The best third trimester massage

When you’re looking for the best third trimester massage in Romford, then it’s important to find someone who is not only highly qualified, but also experienced. This isn’t just about keeping your mind and body fresh, it’s also about caring for your baby.

What are the main reasons for a third trimester massage?

A prenatal massage in your third trimester helps as your body adjusts to the extra weight and changes to your posture that needs to happen to carry your baby full term. These stir up new aches and pains, in places you never even knew were there!

What you, as a new mum-to-be need to know about having a third trimester pregnancy massage.

Firstly, let’s address what is a prenatal massage.

We adapt prenatal massages to the anatomical changes that your body goes through during pregnancy. So if you’re in your third trimester, you won’t be able to lie comfortably on your front, so we’ll adapt with you laying on your side and your therapist working you from behind. You’ll be propped up by comfortable pillows, cushioning and pregnancy bolsters and many of our ladies surprise themselves by falling asleep as they relax.

It may also surprise you to know that there’s another reason we don’t do your prenatal massage in the standard face up and face down positions that isn’t to do with your baby belly. When you’re laying face up you can put pressure on a major blood vessel. This disrupts the flow of blood to your baby, and result in you being nauseous. This is why it’s always important to have a pregnancy massage, particularly when you’re in your third trimester from someone who is qualified and experienced, as we are at Essential Feeling, Gidea Park.

Can pregnant women get massages?

Yes. Especially in your second and third trimester. There are some questions about whether pregnancy massage is safe within your first trimester and this is why during this critical period of your baby’s growth, we only offer pregnancy reflexology. To be fair, we find this more effective at helping with the changes that your body goes through during the first three months of pregnancy anyway.

If you’re dead set on getting a first trimester massage then just go ahead and get a green light (letter) from your medical practitioner or GP and let us know at the time of booking.

On the note of whether massage is safe for mums-to-be, it’s worth pointing out that there is no magic eject button that will accidentally cause you to go into labour. There are specific pressure points that are thought to be best avoided but your pregnancy massage therapist knows these and adjusts your massage accordingly. When you’re due to go into labour we use these pressure points around your ankle and heel to help let your body know it’s time. But this takes work over a period of time, and even then there are no guarantees. Everyone’s body is different. Whilst we have been attributed with kickstarting labour in many clients, in all our years, so far we’ve only ever had one lady where her contractions were triggered whilst she was mid-treatment.

A few points about safety during third trimester massage and prenatal massage in general to help you choose a safe practitioner.


You may really feel like you’d like your tummy massaged as your skin stretches and it feels tight. But extra pressure on there can be surprisingly uncomfortable, so stick to a light pressure.

Second half of pregnancy

After the fourth month of pregnancy in the second half, it’s best not to lie flat on your back. This can be during your massage or at any time. We’ve mentioned this briefly above, but it comes down to the weight compressing blood vessels. This in turn reduces the circulation that reaches your placenta. And this creates more problems than any massage can cure. A good therapist will never ask you to do this.

Deep tissue massage during pregnancy

Many pregnant ladies are craving deep tissue work during their prenatal massage due to all the aches and pains. But, whilst gentle pressure is safe on your legs, it’s not a great idea to have deep tissue massage on your legs whilst you’re pregnant. This is because you’re more susceptible to blood clots which deep massage therapy may dislodge. It can therefore be risky, but the rest of your body is fine. So if you’d like a prenatal deep tissue massage on your back, then that is completely fine. A quick note, always communicate with your therapist. Let them know what feels good, or if you’re not enjoying a certain level of pressure. It helps us to tailor your session to your exact needs. Like we’ve said before, everyone’s body is different.


You can see there’s a lot involved in the training our therapist has done, over and above additional and adapted massage techniques for maternal massage. This is why a qualification is so important. But over and above that, there’s also no substitute for years of experience in adapting, padding, understanding the changing anatomy nuances a pregnant lady needs during her pregnancy and third trimester massage in particular.

Your practitioner, if credible, should run through a detailed consultation form before your treatment. This will cover off any health issues that they may need to be aware of including diabetes, high blood pressure, and any contagious diseases/ viruses. Essentially they’re looking for any complications that may make massage during pregnancy risky, so if you are at risk of preeclampsia or have suffered some abdominal pain or bleeding then be specific on your form. It won’t necessarily mean your treatment can’t go ahead, but your therapist will adapt their work accordingly.

What are the benefits of prenatal massage?

There’s research which shows that massage regardless of pregnancy reduces stress hormones as well as relaxing and loosening your muscles. But, importantly for pre-natal massages, it also increases your blood flow as well as keeping your lymphatic system working at peak efficiency. This is important because when you’re pregnant you’re not as mobile as normal so these are things your body struggles to maintain without some help, and are needed to ensure you’re not swimming in unwanted toxins whilst not delivering enough oxygen via your blood around your system.

During pregnancy, regular prenatal massages may not only help you relax, but may also relieve:

– Insomnia

– Joint pain, neck and back pain and sciatica

– Leg cramping

– Swelling in your hands and feet (as long as that swelling isn’t a result of preeclampsia)

– Carpal tunnel pain

– Headaches and sinus congestion

How much do prenatal massages cost?

