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If you’re looking for things to relieve stress then you could do worse than booking in for the destress massage to calm your frayed nerves. This gentle and soothing massage treatment is designed to leave you with nothing but positive and relaxed energy at the end. During the destress massage, you’ll be able to drift away from your rage and relax while your massage therapist effectively eases away all your tension, anger and frustrations.

This is a full body massage, including your entire back of your body (back, shoulders, legs and glutes) and then when you turn over, it will continue to reduce stress in the front side. Your massage therapist will ease away tension in your lower legs and calves, your thighs and then move up to your stomach. Did you know that we hold so much of our tension in our stomach, hence why we get belly ache or upset stomach when we’re suffering with tension and stress.

Your arms are another key area. We use them all day long, but it’s also where we hold a lot of physical tension and so a hand and arm massage is a great stress reliever.

After this your massage therapist will move up to your neck and shoulders, and then, if you want it, you’ll relax back and enjoy a therapeutic head and face massage.

We’re sure you’ll agree this is one of the best ways to relieve stress levels.

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Charlie Botha ITEC

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Questions & Answers


How does a massage relieve tension and anxiety?

It works a little like exercise. Getting the blood flowing in the same way physical activity does (without exerting ourselves) delivers all the good stuff that your body and mind needs to perform well. This includes dealing with stress, because there is a healthy level of stress that is good for us in life.

It’s just about using the right techniques to give our body the tools it needs to fix itself and not quickly get bogged down by natural tension.


How long does the destress massage take?

As this is one of the best things to relieve stress, we need to take our time. To rush the process means that your therapist will be dealing with their own stress levels as they try to fit too much into too short a time. That’s why this destress massage only comes as a two hour appointment. We are sure that once you carve out the time though it will soon become one of your favourite things to enjoy and you’ll agree with this is a true complementary therapy that this is one of the best things to relieve stress.

If you’re looking for more ways to reduce stress and anxiety, you could take your relaxation to the next level and add in an hour’s reflexology for stress routine onto the end of your destress massage. This will give you the ultimate stress relieving therapy and leave you feeling out of this world. Just please be careful when driving directly after your session as you may be so relaxed that you’re a little thick headed.


What kind of pressure does this way to reduce stress use?

This is up to you. We would recommend that one of the best stress relievers is to have a soothing medium massage pressure which uses long strokes which glide over your entire body. However, one of the most important things that we never forget is that this is your session and people all relax in different ways, so please let us know in your consultation and we’ll adapt accordingly.

It’s the same if you choose to relax by talking. We’re happy to chat with you if this is one of the things you can do to combat the pressure you’re experiencing. We can help discuss what is bothering you and help to put things in perspective, which in itself is an effective stress reliever.

We can also pass on some serious actionable tips on how to manage stressful situations and tension and help you see that sometimes weird things or different things happen without a reason and you have no blame. All these ideas may be ones you have considered yourself, but when an outsider sees them and says what you have dismissed, it can really help us put things in perspective and reduce your stress. It’s also important to know that stress is normal and its how we deal with it that leads to healthy stress. Sometimes a way to combat stress can just be about changing small things. It’s amazing how this can help us de stress by relieving anxiety and stress without the need to run off swallowing stress relief products.

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