford where the environment is most conducive to reducing stress and anxiety levels.


I'm pregnant, can I still have reflexology to ease my symptoms.

Yes, Karen your reflexologist is fully certified in maternity/ pregnancy reflexology. If you’re looking to conceive and are experiencing problems with fertility as a result of stress, then you might want to check out this page.


Please Note:

Reflexology is a totally safe and complementary treatment (it does not replace medical treatment). If you are in any doubt at all, please consult with your GP or specialist prior to treatment.

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