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Does body movement help muscle stiffness?

Yes. This is a full body stretch so if you wake with morning stiffness, or simply suffer from e.g. tight leg muscles then body movement can help. However a really strong reason for using a full body stretch is that the contraction and lengthening of the muscles actually results in muscles strengthening over time. In short, research suggests that stretched muscles react better to exercise.

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What is body movement?

We combine Eastern and Western ideas on body movement to deliver an effective full body stretch treatment which has stretch at its core. This may be used as part of another massage, or as a clothes on treatment encompassing a full hour.


What is body movement helpful for?

Not only does body movement ease muscle stiffness such as tight leg muscles by stretching out stiff achy joints, but it’s also great for improving blood and lymphatic flow around your body which is what we think may be responsible for your muscles improving in strength when they are regularly stretched out.


Does the body movement use massage oil?

No. If you’re having it as part of another treatment then you will of course have oil used as part of that session, but the part which aims to stretch out muscle stiffness doesn’t need any oil.


What are causes of body stiffness?

Muscle stiffness in the legs for example may be caused from any number of reasons ranging from excess exercise to lack of activity. Stiff achy joints may be an underlying health issue and so if you have any worries at all, you should always consult with your doctor. However as an athlete or someone who has embarked on exercise, then you will know if your stiff muscles and joints are as a result of some sport or activity. If they are then there is some research to suggest that assisted body movement such as this full body stretch will relieve pain from tight muscles and joints by loosening them rather than as a pure pain relief mechanism.

If you would like to book an appointment for body movement, then please use the online booking form below. If you would like to tie this in with some other massage, such as deep tissue, then please ensure you secure a minimum of 1.5 hours.

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