Your prenatal massage including third trimester massage is the same price as a standard massage. We don’t charge you extra for your passenger and our additional training and expertise like some places. We love helping our mums-to-be get through their pregnancy with upmost ease.

You can book online.

How to give a prenatal massage at home

Ask your partner/ friend for an at-home, maternal massage with these tips:

Gentle foot rub.

Use lotion for smoother strokes, and start by rubbing the top of your foot with gentle pressure, working from the toes towards the ankle and making small circles, light around the ankle. They can then use both thumbs to make small light circles on the sole of the foot right beneath the toes.

On your heel, move one thumb down as the other thumb moves up, and continue to alternate. They can also gently tug on each toe and use the index finger or thumb to rub between them. It’s a good idea to avoid the pressure point between the anklebone and heel.

Back rub. Sit up or lie on your side then have your partner stroke up and down your back using both hands. Lotion helps their hands glide. They should focus on the muscles on either side of your spine and not go over your shoulders.

Head massage including your scalp. Moving from the base of the skull to the hairline, use both hands and spread fingers to apply gentle pressure to the scalp, circling hands together or apart. Add gentle stroking of your face, which can be amazingly relaxing.

Tummy. Don’t massage it! Instead, gently rub it with vitamin E oil for a soothing effect that can also help prevent stretch marks.

Massage therapies v’s beauty school massage.

It's amazing how often people visit us for the first time who have had a massage before and leave with a parting comment like 'I didn't realise this is what proper massage therapies were.'

The issue is that these clients have been to therapists who have received different training from ITEC qualified massage therapists.

Let's be clear, we're not knocking they type of massage that they learn at beauty college, we're just saying there is a difference that's all. And the difference is because all we, as professional massage therapists specialise in is healing your body through physical touch, whereas the focus for beauticians is more varied.

So if you go to a salon for a massage, your therapist will often use the same strokes in the same pattern. Your massage is purely for relaxation and so the format will usually be the same from one client to the next. In this instance there is no need for practitioners to mix up techniques during your treatment. They're not there to deal with muscle pain or sports therapy in treatments. As a result they'll usually use Swedish massages with a light pressure which don't work deep tissue or focus on health beyond relaxation.

There is a lot to be said for that to be fair and linked to releasing mental tension and even a little anxiety, beauticians are more likely to add aromatherapy/ essential oils or hot stone work on your muscles.

The cost of these massage therapies is usually less, often considerably less, than we would charge for a massage at Essential Feeling. This isn't because we are ripping you off, it's simply because we have a much greater level of expertise in how the body will respond to the different types and styles of pressure to achieve your desired treatment outcome.

Similarities between the two styles of massage therapies

Both can be relaxing, although deep tissue massage isn't always so until after the treatment ends. However, generally, both are done on a massage couch or table.

General benefits of massage

Increases blood flow (circulation) and thus oxygen around your body

Reduces mental stress by giving you some much needed you time to relax

Can improve muscular discomfort

May improve or give relief from pregnancy associated aches and conditions

A traditional complementary therapy based on rhythmic movements

Great gifts for friends and relatives including couples

Can promote improved sleep and reduce symptoms of insomnia

What is the point of your advanced massage techniques if I can get all the above for less money?

We've broken down some of our most popular massage therapies below so you can see the effects each can have on various ailments.

Deep tissue/ sports massage

Deep pressure often including kneading of tight muscles breaks down injury sights and promotes self healing. It's often useful where you have physical injuries that clinical physio just can't touch. You may experience some soreness after your session but this is only minor and temporary compared to the longer term results.

Swedish massage

Sure, we've said that beauticians learn this, but on top of their knowledge we have expertise in how the muscles lie under the surface of the skin. This means we can elevate the service we provide by using specific strokes and patterns in an active and firm way to ease pain in muscles and joints. We go over and above using effleurage to gently add healing outcomes to your unique massage.

Pregnancy massage

Prenatal care is important for both mother and baby. An easy and happy pregnancy means a much happier new born. During this massage you will lay on your side and your qualified pregnancy massage therapist will work you from behind whilst you're comfortably propped up on pillows and cushions.

Fertility massage

We've seen how massage can improve blood flow, lymph flow and oxygen distribution above. Here we take this one step further to provide maximum nutrients to the all important area of your abdomen and ultimately uterus. We may also add in some myofascial release as described below to ease away any scar tissue which may impede fertility.

Lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage, or MLD as it is often known is designed to treat swelling. Often this is post-operative, including liposuction and we are affiliated with London's Harley Body Clinic to improve their patient's conditions post surgery. This is one of the lightest massage therapies practised as it is used to work the lymphatic system (vessels nodes and ducts) to drain fluid, rather than break down muscle fibres.

Myofascial release

Effective on scar tissue, your practitioner will use controlled pressure applied in a slow stretching motion to soften and ease the sticky layers of fascia. This is particularly effective when you have had surgery and want to avoid the raised bump associated with scarring.


