Massage therapeutic

Massage therapeutic

If you are stressed out or have chronic pain and tension, a therapeutic massage by a qualified and experienced remedial massage therapist can help relieve pain.

Whether it's a back massage or an abdominal massage, evidence shows it will improve your fitness and help you relax. Let's go, sometimes life really takes its toll on patients and no matter what you try, nothing seems to work.

For such moments, there is no better option than a therapeutic massage. Known for its healing and rejuvenating properties, a therapeutic massage uses a range of techniques to relax rigid joints, calm sore muscles and help put aside daily stress.

Our specialist massage therapist is qualified to an advanced level. This is who will care for you. His goals are to help relax and enjoy the medical and science based positive effects of physical touch so you benefit from some self care and feel good with yourself.

How heavenly does that sound?

Your therapeutic massage will take place at our modern therapy centre in Gidea Park, Romford.

From the moment you enter, you will discover a remarkable sense of calm. Our clients say the benefits of their massage start before we even lay our hands on them; during the consultation process. Because within just a few short seconds they understand that we know what we're talking about and they're at ease with the treatment they will receive.

What to expect

You'll need to complete a short online health questionnaire to identify the particular conditions or stress areas you would like us to focus on. You'll do this before you come along so that we don't use valuable treatment time up doing paperwork. This also means that your therapist has time to plan your session ahead of your appointment, and think about what may be a suitable pressure, any relevant trigger points that will give you health benefits or reduce anxiety. That kind of thing.

Once you have settled down it will be time to go to the treatment room. The atmosphere is designed for maximum tranquility, with soft lighting and an ideal room temperature plus a comfortable massage table with additional padding.

You will be asked to prepare and remove any excess clothing, before your massage therapist returns to the treatment room and begins your therapeutic massage.

The time has come to let your thoughts move away like clouds and forget about daily tensions and just indulge in some relaxation.

During your treatment, your therapist will use a variety of techniques with their hands to relax your body and mind.

We use a specialist oil which soothes, moisturises and removes dry skin, leaving your skin soft and pampered.

The purpose of the massage can vary between the therapist and clients, and it is worth discussing any pain point either at the beginning of your massage as or as your therapist works so that you get the most out of your treatment.

In general, the goal is to give you a therapeutic benefit, whether we're helping you cope with a sport related training issue, looking for therapies to ease pain in one area such as your neck or improve blood flow to aid an injury or medical procedure to heal.

Or stress.

Many people choose therapeutic massages as a unique treatment, while others attend several sessions to improve their muscle tone and increase their flexibility. It can also be used to complement many other health treatments.

What is classed as massage therapeutic?

For a massage to be therapeutic, it doesn't need to be one particular style. So for instance, we've heard of popular methods such as deep tissue, Swedish or sports massage. A therapeutic massage will pull techniques from each profession, but it is more of an effective manual relief from the symptoms that are troubling you.

During the process we may ease away lactic acid, relax painful muscles or stimulate your bowel contents during the practice. We could help a cancer patient deal with the effects of your complementary treatment. We may improve your circulation and blood supply or relieve swelling.

To be therapeutic, a massage must do what it says on the tin and help you. Whatever your issues. Our practitioners use their arsenal of experience and skills to best support your unique type of needs. And this is why we have such great reviews on Google. Because our clients leave us having had the therapy that is best suited for their healing needs. Whether that be gentle stretching for soreness or deep work to heal specific muscular performance.

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