Shoulder neck and back massage

Shoulder neck and back massage

The shoulder neck and back massage is our most popular treatments. But, did you know you can have a shoulder neck and back massage with a variety of different pressures applied by your massage therapist's hands, elbows and forearms. If you have tight knots that you need to have worked out then we will apply a deeper pressure to your shoulder neck and back area. If you would like more of a gentle relaxing time then we will use the deeper, and often longer strokes and the gentle rub of e.g. a Swedish shoulder neck and back massage.

Deep tissue shoulder neck and back massages.

This pressure will break down the way the muscles are stuck together in a way which causes tension, both physical and mental as we battle pain problems throughout our busy lives.

Pain generally can start in one area, but will often move to another. This is why if you have pain in your shoulder we will more than likely massage your neck and your back too -- because these are the areas which sit either side of where you are experiencing pain. It's important to do this because if you imagine someone pulling the end of a rope, the other end, the one which is free, will also move. Our body works in the same way such is the interconnection between all of our differing muscles, tissues and tendons.

Firm massage techniques

As we work we will use firm strokes and kneading to build heat into the general area and the upper layers of your muscle fibres. We call this warming you up first. Then once this is done, we will use deeper pressure, often by using concentrated pressure via your therapist's elbow, to break down the lower layers of muscles, those which are causing your discomfort.

This deep type of shoulder neck and back massage is best when you need a therapeutic style massage. One which will allow your body to fix itself and therefore give you relief from the physical manifestations of our busy lives.

If you would like a shoulder neck and back deep tissue massage then this can be done in one hour.

Swedish shoulder neck and back massage.

If a more relaxing therapy is how you best see your care then this is your option. This Swedish style massage uses a lighter pressure than deep tissue but can still improve your circulation (blood flow), lower your blood pressure and create a calm state of relaxation. This is particularly useful when you have a lot of head stress, where you struggle to switch off or sleep.

We will usually start on your back and then move towards your neck and shoulders as we loosen up the rest of the areas as we move upwards. If you would like your head including in this massage, then please ensure you book sufficient time. We would suggest 1.5 hours is the ideal time to allow you to switch off and enjoy ultimate relaxation.

Not sure which is the best type for you?

Here's our handy hints:

*Looking for relief from neck pain

Often our neck is pulled out by tight shoulder muscles and from sitting in one position for a prolonged period of time. We'd suggest a deep tissue would be the best to deal with these issues.

*Back pain

Our backs are small muscles, but they support an awful lot of activity and pressure. We can therefore need a lot of intricate work to sort out chronic back pain. If you are having lower back pain this can also include a deep massage of your glutes which are big muscles that pull the smaller ones of your back out of alignment and thus cause pain.

*Back neck and shoulder pain

We'd always suggest a deep tissue massage treatment for this area because the muscles undergo such a hefty load from our everyday life.

*Neck pain and shoulder pain.

In the same way our glutes can pull out the smaller muscles of our lower back, the big fan like muscle which runs over our shoulders can also pull out the tiny muscles that run down our necks. Your therapist will always be careful when working your neck as we have so many nerves which pass down from the brain, through our neck towards our spinal column.

But, it's often possible to relieve most types of neck pain using massage techniques which barely touch our neck. Very often the closest we may get is to the base of the skull in the occipital bone.This is because, as we discussed earlier, all our muscles and tissues are connected. That's not to say that it's impossible to massage your neck. On the contrary but we don't want you to feel you are missing out if we don't spend much time on this area. We'd rather concentrate on what will give you the best relief.

*Relaxing back (for e.g. it's stiff)

We can do this most often with a more gentle Swedish massage technique. Sometimes we may combine this with other techniques such as myofascial release and assisted stretching.

*Relief from headaches

We can sometimes relieve headaches with a back neck and shoulder massage. This works because the tight muscles in our shoulders and neck run up to our jaw and head and will then create a tension there. This is called a tension headache. If your headache is more aligned with your hormonal cycle, then we'd recommend reflexology for this.

*Relaxation shoulder techniques

This could be a combination of massage techniques depending on the cause of your issues. If your shoulders are tight from ongoing poor posture in e.g. the gym or desk work we may work you differently to if you have some short term acute tension or you have slept in an uncomfortable position.

Regardless of the type of back shoulder and neck massage you need to reduce your ache and pains, the booking process is the same. Simply click on the book now link below and it will take you through to the online booking system. Select the time and complete the process and that is all we need from you for now. You will need to complete an online consultation form before your appointment, you will receive the link for that following your successful booking. And then we'll see you at your scheduled appointment and discuss what pressure you need based on our conversations and your form.