Often known as a foot massage, reflexology is so much more. We use acupressure on your feet to restore homeostasis, or balance in your system and organs. It's a great way to have a general once over. It's also possible to work with specific chronic conditions such as anxiety, depression or fertility to trigger your body's natural healing response.

Indian head massage

Working your head, neck and shoulders, this is a fully clothed massage technique that eases emotional strain whilst dealing with the associated physical responses. This can be great if you suffer from regular migraines, osteoarthritis of your jaw or psychological strains. The practice goes beyond what you see being given upright on a chair in a shopping centre.


Whilst not strictly bodywork, reiki is something we offer at Essential Feeling and so we though we should include it here under massage therapies. You may book a session alone, but to be honest, whichever one of our massage therapies you choose, you'll more than likely get a bit of energy healing thrown in for free. It's just what we do.

Mobilisation techniques

Essentially this is Thai massage which seeks to improve mobility performance through a number of assisted stretches. However, we don't advertise this because we get way too many calls from people expecting mobilisation of a different part of their body to the joints we're used to working whilst you remain fully clothed! The massage technique should not be undervalued though as a result of its bad rep. It can be an amazing way to see improvements in knots. The flowing movements complement a traditional massage helping you to have a fully rounded end result.

Essential Feeling are based in Gidea Park, Romford, Essex. We are open 7 days a week for appointments which you can book online and attend between the hours of 7am and 10pm. You'll enjoy free off street parking right outside our professional treatment rooms

Back massage therapist

Need a back massage therapist near me in Havering

Being a back massage therapist and doing back massage treatment generally is our bread and butter. We help our clients with their muscle pain day in, day out with our therapy on their damaged and tight muscles.

What is a back massage treatment?

It’s a kind of back massage that your therapist uses to help alleviate pain caused from tight muscles in your back, neck and shoulders. This may include a variety of techniques and pressure.

We could focus deep tissue massage on a spot or spots on your back/ body. Or as our therapists work on feel, they may decide that the perfect back massage treatment is something more general using gliding lighter pressure to ease tension over time.

It all depends on what you’re looking to get out of your session with your back massage therapist.

Here’s our quick guide:

*Chronic joint pain — we may use trigger point therapy to heal pain in your e.g. shoulder by pressing on the source of the problem at a different location to relieve the pain where you are feeling it. This can be surprising to experience pain in an area where you often don’t even know you have it.

*Lower back pain — often caused by tight gluteus maximus and your hip and often the type of massage treatment isn’t actually on your back, but your hamstrings in the back of your legs and buttocks (sacroiliac). This may include sciatica in which your sciatic nerve becomes trapped in tight muscles. Whilst this can be tender and sensitive, we may get away with deep pressure because we’re not working directly where you experience the pain. Your massage may therefore be more relaxing than you’re expecting.

*Stress or to relax — your back massage therapist will use their hands to smooth away knots in and around your spine with Swedish massage styles. We may use some deeper work in some areas where we find particular tension or adapt some stretching movements to help ease away tense spots and maximise how relaxed you feel.

*Localised swelling — particularly because of a healing syndrome post surgery or one of the common effects of limited mobility — we will us a gentle manual lymphatic massage treatment.

*Injuries caused from sports or other physical activities — it is common to pull a shoulder during e.g. training and you need to find a specialist back massage therapist who will adapt whatever treatment from their extensive massage experience to give you the best benefits.

*Pregnancy — many of our clients are pregnant, either in the early stages or their final trimester where their back is undergoing an inordinate amount of pressure. The aim may be to relax and prepare you for birth, or to release tightness in specific areas of your back, or over your entire back with strong slow massage strokes. Although this post is on back massage, we may also help you with wrist and pain in your thumbs from carpal tunnel.

Your back massage therapist in Gidea Park, Romford, Havering, is experienced in using their touch to define where your issues have started. They will track back to the source of the pain to give you the appropriate back massage treatment. We will check with you that the level of pressure we are suggesting and using is comfortable.

We won’t use deep tissue massages if we don’t think that they are the best for your health or condition.

This is because they are uncomfortable and there’s no point enduring a painful hour if there is no real benefit. Not many of our clients want a painful hour just for the sake of it!

Aftercare following your back massage treatment

We’ll always advise you on the different ways you can help yourself between sessions with stretches or other self care. And then of course, it’s always good to know about future prevention. We’re not like chiropractors who explain about you needing an excessive number of sessions in order to improve your condition. We want you to heal as fast as possible so that you recommend us to your friends. This is the lifeblood of our business.

One tip we’ll give you for free now because it applies to pretty much everyone who walks through our doors is that you need to drink enough water that your pee runs clear. This is because water is one of the key tools our body uses to flush away all the bad stuff that is stored. The water may be hot or cold, but please, drink it.

Water will also help your body heal from a strain. Or from the massage if you’ve had a deep tissue back massage treatment. It’s like the oil that maximises fluidity. We’re not wagging our fingers, but we want you to be better fast. It also helps avoid conditions in the future.

How to book a session with a specialist back massage therapist.

