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Fully clothed massage of your feet
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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

Reflexology is a fully clothed massage of your feet

Reflexology is a fully clothed massage of your feet so during reflexology you lie back in a gravity reducing chair and you remain fully clothed throughout.

That means all you need to do is remove your socks and shoes and you’re good to go. People often think of a chair massage as being bodywork therapy of your neck and shoulder areas, but you can have your feet massaged perfectly well in a chair.

Karen Botha MAR

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Questions & Answers


Pressure points

This type of massage therapy uses pressure points on each foot, each of which correspond to unique systems and organs in your body. We can help you combat the effects of several diseases, conditions and mental problems all through these reflex points. And we do all of this while you lie back and drift off to sleep in a peaceful state of relaxation.

And you, as our client, remain fully clothed throughout.

Unlike a massage therapy session, reflexology is a fully clothed massage of your feet. But, you’ll be surprised at just how wonderful an hour’s therapy can make you feel.

This is one of those types of massage where a little is a lot.

For this seated massage, you will recline back in the chair and relax under a soft blanket while your therapist works from one foot to the next.


Your entire body through your feet

Although we only work on your feet, because these pressure points relate to your entire body, the effects equate to you having enjoyed a full body massage. We can work deep into your shoulders via your feet, just as though you were having a shoulder massage.

All using massage techniques administered on your feet. Therefore reflexology as a massage modality is so much more than a just a foot massage.

You can check out the many health benefits of reflexology and also how these reflex points work by looking at the foot map. However, this completely clothed massage of your feet is like nothing else in terms of relaxation, pain relief and overall wellness.


How does reflexology work other parts of your body if you don’t even touch them, let alone, I remain fully clothed throughout?

Sure, we class reflexology as a fully clothed massage, but it works slightly differently. Whereas a standard massage such as deep tissue or Swedish massage will break down the muscle and tissues directly under the surface of the skin where the pressure is being applied, reflexology uses pressure in one area to trigger a reaction in another.

If you think about everything being interconnected, you can imagine how if you pull on a rope at one end, the other end will also move. This is kind of what we’re achieving through using pressure points on your feet to improve the health of your organs and tissues in different areas of your body.

reflexology romford

Your reflexologist

She is a licenced massage therapist and registered reflexologist with the AOR so she carries the letters MAR after her name. This stands for ‘member of association of reflexologists’, the leading governing body in the UK for reflexologists. If you would like to find out more about reflexology, please have a look at this page.

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Why isn’t it always possible to fully massage out an area in one session?

It’s important to remember with any therapy that we work in one-hour sessions for a reason. Sure, we’re looking to improve your health, but at what cost?

You need to function afterwards. If you have a deep-rooted problem, we don’t want to work it out in its entirety in one session.

The reason being that this is a healing and therapeutic session. Too much too soon can then be an incredible shock for your system.

That’s why we stick to one hour at a time. We will charge you the same whether you come back for two individual sessions, as we would if you had them all together because you pay for our time. But, we prefer you to come back for a second session so that your body has the time in between to deal with the toxins we release and expel them before we perform your second treatment.


Reflexology wax

We don’t use oils on your feet, but we use a little reflexology wax. This allows your therapist’s fingers and thumbs to work over your feet and toes without catching. So you get the most relaxing session whilst your practitioner can feel the maximum feedback from your feet.

If an area is out of balance, it will feel different to an area without imbalance. As you receive more treatments, you will begin to feel more of this yourself too.


I’m sceptical. How can reflexology improve my wellness when I remain dressed?

Reflexology is a form of fully clothed massage, but it is also a technique specifically designed to offer you relief from many health symptoms through professional manipulation of your feet.

Each area that your MAR reflexologist applies pressure to relates to a different area of your body. This style of traditional working with their hands on your foot means we heal you from within with no disrobing.

The modality combines strokes and integrative pressure to learn about where you need extra work and support. Your reflexologist will then adapt your unique session to leave you feeling wonderful.

One of the main quick wins from reflexology is the reduction in tension that the treatment automatically incorporates.

Foot map showing some of the main reflexology points in different colours
reflexology romford

Which pressure points relate to which parts of the body?

For instance, if you have problems related to your head, whether this be stress, inability to sleep or migraines, then we will use the big toe areas of your feet.

Your MAR reflexologist will feel areas of imbalance and the work this area on your feet until such a time as the imbalance either eases or breaks down for follow up on another occasion.




What should I wear during my reflexology?

What’s most important is that you are comfortable. All we need is access to your feet. Although you’re fully clothed, it is helpful although not necessary if you wear some clothing that gives us access to your lower legs and ankles.

This just means that we have more space to move around what we find. Our clients often wear leggings or jeans, and we just rouche them up a little. if you’re wearing tights, we can give you the privacy to remove them before we start work. You’ll be covered with a blanket while you’re on the chair.


I’ve been told that reflexology hurts, is that right?

No. As we discussed, there are areas which show imbalances and these may feel more tender. But they don’t hurt. We’ve never had a client who has told us they are in pain.

However, different areas of the feet may feel differently. If this is your first session, your feet will more than likely feel stiff at first, and then by the end of the session it will be as though they’ve been to a spa all on their own. They’ll be warm, supple and glowing with energy as they tingle.


Is this like acupuncture?

It works very similarly. The enormous difference is that acupuncture uses needles to pierce the skin, whereas reflexology uses the reflex pressure points on your feet. While you may need to remove some items of clothing for acupuncture, there is no need for you to undress with the soothing treatment we know as reflexology.

For reflexology you will sit back in a relaxing chair and the only thing there will be for your mind to focus on will switch off. Your therapist will take care of the rest.

You can find out more about Karen, your licensed MAR reflexologist here.

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