Boost Male Fertility

Boost male fertility

If you're looking to boost male fertility why not help them relax at the same time? We've already seen here how stress and infertility are interlinked, before we start to heal the quality of sperm.

What is fertility (or infertility)?

If its been 12 months or more and despite your best efforts conception is still not happening for you.

This is classed as infertility or sub fertility.  In around 25% of cases this is male infertility.

About  male fertility/ about infertility

One major contributing factor of male fertility issues which we know as infertility (or sub fertility) is that when you under any kind of stress whether this be physical ailments or mental your body will deal with this, but this has a knock on effect...  

The more energy that your body uses dealing with stress means it has less to deal with the normal ‘housekeeping’ of your body and so it becomes less efficient at disposing of toxins.  Your body will recognise that your reproductive organs are not critical to your life and so more often than not your body stores toxins in this area making it extremely difficult to conceive.

This can wind up with you and you partner tracking ovulation around the best time for conception to the point where you have an ovulation calendar and very often undergoing IVF.  This all causes stress!

Signs of infertility in men

*Hormonal imbalances
*Erectile dysfunction
*Problems ejaculating
*Changes in testicles

How can you tell if a man is infertile?

Risk factors may also contribute to infertility in both men and women include:
*age, although this is widely accepted to be an issue for women, men's fertility begins to fall off from their early 20s. Way before women's
*smoking tobacco or marijuana
*drinking alcohol
*history of sexually transmitted infections
*stress, also read this page
*poor diet, see below

My medication has sub fertility side effects - can Reflexology help?

Some drugs such as for Crohns or rheumatoid arthritis can affect fertility.  Reflexology has some great results in helping many of these illnesses which could result in less dependency on the drugs and therefore improved male fertility. See details of diseases reflexology may help here

Likewise, some herbal remedies such as root extracts of Tripterygium wilfordii (a Chinese herb), can affect the production of sperm or reduce the size of your testicles having a negative effect on your fertility.

Can Reflexology aid fertility in men?

In short - yes!  Statistics show male infertility is affects around 25% of sub fertility cases. Reflexology may help male infertility by re-balancing the body in the same was as it would for a female.   

How long does it take to see results?

Everyone is different and the time to see results will vary according to how deep rooted your problems are.  Most people will start to respond positively to Reflexology to boost male fertility within 3 to 6 weekly appointments, meaning that this is when we start to work past the general imbalances and can start to address the more severe imbalances. Usually we can effectively increase fertility in men in 3 months of regular weekly sessions.

Can reflexology be used to support medical fertility procedures?

Yes, Reflexology to boost male fertility supports medical fertility procedures positively as it prepares you physically and emotionally by ensuring your body is in the best possible condition to optimise the chance of a successful pregnancy.

I’ve been told we have ‘unexplained infertility’ can reflexology help this?

If medical tests have shown no reason for you being unable to conceive successfully this is unexplained infertility.  Reflexology for infertility can assist this by ensuring that both you and your partners are in optimum condition by re-balancing areas that may not have been picked up through medical tests.

I’ve already had a child and yet I’m being told we’re now infertile?

This is called secondary infertility and can be quite common due to our bodies reacting to changing external stimuli.  Reflexology may therefore be very effective for secondary infertility as it re-balances the body and realigns those things which were once in place.

What food is good for male fertility?

This is a case of what is good and what is bad. There is a ton of reports out there on the internet and you could drive yourself insane going through them all and trying to be the ‘perfect fertility specimen. In short, avoid soy if you can as it has been connected with lower semen quality. Eat nuts including brazil nuts which have a lovely amount of selenium in them. Likewise, if you can stomach oily fish twice a week, all the better. Another tip is that lycopene which is found in tomatoes can boost male fertility.

And of course, that old chestnut, alcohol. If you can limit your intake, you’re doing yourself some favours (read more below).

How can I increase my sperm count naturally?

Male fertility supplements help our body to have the right fuel to run optimally when we’re not getting that from our diet and so can boost sperm count and male fertility. D-AA is worth looking into. In short it is claimed that it helps to increase testosterone levels. Vitamin D can do the same. Also, look into taking zinc and ashwagandha.

Regular exercise can boost your testosterone, but be careful. If you’re exercising too much, building too much muscle, your testosterone can be channelled off to feed this muscle rather than building quality sperm. Linked to this very often is a lack of libido. Fenugreek supplements and mac root have both been shown in small studies to be effective for improving libido (Sex drive).

Vitamin C and other antioxidant supplements can boost male fertility if they are low in oxidants.

We’ve already discussed the effects of stress and fertility, here. Read this page please.

On top of this, look at the warning signs above that your male fertility might need a boost. Whether alcohol intake affects male reproductive function is controversial, but if you’re overweight, which many men are when they consume too much e.g. beer, in the same way that a high (or low) BMI affects women’s fertility, the same is true for men. If your body is fighting the effects of being overweight it reduces the amount of energy left for producing a healthy sperm count and quality.

Can a woman get pregnant if a man has a low sperm count?

A low sperm count officially male infertility with any sperm reading that comes in under 15 million sperm in every millimetre of semen. That’s not to say that a woman can’t get pregnant, it just means that the less sperm, the less chance there is. The problem is exacerbated when the quality of this sperm is also low because this is when you have issues with the sample falling even more short, in that it is small to start with and then even smaller because the number of sperm isn’t all the best quality.

This is where we can help at Essential Feeling because by working with men weekly over a three month period, it is relatively easy for their sperm to improve.

However, it's important to understand the psych of men because when they discover they have fertility issues, it can impact male egos. That's not meant in a derogatory way, but men are naturally bred to provide for us. So, for this reason it can mentally hit men hard. Often harder than if they have to care for a woman who has the fertility issues. This is why it is as important as possible to show men that we can improve male fertility relatively easily as whatever affects the male reproductive function also affects their mind. Boosting male fertility with something as simple as an hour's reflexology once a week which also improves their ability to cope with stress is something nice for them. A bit of time out from the process of 'trying to conceive'. And so they are often more inclined to accept this as a ways to boost male fertility that if they have to go through traditional medical routes.

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It's easy to boost male fertility. Well, more so than female fertility at least. And so, with reflexology and some general lifestyle hints and tips we have some fab success with working with our male clients to help them overcome infertility issues.

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