Today we’re looking at what is the best type of massage for lower back pain.

To work out how to best use therapy to help your lower back pain, we need to think about whether the cause of your body pain is from your muscles. Lower back pain may often be caused from a tight hamstring muscle or tight gluteals such as your gluteus maximus, the largest muscle in your body.

Fixing lower back pain isn’t just about massaging the spot where you’re feeling the pain. Usually it could originate in a different place and then because of how everything in our body is interconnected, larger muscles pulls smaller muscles out of alignment and we feel pain.

Lower back pain caused by referred pain

Trigger point therapy

Trigger point therapy foTo help this, your massage therapist will often use pressure in different areas of your body. This is known as trigger point therapy and can be the perfect solution to easing your chronic pain.

Otherwise, a deep tissue massage (often called sports massages) or light Swedish massage may also help to smooth away and thus release the tension caused by tight muscles and relieve your pain.

I have lower back pain, but I feel it more in my hip joint.

Again, although you’re feeling pain in one area, this is often caused by muscles which are tight in your glutes and legs, especially if you’re suffering with shooting nerve pain such as sciatica. Tight muscles can pull your joints closer together than they are meant to be, thus causing your bones to scrape against each other when we move.

Will stress in my shoulders and neck cause lower back pain?

Treating lower back pain with your neck massageSometimes you’ll find that a general back and glute massage will ease many pain across your spine that you didn’t even know you had until we started working you. Think about how small the bones and tiny muscles of your vertebrae are. If they’re connected to larger muscles, which pull them out of alignment, then you’ll feel pain all over the place. For instance, one common complaint that our therapists will often track shoulder and neck pain back to standing on one dominant leg.

It’s surprising when you read that therapy release techniques for your buttocks sometimes helps pain in your neck. But it can be one of the most effective techniques at giving relief.

So, what is the best type of massage for lower back pain then?

We haven’t tried to confuse you, but here’s the thing. For some people we may think it’s best to treat you with a gentle sacroiliac massage to improve blood flow to a specific area and allow your body to do the rest.

For others, you may need a more intense treatment that involves breaking down tight muscles. And there’s always a chance that the pain you’re suffering with won’t be muscular related, so we can’t rule that out either.

We won’t know until we meet you. Until we get our hands on you and track back to the source of your pain. This is when we’ll know what the best form of physical therapy is to give you relief from your low back pain.

Let us help you decide on the best massage for lower back pain.

We know this doesn’t help you, but this is why you pay for our time. Not for the type of massage. All you need to do is give us a summary of your issues on the consultation you’ll complete ahead of your session and then we’ll do the rest. All you need to do is to relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re in excellent hands. We have the experience and the training to understand your injury and adapt your session, so we focus on your individual needs.

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