We have appointments 7 days a week. And they run from 7am to 10pm so we’re sure you’ll find some availability to suit your busy schedule. You can book online, you don’t need to worry about the massage styles. Just book a slot with our back massage therapist and when you arrive we’ll figure out what will give you the most lasting relief depending on your consultation form and our pre massage chat.

Book your treatment with your back massage therapist in Gidea Park, now.



Everything you need to know about endometriosis in women of reproductive age, including causes of endometriosis and common symptoms.

About 10% of all premenopausal women in the UK are diagnosed with endometriosis, a complex disorder of the female reproductive system, and they do not diagnose many others (the average diagnostic time is 7.5 years).

This condition can scar the daily lives of these women, influencing not only their monthly cycle, but on their entire being; from the ability of the immune system to control inflammation and infection to the effectiveness with which the body can produce and use energy. Eventually this can influence their mind and trust as women.

I know this from being both a professional working with women experiencing the paralysing effects of endometriosis and as an endometriosis patient.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a complex disorder of the female reproductive system in which cells, similar to those in the mucous membrane of the uterus, are found in other parts of the body.

During the monthly female cycle, fluctuation in hormones stimulates these cells to grow, then break down and bleed as they would in the mucous membrane of the uterus, resulting in inflammation, pain and scar tissue formation.

Symptoms of endometriosis include:

*Painful, heavy or irregular periods

*Agony during or after sexual intercourse

*Painful bowel movements

*Discomfort during ovulation

*Fatigue and foul mood

Symptoms of endometriosis may vary in intensity for each woman and the “severity” of endometriosis does not match necessarily to the amount of pain we experience. Some women may not have any mild symptoms or symptoms that appear to be “normal” menstrual pain. This does not mean that the endometrial lining of the womb has not ended up externally to the inside of your uterus. And it does not mean that this will not then cause issues with your fertility and your ability to get pregnant.

The approach of Natural Medicine I and the many women I have seen over the years testify to the restorative power that diet and natural supplements can bring to both the recovery and day-to-day management of endometriosis.

In fact, research published in Fertility & Sterility has shown that nutritional therapy through diet and supplements is more effective in relieving pain and improving quality of life than post-operative medical hormonal therapy.

Personally, I have used reflexology with impressive effect to manage the symptoms and side effects of endometriosis in women of reproductive age — including myself.

Five important changes in diet and lifestyle to help control your endometriosis.

Food colour: Research shows that women who ate green vegetables 13 or more times a week (about twice a day) were 70% less likely to have endometriosis.

A study published earlier this year concluded that foods rich in carotenoids (especially citrus fruits) also positively affect the symptoms of endometriosis.

Use smoothies, juices or soups to nourish deep. Bend your gut: Beneficial bacteria in the gut can reduce the production of beta-glucuronidase, an enzyme that redoes estrogen in the gut and can contribute to its dominance. Add natural and organic yogurt into your daily diet either by yourself or use it to make dressings and sauces.

Fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kefir are excellent sources of beneficial bacteria or take a probiotic supplement (min. 10 billion CFU).

Fats are essential: essential fats found in nuts, seeds, and fatty fish can reduce inflammation associated with endometriosis. Using essential fatty acids is blocked by processed oils and margarines, and white flour, sugar, excessive and monounsaturated animal fats, alcohol, poor nutrition and stress. Keeping them to a minimum is vital to reduce inflammation.

Consider gluten: More recently, research that classified endometriosis as an autoimmune condition has shown a better response among those on a gluten-free diet; 75% of participants found a significant decrease in symptoms by following a gluten-free diet for 12 months.

Be aware of what you put on your body: bleached tampons and sanitary napkins are a controversial area in the endometriosis debate. Tampons use bleached paper products containing dioxins, which have a detrimental effect on the hormonal system. Chemicals, such as parabens and phthalates, present in their toiletries and cosmetics have also been linked to the development of endometriosis.

How does reflexology help endometriosis?

During your reflexology session, we will use several protocols to help to balance your hormones, calm your over stimulated immune system, and ease the effects of endometriosis. The result being that we look to improve your fertility.

Some protocols we will use as part of your weekly treatment include:

• Endocrine sedation

• Reproductive sedation

• Uterus sedation

• Fallopian tube sweep

• Pelvic hold

• Solar plexus

• Sedation of any other affected areas: bladder, vagina, rectum, and so on

To book in for your reflexology treatment to help to re-balance and minimise the effects of endometriosis in women of reproductive age, then please follow this link to book online.


Your location:

Reflexology gift vouchers are the perfect gift of health and wellness.

If you’re looking to buy a treatment voucher for your loved one for Christmas or some other special occasion, then stop. You’ve found them the perfect gift of wellness. Buy electronic gift cards for reflexology treatments today and help the recipient find themselves again.

So much more than a foot massage.

When you buy reflexology gift vouchers, we’ll be working pressure points on your loved one’s feet. For sure, we’ll be using techniques that may seem a lot like massage, but reflexology isn’t a beauty treatment. We target pressure points to ease blockages in the body which when released, allow your body to operate at its most effective.

This means that we can help with any number of issues ranging from fertility to cancer care.

How does reflexology work?

