Reflexology for Grief

Reflexology for grief

What is reflexology for grief?

Reflexology for grief works with the energy flow that gets blocked as a result of your grieving. Often before you come for reflexology, you’ll feel ‘foggy’ and unable to navigate your way through the most simple of tasks in our daily lives. This imbalance can lead to depression and/ or anxiety, and feelings of being overwhelmed and a hopelessness as well as physical symptoms.

This is never great, but if you’re struggling to hold down a job or hectic lifestyle including looking after a family, then the pressure of your grief is even greater. Particularly if no-one seems to understand your grief as can often feel the case in miscarriage grief, or still births.

Reflexology therapy will aid in releasing and re-balancing this blocked negative energy so you sleep better, your body is more able to heal itself and you’re left with an overall improved sensation of wellbeing. One of the most immediate effects of reflexology is that you feel anxiety lifting and often on the same night as your first session, your sleep will improve.

What is reflexology therapy and how can it help my grief?

Reflexology is an ancient healing tradition. It was developed in the East and the West but neither knew about the other for many years resulting in reflexology healing now being used across many cultures.

Reflexology works by applying pressure (acupressure) to your feet in a kind of massage motion which we accept sounds ludicrous! But, it’s no more so than acupuncture which works on a similar system and people have managed to accept the health benefits of this. Reflexology works in a similar way to unblock energy and improve your overall health. This is done by rebalancing your body through massaging this acupressure points which improves your circulation and encourages toxins to be naturally eliminated. When these go, your body has more energy left with which to heal because its attentions aren’t being diverted to processing these things that need to be expelled from your system. You can have reflexology on different areas of your body, including your hands and/ or your feet.

Who is reflexology for grief suitable for?

Karen is your qualified reflexologist at Essential Feeling in Romford, Essex. She’s also a certified counsellor, and has spent years working with grief stricken clients teetering on the edge of depression. So if you wish to chat through your emotions, she’s happy to listen and help you find a way through your problems.

However, it’s also important to understand that no two people will deal with grief in the same way and so you will be treated as an individual. Karen knows that grief is a personal process and there is no right or wrong way to grieve.

Therefore, if you’re open to finding your way through your bereavement, then Karen is open to helping you find that path.

I’ve lost my baby/ had a miscarriage. Will reflexology for grief help me?

Karen has particular experience in dealing with grief following a stillbirth or miscarriage grief. If you’re going through this trauma and grieving the loss of your baby, reflexology is a soothing, non-invasive way to help re-set your physical and emotional pain.

Reflexology therapy allows mums, partners/ dads (anyone affected by baby loss) the private space to surrender to, and release while being provided with emotional space which allows you to release your emotions which you’ve been bottling up. This assists your grieving process because before we can move to the next stage of grieving, we must first acknowledge the last.

Your reflexology treatment will work on one foot followed by the other in a way which is both comforting and nurturing. It will allow your natural balance to restore in its own time. This is your place to escape the pressure, and let go.

I’d like to try this at home. Are there any acupressure points for grief?

Of course. You could always try rubbing the tips of your thumbs or the balls of your feet, but honestly, reflexology is about way more than pressing points. Reflexology is about combining years of knowledge and experience to combine pressure points which brings about healing.

For Karen, administering this therapy is also about listening to what you say and responding so that you know you’re not alone. You may also want to read our blog post to help you be happy.

I’ve heard that the lungs are important, tell me about grief and the lungs

Have you ever had that feeling like you can’t breathe when you’re upset? Yes? Well, that’s how our lungs are affected by our grief.

In terms of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) they believe that grief links to the lungs, the intestines and skin which is why we also get an upset stomach when we’re suffering with bereavement, or a skin breakout when we’re depressed (a knock on effect of grief).

If you have an inability to move on then you’ll often find this manifesting in your lungs, or on your feet the balls of your feet may be dry, or tender. The Chinese believe that this is because your lungs are a transition point between the external world and your internal self through inhaling oxygen.

If you would like to book an appointment for reflexology for grief, then feel free to use the online booking system below. If you would like to talk to Karen before then please feel free to drop her a text on 077579 46023 first and she’ll come back to you as soon as she’s free. You may also be interested in finding out more about reflexology here.