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What is reiki healing & how does it work?

Reiki (pronounced ray key) is a spiritual healing art with its roots dating back to the 1800s.

The healing practice in its current form, Reiki, has been around since 1922 when a Japanese Buddhist, Mikao Usui, was a prevalent teacher.

How does my reiki practitioner remove energy blocks?

Your therapist will target energy stagnant in your body with their own energy and seek to free it up so that the body may heal. The theory is the same as e.g. the acupressure techniques used in reflexology.

This energy blockage can result from physical or emotional pain.

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Reiki healing

Questions & Answers


What is reiki, and what are its benefits?

Reiki usui is a system of natural energy healing founded in Japan. It’s no enormous surprise then that the word Reiki comes from the Japanese word and means ‘mysterious atmosphere, a miraculous sign.’ The Japanese healing modality channels your therapists’ energy with yours to power through areas of stagnation.

There have been some small research studies completed which show that Reiki energy is effective in reducing pain, but no studies have shown that it is effective in treating any diseases. However, reiki claims to enable relaxation and is therefore a great energy healing therapy for stress.


What happens in my natural healing session?

At our wellness centre in Gidea Park, Romford, energy healing is a popular form of clothed therapy because it can induce relaxation, reduce pain, speed up your body’s ability to heal and ease some symptoms of illness.

Before you arrive, you’ll have already completed and returned an online consultation form which we’ll chat through with you before we start.

Your therapist will then ask you to move into the massage therapy room where you’ll make yourself comfortable on the massage table.

All you need to do then is lay down and make yourself comfortable.

It’s important to note that while we offer reiki energy healing as an individual clothed therapy, we do also incorporate healing into our other massages so you can experience it while you receive a massage.


What will I feel during my reiki session?

Your experience could be different on atypical days because we’re working with your energy and so you know how it is, some days your energy is up and others it is down. As reiki promotes healing, each session often elicits a unique response. You’ll more than likely either feel healing hot hands, or cooling hands from your therapist. You could also feel a pulsing like sensation or waves as you feel your energy free.

Reiki healing

Energy healing improves our feeling of wellbeing and has been used to improve some symptoms of:

*heart disease
*anxiety and depression
*chronic pain
*neurodegenerative disorders
*Crohn’s disease
*extreme fatigue

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What does reiki healing do for you?

Healing power of reiki is something that is undeniable once you have experienced it. We achieve the healing effects by channeling qi (pronounced chi) or prana as we know it in Indian, in the same way that energy moves during a Tai Chi exercise.

Reiki therapy at Essential Feeling Romford
reiki healing

How will I feel after my healing session?

Our clients say that they often feel more refreshed and able to think more clearly after a reiki healing session. They sleep better and headaches often appear to evaporate.

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