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Fat reduction, skin tightening & body sculpting
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Karen Botha MAR reflexologist at Essential Feeling Gidea Park, Romford who specialises in fertility

What is the effectiveness of radio frequency to treat skin and fat?

Radio frequency has been around since Heinrich Hertz discovered it in 1886. We have used it for many technological developments, including our beloved mobile phones and listening to music. But radio frequencies set to specific parameters are now being used to help us tone and tighten our skin. To lose fat and by default weight. And to rid our aging skin of wrinkles. Folds and sagging.

And what’s better is that this is all non surgical, non-invasive and because it just uses a heat, it’s not only relaxing but also safe.

Studies show repeatedly the evidence of radiofrequency on toning skin, improving laxity and removing wrinkles. There is also over one study on the energy being used to assist our body to naturally expel fat from the areas targeted by radio frequency.

Karen Botha MAR

Co-Owner & Therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford


Questions & Answers


What is the risk from exposure to radio frequency on health?

We use the exact same machine that the NHS uses. At a lower setting. The effects of this thermal energy on your health are limited — if it’s good enough for the NHS to use at a greater MHZ than we do, then we’re happy. Plus, this is a UK machine. Four UK physicists developed it alongside the University of Manchester. This isn’t hand-held device that will fry your brain, or skin, we’re well trained, have a top of the range machine that is backed by amazing research and we continue to evaluate you through your treatment.


How does radio frequency tighten skin and reduce fat?

There are different handsets on the machine, each with a unique purpose. Some are for wrinkles and skin laxity, others are for fat removal. Let’s chat through each.

The three handsets with the prongs.

These are for improving skin tone. They heat and we warm through to the dermal layer of your skin. We heat to a different temperature depending on which part of the body we are treating. Each hand piece also uses a distinct form of RF therapy, one uses bipolar, the other multi polar, again appropriate to the area of our body. This is because, as you’ll notice, the skin on your arm is different to that on your neck. And so we treat it as such.

By heating the deeper layers of your skin to the correct temperature we can con your body into thinking that you’re about to be injured. In preparation for this it sends a surge of collagen and elastin to the area so that you heal fast. Except that because you don’t end up being injured, you’re left with a surplus of this skin tightening juice in the area. And what’s better is that it stays there. So we can say that the results are permanent. For sure, we will continue to age, but it will be from the point that we have rolled back to post-treatment.

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Examples of work that may come under skin tone improvements:

non surgical facial improvements including a lift, the treatment of wrinkles and folds

patients looking for general skin rejuvenation e.g.neck, chin, forehead

skin tightening after weight loss, e.g. arms, abdominals and thighs

cellulite reduction (with another handset)

How skin deteriorates with age in terms of collagen and elastin production

The flat silver handset

This is the cavitation device. It sends sounds into your body to disrupt the fat cells. If you think about shaking the fat cell with sound vibration, this means that the cell wall becomes permeable enough for the fat to leak out when heated by the nozzle with the prongs.

The benefit of this is that you don’t actually lose fat cells like you would if you had a procedure such as vaser lipo. This is a nonsurgical procedure that has no downtime, nor associated healing.

Example of what this could help you with

fat reduction along with other handsets

cellulite reduction, also along with other handsets

Cavitation for fat reduction and cellulite reduction non surgical lipo

The other two

These two include a nozzle. We only use the small one on the face, it’s the handpiece that improves lymphatic drainage. The larger white one with the red ring does the same for the rest of the body. It heats and vibrates so that we can stimulate our lymphatic system.

You can read all about the lymphatic system in our earlier articles, but essentially this heats our fat until it becomes a fluid and then leaks out of the cells. The vibration stimulates it to move faster for maximum effects from your therapy.

Fat reduction and body sculpting/ contouring

Cellulite reduction

Radio frequency vacuum cavitation for weightloss non surgical lipo lymphatic drainage
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