does lyymphatic drainage work?

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Does lymphatic drainage work?

It’s easy for us to tell you that lymph fluid movement helps your healing, but where’s the research that answers your question of does lymphatic drainage work?

Below you’ll find some research which will answer this and more. These articles and research papers answers why MLD massage can help stimulate blood flow, and reduce swelling caused by lymphedema or surgery.

As your therapist, it’s important for you to understand why this light touch manual therapy is so important for your blood vessels and tissue healing. In part, this is because we understand that the gentle circular motions with our hand placed only lightly on your skin can seem like we’re doing nothing. Let alone being so incredibly important for your overall health and numerous conditions.

does lymphatic drainage work?

Research & Articles

The role of MLD in swelling after liposuction

MLD removes waste, often called toxins, from our body. This technique has a role in reducing swelling after liposuction when performed by a specialist practitioner by gently moving the waste content of your lymphatic system with a pump action. A provider with experience can judge whether you need MLD, or fibrous tissue breakdown.

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage in Soft Tissue Rehabilitation

Manual lymphatic drainage massages are a complete treatment in many situations and techniques should improve treatment outcomes for all (indicated) soft tissue treatments, if used correctly. The crucial benefit it plays in the rehabilitation of soft tissues in the body makes this a valuable and indispensable healing method for people in health practice.

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Lymphatic drainage helps fascia release

The LFR (lymphofascial release) may seem contradictory at first glance because it is much less aggressive than traditional massages,” explains Mazzocut. “But it still has the same positive impact on my clients, with far fewer negative effects on their bodies.” With this in mind it is perfect for healing tissues, post treatments such as cancer and compassionately aiding circulation and heart conditions.

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Lymphatic drainage of the brain can help prevent alzheimer's

Lymphatic drainage of antigens may play an important role in the pathogenesis of MS, and a better understanding draining of Averent’s lymphatic pathways could lead to the development of therapeutic strategies for this disease. Failure of cerebral lymphatic drainage appears to be a significant factor in the pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. Therapeutic strategies that facilitate moving and elimination along the walls of aging arteries can help prevent CAA, reduce the incidence of CAA-related bleeding, and delay cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s disease.

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Pre & post surgery MLD aids healing

MLD before surgery creates optimal tissue space, which means that the scalpel cuts cleaner as excess fluid (water) is expelled from the body by the gentle pressure stretch movements.

Physical MLD after surgery (when combined with compression garments) helps to regenerate veins and lymph vessels (veins 12 days) /lymph vessels 14 days) Lymph nodes do NOT regenerate.

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What does the MLD do?

It adds compressive forces that are potential energy and alters the receptor potential of the skin’s mechanoreceptors. This leads to a decrease in sympathetic activity, which leads to an expansion of the lymphatic collectors.

As a result, there is an increase in pressure in the lymph collectors, which leads to increased contractions. A further increase in contractions is achieved by passive stretching of the smooth muscle cell with a simple upward brush stroke to encourage movement of lymph fluid. When the contraction mechanism releases chemical energy after adding potential energy, it facilitates the accumulation of kinetic energy that increases lymph flow.

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Benefits of Deep Lymphatic Therapy

People breathe easier and more deeply • Symptoms that mimic a heart attack (examined by a doctor) disappeared • Fluid retention Severe generalised because of congestive heart failure, including large fluid wrinkles extending beyond both ankles, were successfully relieved and the patient’s quality of life was restored. • There was a significant reduction in swelling/lymphedema of the arms and legs, in most cases without the use of compression garments. Intestines have reduced from one to three clothing sizes. The breasts were less swollen and more comfortable. Both urinary and intestinal flow usually improve. • Energy levels increase and symptoms are often relieved over a long period.

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Before surgery lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage before surgery prepares the tissue for the procedure, drains the tissue and cleans the lymphatic tract before postoperative edema; Postoperative treatment: scar fibrosis (help with the scar process, pain relief, anti-infective, etc.) Some effects against hypertrophic scars or keloid scars; for all major lymph node removal operations (postmastectomy, postprostatectomy, post-hysterectomy, postovarectomy, post-nephrectomy, ENT surgery, tumor removal); post-plebitis and post-thrombotic surgery; post-traumatic surgery; surgery prosthetic; skin graft; burns; oral surgery, facial surgery, facelift, ear lift; vein removal.

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Lymphatic drainage and breast health/ care

Lymphatic drainage techniques are one of the most scientifically documents ways to improve breast health. They are a gentle and efficient hands-on therapeutic tools practised today. This is why they’re used widely in hospitals and clinics throughout Europe and are reimbursed by many insurance companies for lymphoedema.

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