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What is the intensive release for muscle pain?

We can manipulate muscles through our clothes. This requires your massage therapist to use different techniques to those they would if you were having a traditional massage such as deep tissue or Swedish and instead use body movement to release muscles that have become stuck together through injury or lack of movement. It’s great if you are suffering from stiff joints.

Think about this as a kind of assisted yoga. You’re moving around, but only with the help of an expert in bodywork who can move you according to what is required by your tight muscles to release their tension.

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Questions & Answers


What does muscle pain feel like?

Muscle pain is when the pain is felt in the muscles. So, rather than the joints when you’ll more than likely feel bone grinding against bone, muscle pain is a tight feeling. Sometimes it can lead to shooting down your legs or arms because tight muscles trap the other parts of your body, such as nerves, within them when they are knotted.


I have back and muscle pain alone, can you help?

Sure. If your issue is muscle pain then a massage from a qualified massage therapist who really knows their stuff is a great help in relieving your pain. Tight muscles are one of those things where everyone’s symptoms may be different, but it’s from a similar cause. This is because our bodies are all constructed slightly differently.


How do you identify and treat muscle pain?

Before you come along to your appointment, you’ll need to return a consultation form to us in enough time that we can read this beforehand. Then at your session we’ll discuss any lifestyle factors that we think may be relevant in more depth.

We’ll use this as a guide to start us off in the right area. But then after that it comes down to your therapist being experienced and knowing how to track down what they feel to find the route cause. It’s not something we can explain, it’s a combination of experience, knowledge, training and feel.


What are the common causes of muscle pain?

Whilst pain is the most common symptom of tight muscles, there is no one answer to why it happens. For this and to try to work it out we would need to see you, work on you and then during your massage we may understand in a little more detail the cause.

However, there are some common causes of muscle pain that massage may easily help.

*Chronic fatigue syndrome
*Muscle cramps
*Myofascial pain syndrome
*Repetitive strain injuries

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What disease causes muscle pain?

There are many diseases as well as just e.g. overuse and those listed above that cause muscle pain and if you are in any doubt you should go and see your doctor.


How long does muscular pain last?

Muscle pain alone can get unbearable. But, how long it lasts depends on why and how your issue has arisen.


How do I know if it’s pain or myalgia?

Myalgia is muscle pain that is often causes from overuse of a muscle group. It can however present for other reasons such as viral infection so the key is to read the information on this page and if your symptoms tie in with any other causes of muscle pain, then you should probably seek the opinion of your doctor.


How do you treat muscle pain?

It depends on your personal situation. We may use deep tissue work, or we may use a more gentle Swedish massage technique.
If you choose to have the Intensive Muscle Release massage then we will tailor your massage around your personal needs.

A deep tissue massage will address muscular tensions, aces and pains. Or we may select a more soothing approach which stretches tight muscles and fascia. It all depends on the cause of your pain.

Whichever way we decide to work though, you can be assured that you’re booking a deeply restorative treatment which we’ll specifically design around your tight, stressed and aching muscles. Whether it’s due to heavy exercise or too long sitting at your desk, when you push yourself to your limit, muscle pain is common because your body will become stiff, tight and painful.

If we decide to add in some Swedish massage techniques combined with cross muscle fibre massage we’ll also stretch and drain toxins that have been lying dormant in muscle knots dispersing the build up of lactic acid that may also cause stiffness and pain.
This is an intensive massage that works deep into stiff, tight aching muscles to instantly stretch out pain and tension.


I went to the gym a few days ago and I’ve got a delayed onset muscle soreness. Can you help?

Yes. Delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) is a post workout muscle tightness (and pain) that may occur if you’ve essentially overdone exercise. So, you’ve given your body a burst of exercise that it isn’t used to. A good way to think about this is when you burn your hand, you pull your hand back and ball it up to get away from the shock as fast as possible. Your muscles do the same thing. Except that because muscle fibres are sticky, they don’t recoil as easily.

Very often these muscle aches can be in one area e.g. hamstring, piriformis or trapezius. Wherever the pain may manifest depends on which massage styles will be best for your pain relief. For instance, if it’s pain caused from your legs, hips or you have lower back pain, then we may stretch out your hamstrings and/ or piriformis. Your shoulders (trapezius) may require more deep tissue massage work.

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When should I see my doctor about muscle pain?

*pain that doesn’t go away after a few days, particularly if you’ve been stretching
*where there is no clear cause
*if you also get a rash
*if you’ve also had a tick bite
*myalgia accompanied by redness or swelling
*pain that occurs soon after a medication change
* if your temperature is also elevated




I have pain and stiffness, is this the right massage for me?

Yes. Essential Feeling specialise in whatever your body needs. So, if you have pain from tight muscles, we’ll stretch these muscle aches out using whatever combination of techniques is required. For instance, we may stretch you first and then go in with deep tissue massage techniques. What’s important to understand is that just because you have back muscle pain, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the same area that is the cause of the pain.


Can joint pain be relieved when you treat muscle tightness?

Yes. Sometimes. It depends, as with all these things what the cause of the pain in your joints is. But, if it’s linked to tight muscles which are pulling on your joints and causing pain that way, then a massage with your experienced and qualified massage therapists at Essential Feeling may help.


How do I learn about how to avoid and relieve muscle pain?

There are many resources on the internet, including this website. Check out the blog area to find out lots of information that will help you avoid future muscle soreness and chronic pain.

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