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Head & Neck Massage

There are more health benefits to a head and neck massage that you would initially expect. Sure, it can be a wonderful way to relax, but it can also give you more energy, relieve TMJ pain and remove toxins from your body via your lymphatic system. Working a head and neck massage into your routine can be a great way for men and women alike to relax, but it is also a great way to stimulate blood flow and live a more healthy lifestyle where we give ourselves a reasonable time to relax while taking care of our overall wellness.

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Head and Neck massage

Questions & Answers


What is a face and neck massage?

We like to think of this face and neck massage as a workout for your face. It’s a well known fact that we should exercise our body, why should our face be any different? This face and neck massage combines acupressure points with massaging face exercises so not only relax your mind and body via the five zones of surrender (jaw, temple, eyes, base of your head and around and between eyebrows), but it will also centre and rejuvenate with immediate feel good results.


What are the benefits of a face and neck massage?

Other than being amazing for stress relief in the head, neck & shoulder areas, and erasing visible tension, dullness and fatigue on your face you mean? The face and neck massage also engages your lymphatic and circulatory systems which in turn improve your body’s ability to detoxify. Don’t underestimate its power to release happy hormones either! You won’t stop smiling when you leave.


I have TMJ pain, will a face and neck massage help?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) syndrome is when you get  a pain in your jaw joint where the lower jaw (mandible) connects to the skull (temporal bone) in front of your ear. TMJ pain can be caused by a number of medical problems but they all cause a tightness in the muscles around your jaw that deal with chewing. TMJ can lead to head and neck pain, facial and ear pain or just general headaches. Your jaw may also lock into position, or you hear a clicking/ popping when moving your mouth and jaw.

For this reason a head and neck massage at Essential Feeling can help TMJ and its effects, but please tell us you have this and that you would like your jaw to be massaged so that we can allocate the right amount of time to dealing with the TMJ problem during your facial massage.

head and neck massage

If you're unsure whether you have TMJ syndrome, here are some pointers:

*Pain in your face muscles and jaw joints which radiates up to your shoulders. This may mean that you need a longer period of time for your face neck massage so please be mindful

*Ear pain and ringing in the ears (tinnitus) and hearing loss.

*Your jaw joints produces a sound when you move it can also be another sign that you are suffering with TMJ. You face may also swell on this side.

*Constant series of searing headaches, dizziness which could be bad enough to lead to nausea or being sick.

*Muscle spasms including your jaw locking into position, particularly when you open your mouth wide.

*Have you suffered, or are you suffering from poor dental problems or emotional stress?

All of the above could all be caused by other issues other than TMJ but if you have a few it is a good sign that the pain you are feeling could be the result of TMJ. As always, we would suggest you seek the advice of your doctor, but you may also find that they recommend that you come in for a face massage as this relaxes the muscles in the mouth, face, jaw and neck. Massage can be a tool to improving your symptoms and relieving some TMJ pain. As we’ve said, the effects of TMJ can also run down to your shoulders and back, so to massage your face may not be enough, you may also need massage therapy on other areas such as a shoulder massage treatment.

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head & neck massage



I have skin conditions, is the head and neck therapeutic massage still suitable?

We use a gentle oil and a specialist massage cream to massage your face and neck, but as with all these things, your body’s reaction is unique. If you have any queries, please speak to us before booking and we’ll be able to advise you, as well as putting this on your consultation form prior to coming for your session.



If you would like to book a facial massage treatment, then use the online booking form before. Upon completion of your booking, you will be directed to a confirmation page which includes a link to an online consultation form. Please complete this and be sure to let us know whether you are booking your head and neck massage for therapeutic reasons such as TMJ, or if it is a relaxing session, or if you would like us to use manual lymph drainage massage treatment techniques on your face and neck massage.


Time is of the essence

Before booking, please consider what you would like to achieve and book enough minutes to accommodate this. As a rough guide, if you’re looking for gentle relaxation, or for some facial issue to be looked at such as sinus issues etc then an hour is usually enough time.

If you are suffering with TMJ pain then we would recommend that you take this massage down into your shoulders and back. For this your treatments will need to be 1.5 hours. You can book online.

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