Stress has a huge knock on effect of our body’s ability to effectively fight disease and stay in a healthy state. By alleviating the amount of stress that our body needs to cope with via reflexology gift vouchers, it has more energy for maintaining and improving general wellness. This is known as homeostasis.

Find out more about how reflexology works.

Are these electronic gift cards?

Yes they are. All our digital gift cards are available to purchase online through our authorised payment provider, Square. This ensures your healthy gift voucher cardsecurity and the absolute best service in terms of speed of delivery making them fantastic for last-minute gift ideas that allow your loved one to relax.

I can buy deals such as Groupon online, why would I spend more with you?

We are a local owner operator. When you purchase gift cards online with us, you’re not only supporting your local community, you’re also buying a quality massage or reflexology. Here’s the thing. In order to be able to offer discounts on sites such as Groupon, holistic therapists are prepared to not only cut the cost of their sessions by approx 50% but then they give a huge chunk of that amount over to the provider.

We were approached years ago about working with Groupon and it worked out that for every £62 session, we would come out with just over £10. This means you need to churn out a lot of sessions to break even on what we need to pay our bills. And this is tiring work. We don’t believe someone who is overworked and underpaid can effectively provide the gift of health nor the gift of wellness.

Fresh therapists with a vested interest in your loved one’s care.

We limit the amount of massage and reflexology treatments that we do in any one day to ensure that we always treat every client to the best of our ability. And to their unique needs. We tailor our massage and reflexology sessions to what they need to take away from their session. We never follow a pre-determined routine. You may be buying electronic gift cards from us, but you are certainly never buying generic products of a shelf.

At Essential Feeling we excel in providing the peace of rest and relaxation. Our excellence is born through maintaining our prices so that we have the energy to resolve the issues your loved one needs our help with during the hour that they are with us for.

You are not buying the recipient a standard treatment gift voucher, our reflexology gift vouchers and massage gift certificates are a period of time for your loved one to forget the heady details of real life and unload.

Who will be the reflexologist?

gift card shop order online massage reflexologyKaren will be your experienced reflexologist. She has been working full time in reflexology for the best part of ten years now and is experienced in helping clients with a range of wellbeing needs.

So if you have purchased reflexology gift vouchers from Essential Feeling, your loved one will have a reflexology treatment that is so much more than a convenient and easy to buy digital gift card. You’re buying them the gift of health.


Buy your reflexology gift vouchers online now.

About Massage Gift Certificates Available Online

Why not purchase the gift of comfort for your loved one with a massage gift certificate or reflexology gift vouchers?

What is an Essential Feeling Massage Gift Certificate?

Each Essential Feeling Massage or Reflexology Gift Card has a cash balance that can be used to purchase salon and spa treatments exclusively on the Essential Feeling website via our partner, Square.

Gift certificates include a unique code which, when entered before purchase, will apply a discount on the total order, or pay for the treatment in full if there is enough on the massage gift card to cover the total cost.

Where can I spend my gift card?

Gift cards are valid for online bookings and can also be taken as payment over the phone. Just browse and book in one of the array of massage and reflexology treatments on our website, You may also use your massage gift card when booking via the telephone with us directly.

Massage Gift certificates can be used as full or partial payment for all affordable treatments and stays at the adjacent AirBnb property, but they cannot be used to purchase more gift cards online.

If your processing costs more than the value of the gift card, you can pay the extra amount at the time of purchase. Similarly, if you do not want to spend the whole gift at the same time, the remaining balance will remain in your Essential Feeling Wallet.

How do I spend my massage gift card?

Recipients can enter the code in the special field during checkout where you would normally enter your credit card details.

massage gift certificate gift of comfort online reflexology


How long will my massage gift certificate be valid?

Your gift card balance will remain valid for as long as Essential Feeling are operating, they don’t have an expiry date. If you’ve added the card to an account, you can also see when your balance will expire when you sign in to your profile.

Can I purchase gift cards online?

Yes you can. It’s a fast and easy process, the perfect last minute gift. If you’re looking to order gift cards online, all you do is click the link on our website which will take you through to our partner Square who deal with all online payment processing.

You’ll be able to select the design of the massage gift certificate or reflexology gift voucher. And then from here, you’ll select one of the prepaid amounts, or you’re free to order gift cards online for a totally flexible amount — you choose.

Your massage gift card will then be emailed in real time to either you or directly to the recipient. When you buy a massage gift card online from our gift card shop, we really have thought of everything, meaning that this isn’t just a gift of comfort for your loved one. It’s so easy, it’s also a gift of comfort for you too, avoiding all those crazy queues when out shopping. There really is no more simple way to order personalised gift cards online that with Essential Feeling. After all, who doesn’t want the gift of comfort either during the Christmas holiday season, or just to show that you care.

This is a last minute gift certificate, how long will I have to wait when I use your gift card shop?

Delivery is as long as it takes for your inbox to accept the email which makes this the perfect gift of comfort when time is short and you’ve left buying gift vouchers until the last minute.

