Manual lymphatic massage near me in London and Essex with our experienced follow-up specialists for edema (lymphedema), swelling (including conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis), pregnancy and post-surgery.

What is lymphatic massage?

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a gentle pressure massage technique using a mix of cupping motions, upward and circular hand motions, that focuses primarily on lymph nodes and vessels to promote the natural flow of lymph fluid.

Massage for lymphatic drainageLymph nodes are a network connected by lymphatic vessels and run all around your body. Some key ones are:

Pubic region

Under arms

Abdomen and breast


The lymphatic system removes toxins from healthy cells and transporting germ-fighting materials to cells when they are attacked by viruses, protecting our bodies (immune function).

Since it doesn’t have its own pumping mechanism, lymphatic drainage massage (MLD) and muscle contractions can help water move throughout the body (exercising is important).

Lymphatic massage near me in London and Essex

When should lymphatic massage be used?

Lymphatic massage for edema after surgery or injury. Some people even use it for short-term weight reduction before a night out as it removes excess water retention.

Our two certified therapists, one based in Central London near Harley Street in Central London and one on the outskirts of East London in Romford, Essex, specialise in the follow-up of postoperative patients.

Each has a particular interest in post-cosmetic procedures.

Besides manual lymphatic massage, we also have two special devices that we can include in your treatment protocol.

One of them is deep oscillation.

This device uses sound which moves at 6mm under the surface of the skin in a circular motion to break down fat deposits and speed up lymph flow.

The other is ultrasonic cavitation, which also uses sound waves to break down cells but at a different frequency, so both this and deep oscillation are effective in their own cases.

Your therapist will concentrate on moving along waste content from your body, including any fat deposits if this is after surgery. We don’t use a specific sequence of stretch movements. Instead, we work with what your body needs. But, lymphatic massage will always include your entire body as it is one system. So to just focus on one area means that whilst we may gently move the fluid from the area of focus, we’ll just deposit it in another part of your body where it will stay unless we put energy into moving the entire system.

Just a note, we don’t use oil because we need to maintain purchase on your skin to activate your lymphatic vessels.

Part of this will be with their hands, but may include one or both of the above machines with a light, non-invasive touch. But, don’t panic if you don’t receive the machines. Your treatment protocol has a phase relevant to what will give you the best healing outcomes. We work within this. Some people feel like they’re not getting the extra value if we don’t use them. This is not the case. This is about what will give you the best healing at any time.

To enhance your recovery pace, you can opt for additional supplements like red light therapy in London or vitamin injections available in Romford and London.

Benefits of lymphatic massage near me

Lymphatic massage near me will reduce the load on your heart when the light movements and strokes combine with our medical experience in MLD. Here’s why.

Manual lymphatic drainage is useful when working with patients with sports injuries or edema after surgery.

After the initial stage of inflammation has passed, your trained therapist can apply lymphatic work to remove waste from tissues. Some people think that this is akin to a dry brush with a body brush. This is an effective self-care maintenance technique to use at home. But the movement we perform through specific massages helps many conditions that home remedies won’t touch.

Tissue regeneration

Continuous application of lymphatic massage as the patient heals can help improve the tissue regeneration process by keeping tissues as healthy as possible. Lymphatic massage also helps heal scars by improving blood circulation and immunity. It is therefore a great way to maintain your general wellness and detox when you are feeling a little under the weather.

When the flow around the scar increases, healing of damaged lymphatic vessels is stimulated: We eliminated toxins, which improves tissue health. This is tissue throughout your body, not just the skin that we are manipulating.


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) also works against cellulite, particularly when combined with ultrasonic cavitation. Therefore manual lymphatic drainage is also aesthetically beneficial as it treats and reduces cellulite. There is a lack of blood circulation in cellulite-prone areas, reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients flowing into the fibrous tissues that hold fat cells together under the layers of the skin.

Consequently, fibrous tissues harden and thicken, which causes the typical appearance of orange peel.

MLD and cavitation helps restore good blood circulation in these areas, which, together with massage manipulations, reduces all cellulite pits and protrusions.

Lymphatic massage reduces London and Essex’s swollen legs during pregnancy.

Many pregnant and non-pregnant women suffer from poor circulation in the legs, feet and legs are swollen and can be painful with a strong feeling in the legs.

Manual drainage is a very effective way to reduce edema and the feeling of heaviness in the legs.

You can book this treatment on any of our website for Essex and by texting 07757 946023 for London Central London near Harley Street.

London lymphatic massage with specialised MLD specialists at our practices in East London, Romford, Essex and Central London, Central London near Harley Street.

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Our team of highly trained and professional massage therapists are experienced. Harley Street and Knightsbridge cosmetic surgeons refer their patients to us for post op aftercare where we offer lymphatic drainage at our London and Essex practices:

Central London near Harley Street, West London

3-minute walk from several tube lines tube station.

Romford, Essex (on the outskirts of Greater London)

Free off street parking right outside the treatment rooms. One minute from Gallow’s Corner on the A127 and A12


Manual lymphatic drainage in London and Essex covered by Insurance

Most health insurance policies cover our massage treatments. We’re recognised by Bupa (BUPA Global and BUPA UK), AXA (AXA International, AXA PPP), Cigna and WPA. For a drainage appointment with our specialists, call or text us at 07757 946023

Just one point, clients often ask us ‘do I have to wear the compression garments’. The answer is yes. At all times, other than during your physical therapy with us. If you are sporting any bandages, these will remain in situ throughout. Once we’ve finished, you’ll put your garment back on.