Hormones in Teenage years
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What are the symptoms of teenage hormones (puberty)?

Hormones in teenage years can drive you crazy, whether you’re the teen or the parent. From the age of 7 or 8 years, your body produces hormones responsible for the changes which occur in puberty.

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Adolescent hormones

Adolescent hormones are chemicals that lead to physical growth and sexual development. These carry you through your teens (and puberty) into adulthood. Because these substances take over your body, you find that your emotions are much stronger hence why it’s often nice to have a natural way to balance these hormones in teenage years.

Teenagers may be more impulsive and more adventurous, such as experimenting with drugs or alcohol, driving without a license, or having unsafe sex which can lead to all kinds of negative issues as a knock on result.

Although all the changes you experience in adolescence are natural and healthy, teens don’t always react to these changes in hormones in teenage years safely/ healthily as we’ve seen above. Teenage hormones/ puberty affect not only your body and mind but also behaviour.


Teenage stress

Stress, low self-esteem, and hormone growth among peers can lead young people to take risks and engage in risky behaviours that can have a negative impact in their future. As the juvenile enters puberty, it is important that they have a support system that they can trust. Sympathetic friends can provide strength and advice as teens take advantage of this challenging and exciting moment in their lives.

There are some general signs that your child is suffering with their hormones in teenage years, some you may spot, others they may keep hidden such as irregular or heavy periods, fatigue, weight gain, face hair and extreme emotions are common symptoms of hormonal imbalance in adolescents. But there are other less usual signs, and specific hormonal problems that can occur in various combinations depending on the teenager.


How do you balance teenage hormones?

Foot reflexology can balance the endocrine system by using reflexes in hands and/ or feet to restore the balance of hormonal levels of the body, thus reducing the impact of puberty on a teenager’s behaviour. Primary adolescents who are enduring their first menstrual cycle and showing classic signs (PMS) can find relief in a course of targeted reflexology by Essential Feeling.

Isn’t it astonishing that just by using some acupressure points on the soles of our foot with a little gentle massage, we can keep our children open and be more active?


Signs your teenager is dealing with imbalanced hormones.

*Increased sensitivity to heat and cold/ sweating/ hot flashes
*Frequent constipation or defecation
*Dry skin
*Swollen or rounded face
*Frequency of urination
*Increased thirst & hunger increases
*Unexplained weight loss
*Increase or decrease in heart rate
*Muscle weakness
*Pain or stiffness in muscles or joints
*Loss of thin, brittle hair or hair
*Depression or anxiety
*Fat hump between shoulders
*Purple or pink stretch marks
*Craving sugar
*Retaining water
*Headache/ blurred vision
*Brain Fog


At what age do teenage hormones balance out?

Hormones that change as we head through puberty, from 8 to 14 years, continue until our twenties start.

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How teenagers change as a result of reflexology

When we treat teens at Essential Feeling, we see changes in their overall behaviour and communication skills. Don’t underestimate the power of this . Relief from the peaks and troughs of flying between being mute, or screaming fits is an immense relief on your home life. And personal relaxation.

Teenagers, receiving reflexology have a way to release emotional tension, allowing them to discuss any problems with their reflexology therapist (Karen is also a trained counsellor), although teenagers will say they open up because although this is trained therapy with specific goal outcomes, it feels more like banter and they trust me.

The most common treatment for physical pain in children and adolescents includes the neck pressure point, because most children at this age sit in front of the TV or computer for hours. Reflex massage is ideal for releasing and removing tension and discomfort. Although we often think most kids and teens have little stress, it’s surprising they not only adapt to reflexology, but enjoy it.

Foot map showing some of the main reflexology points in different colours
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Regular reflexology sessions for teenagers & young adults may…

*Offer someone to chat with in a safe trusting environment and provides a balanced perspective
*Encourage awareness for self well-being
*Aids study and exam preparation and reduce stress and anxiety
*Help balance hormones
*Ease emotional problems and outbursts

*Ease Dysmenorrhea (painful period cramps)
*Soothe sleep disturbances
*Help ease constipation
*Ease skin problems and inflammation e.g. acne




Can a teenager have a hormonal imbalance?

For sure, this is the time (other than menopause) when hormones run riot as we deal with changes that take us to the next stage of our lives.

Some common hormone imbalances in teenage (girls) are:


A hormone which the ovaries produces. It increases performance during ovulation. Low progesterone can cause headaches, anxiety, and irregular periods. Progesterone plays a role in the balance of oestrogen, so when progesterone is low, explicit oestrogen can produce its own set of problems.


Oestrogen imbalance affects all aspects of a youthful woman’s life. Too much oestrogen can cause you to gain weight, lose libido, have tender breasts, mood swings and PM. Too little oestrogen means heat fluctuations, fatigue, body pain and difficulty concentrating.


We often refer to cortisol as “stress hormone”. Excessive cortisol causes Cushing’s disease, weight gain, anxiety and depression. Low cortisol causes Addison’s disease, fatigue and weight loss.

Thyroid hormones

Hyperthyroidism, or excessive thyroid hormones, can cause symptoms such as anxiety, weight loss, palpitations, and fatigue. Hypothyroidism, or low levels of thyroid hormones, can cause fatigue, but can lead to weight gain, depression, dry skin and hair and irregular periods.

Testosterone: Teenagers, including girls, have testosterone, which is guilty of contributing to PCO (polycystic ovaries), but can also cause other health problems.


How old must my child be to have a reflexology treatment?

Anyone of any age can enjoy the benefits of reflexology, even babies. But, if you’re under 16, then we require consent from the parent/caregiver.

I explain the treatment and manage your expectations as a customer.

The meeting has an obvious start and end, it is confidential – unless in case of child protection, self-harm, injury to others or an infection or disease. If this happens, it is important that you know the relevant person to contact and support the young person in the best way.

To book your reflexology session to balance hormones, then please use the online booking form below making a note on your subsequent consultation form the age of the child we are helping.

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