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Lymphatic massage London
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Lymphatic massage London

To book lymphatic massage London then please text me, Karen on 07757 946023, or book via the link below.


If you’d like to book the red light therapy, then you can do this at each session (London).

Any appointment which finishes after 7pm in Central London near Harley Street will incur an additional £30 per session. Each treatment lasts about an hour.

If you decide to book a course of 6 lymph massages (most people following surgery such as vaser liposuction or other fat reduction/ cosmetic procedure, need six as a minimum) then we will book the date and time for your first session. Then, at the end of each session, we will book your next appointment based on your individual healing rates.

Karen Botha MAR

Co-Owner & Therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford & Central London near Harley Street

Lymphatic massage London

Questions & Answers


What is lymphatic massage London good for?

We work with a lot of plastic surgeons, and help their patients post surgery. Manual lymphatic drainage moves the fluid caused by swelling from your body, so that you heal faster and with fewer complications. We also offer an unlimited treatment package so that you can be sure that you’re getting the right help, when you need it, so that you heal at your fastest which means that you have minimal complications.

Lymphatic drainage massage London


Which surgeons do you work with?

We work with a few in particular, they are ones in London who really understand the role that lymphatic massage plays in the elimination of fluid to improve your end result and ultimately appearance. You can see these below.

But it’s important to understand that we work with anyone who has had recent surgery. It’s a light rhythmic therapy, with minimal pressure so it doesn’t hurt. Far from it. It’s actually relaxing.

Many times, will also use our deep oscillation therapy machine as well, which is also incredibly relaxing whilst speeding up the flow of your lymph fluids. If we do decide to use deep oscillation therapy, this is included within your price when you book a lymphatic massage in Central London near Harley Street, London.


How does manual lymphatic drainage help after surgery?

MLD can really enhance your surgery results. It can support your active healing with anything from reducing scar tissue, helping scars to heal, reducing excess fluid/ water retention and eliminating toxins, improving the effects of your compression garment and minimising the chances of infection.

Another one of its great purposes, particularly when combined with deep oscillation therapy (electrolymphatic massage), is that treatments can also help to break down fatty deposits which accumulate under the skin.

Lymphatic massage London?

How do I book in?

Text Karen now 07757 946023

How does the lymphatic system work?

If you don’t have the lipo massage, then the natural way that your body eliminates lymphatic fluid is through a series of vessels that look a lot like your circulatory system. They sit just underneath the surface of your skin and are a lot more delicate than veins, though.

Speed it up

You can speed the way this works up, by increasing blood flow and blood circulation to your active muscle, and this pumping helps the fluid move through it. We need this because it doesn’t have a pump of its own in the way your veins are connected to your heart. So, if you don’t move a lot, then you end up with technical storage of fluid, otherwise known as water retention or swelling. If you know anything about your digestive tract, then think about this working in a similar way.

Chin lipo massage lymphatic drainage london
Lymphatic massage London

How does MLD work?

You can read more about how each massage technique will help the normal breakdown of fats and reduce the accumulation of fluid in our blog post. But, essentially the body is more able to pump waste fluid caused by the trauma of your operation into the lymphatic vessels, into the lymph nodes and out through your urine.

All of this is done by encouraging the circulation of your lymphatic fluid (improve microcirculation) thus reducing lymph congestion.

Lymphatic massage London



Is there a consultation?

Yes. When you book, we send you a link to complete an initial consultation form before you come along. We’ll use this to help us with your treatment plan so the sooner you complete it after booking the better.


Does this help cellulite?

No, but we do have other things that do. Our EPN pen is great for dealing with scar tissue as well as the appearance of cellulite.


Do you do a facial treatment?

Yes your lymphatic system runs from head to toe throughout your entire body. So if you have had surgery, it’s likely we’ll include some sort of facial treatment within your sessions. Lymphatic drainage uses applied pressure to the nodes and ducts, many of which are around your face and neck.

If you’ve had lipo on your chin and you’re looking for lymphatic massage after chin liposuction then we will of course spend more time on the area. We’ll use rhythmic types of lymphatic movements and specialist techniques to make a real difference. The whole legitimate purpose of our work is purely about enhancing the elimination of fluids to improve your healing outcomes.

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