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My ankles are swollen. Help!
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Deal with swollen ankles with the lighter legs session.

What is the lighter legs massage?

It’s a gentle massage to reduce fluid retention (known as oedema) which reduces the effects of symptoms such as swollen ankles. Research shows that it’s extremely effective if you have swollen ankles, or swelling in your legs, or tired and swollen feet. We’ll spend an hour reducing water retention so that by the time you leave, you feel like you’re walking on air.

If you’re pregnant then sadly we can’t use deep oscillation, but if you are generally suffering with oedema then we may include deep oscillation or ultrasonic cavitation into your treatment protocol if we deem it is the best form of treatment for your personal condition. 

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swollen ankle massage

Questions & Answers


I’m pregnant with swelling of my feet and ankles; will this be suitable?

It’s perfect for anyone, but when you’re pregnant, swelling of your ankles and feet is common. Likewise, if you’ve had a recent operation, or have oedema as a side effect of sitting too much. We have developed this treatment with all of you in mind.


My legs just ache, I don’t have water retention. Will this help?

Yes, that’s the joy of coming for a session with us. You book our time and then within that we give you whatever therapy you need. If you have tired legs, or they just feel heavy and tight, that’s fine. We’ll give them a massage to soothe away the tension and you’ll still leave with lighter legs which are revitalised and revived.


Do I need to be a certain amount of weeks pregnant before I can come?

If your swelling of the feet and ankles is as a result of you being pregnant, then if you’re having a deeper massage rather than one to reduce water retention you should be over 12 weeks. You can rest assured that your therapists are qualified in both pregnancy massage and pregnancy reflexology.


Are swollen ankles dangerous?

Swollen ankles and swollen feet happen a lot, especially if we spend a lot of our day sitting.

If you drink too much alcohol you may find that your feet swell because you’re overloading your system and it can’t get rid of toxins as fast as you’re pouring them in. Many people can’t move around often enough, or you may not drink water often enough and therefore you end up not giving your system the tools it requires to work optimally. Likewise it can be a symptom of standing too much. This is a common condition and isn’t usually something to worry about.

But if the swelling hangs around, or if it happens in tandem with other symptoms, it could indicate a more underlying health issue and you may become concerned. It can sometimes be a symptom of pregnancy complications or foot/ ankle injury. As always, if in any doubt, get yourself checked out.

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How can I reduce the swelling in my feet and ankles myself?

Home remedies to learn for a swollen ankle may include:
*keeping your leg(s) raised to improve blood flow
*wearing compression stockings to reduce swelling
*taking medications, such as aspirin
*undergoing radiofrequency ablation, which uses heat to close the affected vein
*skin brushing
Please be sensible when taking any medication and speak with your doctor if you have any doubts or need advice.


What is swollen ankles a sign of?

Swollen ankles can be caused by many conditions, and if you’re looking for a definitive answer to the possible causes of swollen legs and ankles in your particular case you should always seek your doctor’s advice.

Woman having legs massaged with manual lymphatic drainage
At Essential Feeling we’ve helped with

some regular causes of swollen ankles:

*Pregnancy can be a big cause of being puffy because we don’t move as easily. As movement is one of the two ways our lymphatic system (the fluid drainage system) works, this can lead to a buildup of retained fluid in the lower extremities of our body (gravity).
On top of this, being pregnant is one of the times when we’re already producing more fluid. Before treatment it’s important to check with your doctor that this isn’t the more serious condition of pre-eclampsia
*Cellulitis (especially with diabetes and post surgery)
*Lymphoedema — this often occurs in older people who spend a lot of their time being immobile which hinders the effectiveness of our lymphatic system.

swollen ankle massage



Are swollen ankles a sign of a heart problem?

In the worst case scenario, swelling of the ankles may have a cause in all kinds of many underlying problems, including heart failure. If the problem is at the end of the day in the evenings, this could be a sign that you’re retaining water and salts due to right-sided heart failure.

Water retention could also be a sign that your liver or kidneys aren’t working optimally, so whilst these are worst case scenarios you shouldn’t ignore any symptoms which are of concern. If you are in any doubt, please, don’t risk it, always seek medical advice. This is even more the case if your swollen ankles accompany:
*heat or redness in the area where there is swelling
*swelling that worsens/ does not improve
*sudden increase in swelling during pregnancy
*history of heart, kidney, or liver disease


I’m uncomfortable, but not in any pain, is this still something I should get checked out?

Yes. If you’re in any doubt, all of the factors above are relevant even if the area that is puffy is painless. However, if you are happy that the swelling is just a blip, then we’ll be happy to give you a lighter legs massage because it can not only be incredibly therapeutic, but it’s also relaxing.

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