Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage

I’m looking for deep tissue massage places, have I found the right place?

You have. Our massage therapists at Essential Feeling are not only certified, but are qualified in advanced deep tissue massage therapy. Read on and we’ll answer all your questions so you can be sure your hunt for a quality deep tissue massage therapy place is over.

What is a deep tissue full body massage?

First off, let’s clear something up because we know finding deep tissue massage places can be a nightmare. So, without further ado, you found a respectable and qualified deep tissue massage specialist who is not only a licenced in advanced deep tissue work, but is also experienced.

So, onto what’s included. It’s a therapeutic, manual therapy which can cover any part of your body with manipulative techniques which ease tension in your tight or damaged muscles to restore natural balance.

Generally, depending on how much time you select, we start on your back and shoulders, move down to your legs and then when we turn you over, move back up your body from your feet to your neck and head, if you want that doing.

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Should I get a deep tissue massage at your place? What can it help?

This is a wonderfully therapeutic massage experience which deals with all the connective tissues in such a way that many say it is the best massage for way too many problems to list, many people even billing it as a medical massage.

However, we’ve pulled out a few that we see most regularly. If you’re in doubt, call or text us on 07941 668456 and we’ll chat through the best massage techniques for your issues.
*Muscle knots and muscular injuries

*Soft tissue release
*Athletes suffering with e.g. hamstring issues
*Depression and anxiety
*Improves sleep
*Shoulder pain
*Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow
*Arthritis (massages the tight muscles which pull bones against each other)

I’m pregnant can I still have a deep tissue therapy work?

Yes. Your massage therapist is also qualified in giving deep tissue massage during pregnancy.

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Is deep tissue massage the same as sports massage therapy?

Many of our clients get hung up about what type of massage therapy they are booking. Don’t because your massage therapist will adapt and customise your treatment according to what you need and will be able to help you with any muscle related injury/ pain.

This kind of massage will break down muscle fibres using firm pressure administered often with your therapist’s arm. A sports massage may use other techniques as well such as soft tissue manipulation. Chances are, whatever you book, you’ll have the best hybrid of techniques to give you the result you need. That’s why we charge for our time rather than the type of treatment.

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What are the side effects of a deep tissue massage?

You’re going to feel tight and bruised afterwards, whichever deep tissue massage places you visit. Especially if this is your first massage. This is because your massage therapist uses deep pressure to eek out muscles that are sticking together in the wrong format.

You may also feel a bit dozy afterwards, and cold.

But, you will also immediately feel looser. And once the tenderness eases, our clients tell us that they feel like a new person.

Can you do couples deep tissue massage?

For sure. Both therapists are qualified in advanced deep tissue massage. You will be in adjoining rooms and so can choose to have the door open or closed between you. If you choose to have it open, you’ll be able to see each other throughout, although due to the nature of this type of massage, some of our clients prefer to have the door closed — it’s quieter, particularly if one is having a relaxing massage while the other is having therapeutic bodywork done.

If you’d like to book a couples massage, you can do so here, you can decide on the style at your appointment.

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How many deep tissue massage sessions will I need at your place?

We know it’s not what you want to hear, but it’s impossible to say. Everyone’s body is different and as you respond to medication differently, so you will respond to this type of therapeutic treatment in your own unique way, albeit manual manipulation rather than medication.

What we can say is that many people get a deep tissue massage to help relieve chronic aches and pain which have been hanging around for some time. If you think about this, it’s unlikely to take just one hour to sort them out.

How long also depends on how often you should return for any needed repeat sessions. On your first session we may not be able to penetrate all the way through to the deep layers of your muscle. This may be because there is too much tension in the muscles on top to break through or it may be that you are too sensitive at first. All of this eases with time and the more sessions you have, and the more frequence you have them over (no more than once a week, reducing over time) will mean that the effectiveness of your treatments will increase as we move forward together with your plan.

We will never push you into sessions you don’t need though as we’ve heard some therapists do. You will feel the difference and it will always be down to you to book another session when you feel it is right for you.

How much is a deep massage therapy at your place?

It depends what part you want to be covered. Just bear in mind though that all of your muscles are connected, so particularly if you’re an athlete looking for help with a sports injury, then you may want to allow enough time to cover the areas next to where you’re feeling the discomfort.

The minimum time for a deep tissue massage therapy at our place in Romford, (Gidea Park) is 1 hour. This is sufficient time to cover one main area usually, such as back, neck and shoulders.

If you’re still concerned that you’re booking a quality service, then you can check out deep tissue massage places here and see even more of our reviews. Please note, your massage therapist is iTEC qualified, which is a highly acclaimed international accreditation for massage. Always let your massage therapist know your expectations and speak up if there is something with which you aren’t comfortable. If you don’t tell us, we don’t know and we’re not offended. Don’t forget, we’re keen to customise your treatment to you, so let us know. You’re welcome to discuss with your doctor before getting any type of massage if you have any health concerns or conditions.

You can go ahead and book online now here for yourself, or for a couples deep tissue massage. If you would like to speak with us, then please text us on 07941 668456 and we’ll come back to you as soon as we have the time space between our clients to talk.