It also means that they are great if you have an unexpected visit from a friend who brings an even more unexpected gift along with them. You can simply nip upstairs, order gift cards online, download and print them out complete with an image of the design of your choice and head back to your guests without the embarrassment of being empty handed. The recipient chooses whether they want to use this as a massage gift card or reflexology gift voucher at the time they book.

Minimal stress for you at the push of a button and your friends and family as we ease away their pains with our excellent massage and reflexology therapy.

I don’t want a standard body massage experience, can I create something more tailored?

Yes of course. We’re happy to put together a total experience for your loved one. In this instance, give us a call on 07757 946023 and we’ll chat through what you need and process everything online for you.

What are the benefits of massages?

There are many skin benefits that people who have massage display. Such as smoother skin and more elasticity. But the real benefits of massage gift certificates are from what goes on under the surface.

Massage creates improved blood flow and circulation, and improves our general feeling of wellbeing, which makes them the best gift of comfort if we are looking to treat someone who has been stressed for months. They can take time out and enjoy a short time for themselves, whilst experiencing a form of benefit that they often say is like an escape or retreat.

Where about in London are you?

gift card shop order online massage reflexologyWe’re East London on the edge of Essex, 20 mins from the city via Liverpool Street. We’re open 7 days you can book appointments with us from 7am to 9pm for a 10pm finish.

Allow your loved one to lighten their mood and enjoy a reduction in stress and discover the power of healing touch. Buy them the gift of comfort, of escape and of pure bliss from qualified and experienced therapists that will work around their busy schedule. Purchase your massage gift certificate or reflexology gift vouchers online at our gift card shop today.


Massage vouchers

Massage vouchers.

Looking for the perfect gift voucher for our loved one. Our gift of a massage voucher is your gift of choice.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, you could do worse than the gift of some me time with massage vouchers from Essential Feeling. Buy their soul a retreat to unwind from the stress and tension sensations that dull their mood. And help them feel the love, from you and for themselves as they escape with the help of our magic hands.

We’re all crazy busy in this crazy world.

We barely have time to throw a meal down our necks without giving ourselves indigestion. It’s easy to consider a voucher for a spa, but who has the time to devote to spending a day of indulgent pampering? And let’s face it, the massage therapists in spas are generally underqualified and over worked anyway, so you’re giving all that time out of your day when their ability to soothe you is limited by their energy and how they have been trained.

Here’s why you should buy massage vouchers from Essential Feeling in Gidea Park.

One quality massage voucher experience in an afternoon can do more good than a few smaller treatments. For instance, if you go to a spa, you’ll usually get an out of the box half hour massage thrown in, perhaps with a facial or something too.

The therapy at a spa isn’t tailored to your needs, the routine type will always follow an exact form and your experience will more than likely not mean anything to the person giving you your peaceful wellbeing therapy. The rest of your afternoon is spent lolling around a pool sporting a borrowed robe and damp towel, not great in the post covid days.

At Essential Feeling, we are owner run. We care about every single treatment that walks through our doors. We want you to enjoy your time. We want you to benefit from your choice to visit us and we will customise your package to suit your needs. Your life doesn’t comply with a menu of options, and so neither will your session with us.

You will buy your recipient a gift card that cover a period with us and then for that we will work with our client to give them the perfect session based on their lifestyle.

Plus, you don’t have to redeem your vouchers within a certain amount of time.

We don’t limit the valid from dates, your gift doesn’t expire. It starts when you buy it, and it continues to run onwards from that date of purchase. We’re open 7 days a week too, so your loved one will be sure to find a slot that works for their hectic schedule. It doesn’t matter to us whether they come on a Friday, Sunday or Monday. And with our long appointment hours, and online booking system, your body will be crying out for you to book a spot on our massage therapy table.

Buy your massage vouchers now.

after all, that’s why they need a calming therapy right?

You may even be able to book in over the Christmas break.

We’re based on the outskirts of London, just 25 minutes from Liverpool Street Station in the East of the City. If you’d like more details about buying this massage gift voucher or vouchers includes then please, message us on 07757 946023 or you can buy the massage gift card online.

How to redeem your massage gift voucher

In terms of how to redeem your massage vouchers, it’s simple. The date of purchase of your gift voucher, the amount of gift vouchers you’ve purchased, or the type of massage experience or reflexology treatment you’ve selected from our range of gift cards is not relevant. Our therapist’s will work their magic with any massage vouchers you have purchased. All your loved one needs to do is call up and let us know that they have massage vouchers. Or they can select a suitable time online. Then we’ll book them in for the hour spa session that you have paid for at their convenience. It doesn’t matter how long after you have purchased their massage vouchers that they call, because the card will be valid for as long as we are in operation.

We’ll take the voucher code at the time of booking and as we proceed to payment, this will be used as a monetary value to purchase the slot that they have booked.

And then all that’s left is that your loved one turns up at their appointed time, having completed the necessary consultation paperwork and we’re all set. It’s that simple.

If you have purchased more time, then the balance will remain valid for as long as we are operating. This means your loved one can enjoy the extra whenever it suits them in the future.

Are you open on Saturday? My loved one doesn’t have a ton of time.

