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Postpartum Massage
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Postpartum Massage

Postpartum massage is a wonderful way to recover from the pain of giving birth. Postnatal massage therapy is a manual therapy which is meant to give mental and physical relief.

There are different ways we can use physical therapy to make you feel better, it depends on your needs, we can adapt and work around you, so let us know. If you’d like a full body post-partum massage then that’s fine, as it is if you’d like us to concentrate on a problem area that is causing you some pain.

If you’re looking for some help in reducing scar tissue or tightening up loose belly fat/ skin then we can also help with this.

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Questions & Answers


Swedish massage

The long strokes and kneading are incredibly soothing when you have just given birth. This technique tones your muscles and reduces the strain while stimulating your blood and oxygen flow to encourage muscle contraction.
We can combine this with some acupressure work to further enhance the effectiveness of Swedish massage.


Deep tissue massage

Deep tissue massage is great when you’re pregnant, but also when your body starts to return back to its non-pregnant state.
When you have been carrying a baby, your body will adapt, muscles tighten in areas to support the added weight. When that weight disappears, your muscles often remain tense, without the work to do. This can cause you pain and discomfort.
On top of this, you’ll often be bending and lifting a lot more than you’ve done before resulting in incredibly tight shoulder and neck area.


Increased milk production

If you would like a breast massage included in your postnatal massage to release oxytocin and help unclog ducts (mastitis), then please let us know when you complete your pre-treatment consultation form as we can include it only at your request.


Benefits of postpartum massage

*Relaxation and stress reduction
*Studies show massage helps postpartum depression
*Pain relief from residual body aches
*Improves postpartum hormone balance
*Decreases swelling and water retention
*Improves sleep
*Can improve breast feeding, (please ask)
*Speeds up recuperation by strengthening muscles
*Helps you return to your pre-pregnancy body shape

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Can I bring my newborn with me to my appointment?

Many new moms leave their newborn in good hands and use this as a time to take a well earned break. However, if you prefer to bring your baby with you, they are more than welcome, please just let us know in advance so that we can ensure that the rest of the rooms are blocked out so as not to disturb other clients being treated at the same time.


Should I massage my belly after birth?

You can, however we’d always advise that you have a couple of sessions with a therapist.


Is postnatal massage safe, when should I avoid it?

If you’re in any doubt at all, then check with your doctor as they know your specific situation.

However as a guide, if you had consistent pre-term contractions (braxton hicks), pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH) or high risk pregnancies then we’d advise checking with your doctor.

If you’d like to book your postnatal massage then please follow the link to the online booking form below.

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Can I have a postpartum massage after c section?

Sure. A massage can improve your recovery after delivering by C-section. We’re experienced in dealing with clients following surgery of all types, so you can rest assured that you are in caring and compassionate hands. Indeed, a specialist massage can help to reduce scar tissue adhesion which essentially means you’re left with less of a scar.

If you had complications during your delivery, then just check with your consultant before hand. They’ll usually suggest waiting one to two weeks following the surgery to allow your scar a little time to start the healing process.




Which oil is good for body massage after delivery?

Your postpartum massage therapist will use one of the most gentle, non-fragranced oils on the market to soothe your skin while not setting off any reactions, in either you or the child you are breast feeding.
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When can I start post natal massage?

There is no reason why you should wait for a postpartum massage, if you feel ready and didn’t have any maternal complications, then that’s totally fine and safe. Your postpartum massage therapist will position you so that you are comfortable if areas are still tender.


How will I be positioned in a massage after giving birth?

It’s up to you, we can work however you feel comfortable. If you’re craving to lie on your stomach again, then that’s fine.

If that’s uncomfortable, then we can support you on your side like we would if you were still pregnant.

This is very much your time, so let us know what you prefer.

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