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Deep Tissue Massage for Athletes
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Deep tissue massage for athletes

The deep tissue massage for athletes is the gold medal among our treatments for athletes. We tailor make this around your personal needs and your particular brand of athletics. So, whether you’re looking for a sports massage for runners, something to help with hip pain, or just to address general muscular tensions, aches and pains we’ll make sure you get the best possible therapy.We concentrate on your unique requirements.

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Questions & Answers


Is sport focussed massage good for you?

Yes it is wonderful. Non athletes may use sport massage, it’s that good for you. We’ve listed many of the benefits of deep tissue massage for athletes below, but suffice to say, this physical therapy not only alleviates common immediate issues. It also prevents injuries from occurring by ensuring that your body remains in optimal condition. This contributes to improving your overall increased performance. If you’re interested in reading more on this subject, this article may be of interest.


How important is massage for athletes?

Athletes and their coaches have sworn by massage therapy for years. Sport focused massage for athletes is a valuable component in most athletic exercise programmes, whether you’re a professional athlete or more of an amateur athletes. Across the world.

It’s been helping athletes perform since ancient times (2700 BC) in the Greek olympics. People thousands of years ago were using massage therapy to treat injuries and prepare themselves for sporting events.

This is because athletes, doctors and trainers all recognise that massage therapy for athletes is important. If not, why would the top football teams, athletics track teams and rugby players all invest in their own sports massage injury therapy professionals?


Does sports massage improve performance?

Yes, because the more intense pressure your sports injury massage therapist typically uses during this treatment is beneficial for releasing any tension you may have whilst targeting the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

In so doing, we aim to restore the function of a particular area and eradicate muscular pain. These deep strokes can restore stiff, sore muscles movement and suppleness around joints as well as muscle balance.

That isn’t everything though.

There are other reasons why deep tissue massage for athletes can improve your performance in competition. We’ve seen the benefits listed above, but it’s important to note that time is of the essence. We’ve all watched a great sporting event where an athlete goes down with an injury. The medics rush straight onto the pitch. While we can help you with more chronic conditions, it may take more sessions, so the message is, if you would like to improve your sports performance, then don’t delay in getting a massage.

Likewise if you’re not including a deep tissue massage as an active part of your post athletic training regime, then do so fast. It can deal with problems which are lurking under the surface before they become an issue.


According to the American massage association, the list below is some of the benefits that massage combines for athletes.

*reduces muscle tension
*massage helps athletes monitor the tone of their muscles
*promotes relaxation and improves healing for athletes so you recover faster
*often increases range of motions
*decreases stiffness in muscles and joints
*enhances your athletic performance
*if you have sports massage therapy regularly it helps prevent athletic injuries

Another of the important benefits of sports massage for athletes is the way you’ll feel after your massage. We’re not denying there will be a period of soreness as your body heals, but after that, you’ll invariably feel lighter and more ‘switched on’.

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Is deep tissue massage the same as sports massage?

Some of the bodywork techniques are the same, in that they both use deep pressure on your muscles to break down the fibres that are tight so that your body can reform. During your sports massage for elite athletes, we’ll focus on the major muscle groups . We’ll configure your plan around what is relevant to the time you have booked. And the areas you would like your sports injury massage therapists to look at.

At Essential Feeling we’re licenced in a number of different massage modalities so prefer to not get ‘hung up’ on giving you a specific massage. That’s why we charge for our time by the hour instead of for the type of massage therapy. We prefer to mix and match the techniques we use. This ensures you leave having had the best possible massage for your injury, for your training regime and also the type of athletic performance your body is dealing with.

If you have two hours, that’s enough time for a full body massage which is designed to have a unique positive impact on areas of tension. It will stimulate sources of energy from deep within your body, the massage restores vitality through a combination of customised massage techniques. For instance, if you need a sports massage for runners, your needs will be very different to the needs of a footballer massage.

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