Yes, and Sundays too. We know that many people who receive a massage treatment or reflexology experience as a gift are short on time. This is the nature of this being an amazing gift choice for them. We’re also open from 7am in the morning through to 10pm at night, so they’ll be sure to find a slot where they can relax for their massage whether their down time is a Wednesday evening or a Saturday afternoon.

I’m pregnant, can I still use massage voucher?

Yes of course, we are not only qualified, but experienced in pregnancy massage and often work with mums to be who are the early or latter stages of their pregnancy.

My loved one has specific needs, can you tailor a package?

Yes! We love doing this. Tailoring unique packages that meet the needs of our clients is our speciality. So whether you’re looking for a trilogy of treatments, such as Swedish massage treatment for aches, reflexology on the feet for balance and Indian head massage to address total exotic relaxing experiences; down to just allowing someone who is lonely physical and emotional contact; our special massages are your safe choice.

We understand that the therapy work we do doesn’t just work muscles. It’s about allowing your loved one the chance to checkout of the stresses of their lives. It’s this warm style and can do mentality that means we’re winning back repeat clients years and month after month. Our clients are consistently telling us we’re the refreshment they need from their crazy lives.

When you send someone the gift of a gentle or deep tissue massage or reflexology with Essential Feeling, this isn’t just a manicure at a health resort with refreshments and lunch. It’s support for their lives. We’re so much more than a buffet lunch.

This is because our touch is blissful for sure. But we’re always incredibly qualified which results in a superior service. With us, you don’t need to book a deluxe pedicure, because you’ve already completed a detailed health questionnaire prior to your visit. So we won’t be offering anything that won’t give you the best possible outcome.

Your loved one’s time with us will be access to bliss. That’s what you’re buying them. Access to longer term health benefits by giving them access to someone in their locality who understands their pressures and who can adapt their massage techniques to offer them a tailored service.

We know how to adapt our massage to be soothing to deep-rooted pains, whether this be on their back, neck, shoulders or their foot.

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Pregnancy reflexology — what’s it all about?

Many of our clients are firm believers that pregnancy reflexology works. They have passed our details around ante-natal groups as our proven track record in bringing on labour and easing other earlier complications of pregnancy have gotten the word out there.

But, what if you’re in one of the groups that hasn’t benefitted from our years of experience in working with pregnant mothers?

We’ve listed below some research studies which prove pregnancy reflexology is useful for mothers to be.

Country of origin: Australia

Title Single-blind trial addressing the differential effects of two pregnancy
reflexology techniques versus rest, on ankle and foot oedema
in late pregnancy

Pair of female legs during Detox package manual lymphatic drainage to reduce swollen legs in pregnancy

Journal Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery
Authors L Mollart
Reference Complementary Therapies in Nursing and Midwifery (2003) 9, 203-208
Disease / illness Ankle and foot oedema in late pregnancy
Type of study Single blind study
Number of clients 55
Control type No treatment


The study took place in Australia over a two year period between September
1999 and August 2001.
Inclusion criteria were normal pregnancy greater than 30 weeks gestation;
visible oedema of ankles and feet; the ability to speak, read and write English;
and attending the Central Coast Health Clinics for pregnancy care.
It was a single blind study.
55 women age range 21 – 46, were randomly assigned to one of three
a. the experimental therapy group 1, receiving relaxing pregnancy reflexology for 15
minutes, using reflex points to the chest, abdomen, spine pelvis and head.
b. the experimental therapy group 2, receiving lymphatic foot reflexology for
15 minutes, using reflex points for the lymphatic system, liver, gastrointestinal
tract and kidneys. Grapeseed oil was used for this group during treatment to
reduce any friction.
c. the control group rested for 15 minutes but received no treatment.
At each session circumference measurements of the ankles, instep and
foot/toe junctions were recorded.
Pre and post- therapy blood pressure readings were taken and recorded.
A self administered Likert type scale and also open ended questions were
given to each participant. Questions asked included demographic information,
familiarity with pregnancy reflexology, and levels of stress, discomfort, tension and
anxiety before and after treatment.
55 women finished session one, 39 finished session two and twenty
participants finished session three. Since only session one had complete data
only this session was analysed and used.
Statistical analysis of the quantitative data was analysed using Student’s t test
and one way analysis of variance and content analysis of the four open
ended questions yielded five broad themes. These themes included

Summary sheet Country of origin: UK

Two newborn baby feet between adult handsTitle A concept analysis: the effect of reflexology on homeostasis to
establish and maintain lactation

Authors Tipping, L. Mackereth, P. A
Reference 2000 VOL 6; PART 4 , page(s) 189-198
Disease / illness LACTATION
Type of study Reflective practice / concept analysis / case studies
Number of clients 3
Control type None
Definition of ‘concept analysis’ – a formal linguistic exercise to determine the
defining aspects of a concept – encouraging communication.
Use of Pregnancy Reflexology for the empowerment of Mothers with difficulty in
producing milk for pre-term babies.
Definition and importance of breastfeeding and good flow chart of the
hormones behind lactation.
‘ The aim was to convince colleagues of the appropriateness of Pregnancy Reflexology
as a nursing tool and of its integration into practice’
Very useful for hand and foot points involved in lactation.
A positive, negative and borderline case history discussed.
None made—it is an analysis of a concept
This paper shows that well put together case histories can be published in
recognised journals.swelling/tightness, pain, mobility, comfort/relaxation and care.

Country of origin: Iran

Title Reviewing the effect of pregnancy reflexology on the pain and certain features and outcomes of the labor on the primiparous women

Karen the MAR reflexologist specialising in Fertility at Essential Feeling Gidea park, Romford giving reflexology on footJournal Iranian Journal of Nursing and Midwifery Research
Authors Mahboubeh Valiani, MSc, Elaheh Shiran, Maryam Kianpour, MSc,
and Marziyeh Hasanpour, PhD
Reference Iran J Nurs MidwiferyRes. 2010 December;15(suppl 1):302-310
Disease / illness Labour in primiparous women
Type of study Quasi-experimental study
Number of clients 88
Control type No treatment
Primiparous definition—A woman who has bourne only one child.
88 primiparous women from selected hospitals in Isfahan, 18-36 years of age, and who met the inclusion criteria, took part in this quasi-experimental study.
They were randomly assigned to one of two groups—a pregnancy reflexology group and a control group who did not receive reflexology.
At the time of entering into the active phase of labour reflexology was given for 60 minutes (30 minutes on each foot). The treatment included 15 reflex areas listed below.
Solar plexus, areas related to the digestive system, pelvic area, pituitary,
outside and inside sides of the feet (including lower and upper extremities and spinal cord),
lungs, shallow chest area, ovaries, uterus and fallopian tubes. Treatment also included
specific areas relating to labour pain such as liver, spleen, kidney, pituitary, solar plexus and
uterus. These specific areas received a further pregnancy reflexology treatment a second time, for at
least five minutes, at dilation 9-10cm. The mothers in this group also received 1000cc of
dextrose-saline serum from the beginning of the active phase through to after the labour.
In the control group routine care was carried out which included monitoring the foetal heart
and contractions every 15 minutes and vital signs every hour. From the beginning of the
active phase the mothers in this group received 1000cc dextrose-saline f serum containing
10 units of Oxytocin, and after that additional 10 units of Oxytocin were added.
Data collection was by observation, examination and questionnaire.
There were three parts to the questionnaire –
individual information made up of demographics and age at gestation.
Features and outcomes of labour which included –
1. the lengths of the active phase of the first stage of labour and of the second and third
2. agpar score in the 1st to 5th minutes after labour
3. haemorrhage rate after labour (based on the number of pads used in the 4th stage (1 hour
after labour).
4. vital signs in the first hour after labour (4th stage of labour)
Pain Rating Index (PRI) assessment was carried out using the short form of the McGill
This was filled in by the mothers in both groups at 3-5 cm dilation before treatment was
given, and four times after treatment at 3-5 cm and 6-8 cm dilation and at 9-10 cm dilation in
the second stage of labour and after the second treatment was administered.
Both descriptive and inferential statistics were used to analyse the data using software
SPSS 18.
No significant differences were found between the two groups for either demographic
information or gestational age.
Using the Wilcoxon test a significant difference was found when comparing the mean pain
intensity in the PRI scale of the pregnancy reflexology group before the treatment and after each of the
dilations and also the second stage after the second treatment. (p < 0.001).
A significant difference was also found in the mean pain intensity in VAS scale for the
reflexology group when comparing before and after the study, and in each of the dilations 3-
5 cm and 6-8 after the first treatment. A significant difference was also found before and
after the second treatment in the 9-10 cm dilation and the second stage of labour.
An assessment scale (zero no pain to 5 pain as bad as it could be) was used to assess
mean pain intensity. A Wilcoxon test on the pregnant reflexology group found that in each of the
dilations of 3-5 and 6-8 cm after the first treatment, 9-10 cm after the second treatment,
there was a significant difference between pain intensity before and after treatment (p

The difference between the two groups when comparing the duration of the active phase of
labour was found to be significant (p = 0.001). Cervical dilation during the active phase of the
first stage of labour was completed in 60-120 minutes for the mum-to-be reflexology group and 301
minutes in the control group.

ANOVA found a significant difference for both groups when comparing the Agpar score in
the first minute after birth (p < 0.001) and the fifth minute after birth (p < 0.001).
ANOVA found that the haemorrhage rate (based on the number of used pads) of the control
group was higher than the pregnancy reflexology group (p = 0.02) and a Mann-Whitney test based on
the blood stains left on the pads found the
haemorrhage rate of the control group to be significantly higher than the reflexology group (p
< 0.001)
The researchers suggest that the results from this study show that pregnancy reflexology can reduce
the length of labour, labour pain intensity, postpartum haemorrhage and an improving Agpar
score and that these can play a part in improving the health and satisfaction of the mothers.
The researchers propose that the use of pregnancy reflexology when used properly in hospitals and
maternity hospitals could have a consequence of preventing the use of pharmacological
methods and palliative medicines which could lead to side effects.

All studies © Association of Reflexologists