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Back muscle pain causes

We see a lot of cases of general back muscle pain or, in particular, low back pain at Essential Feeling. If tense or overworked muscles cause your back pain, then a back massage from Essential Feeling usually helps.

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Questions & Answers


What does a back muscle strain feel like?

If you have back muscle pain, then you’ll likely feel some or all of the below symptoms:
*Back muscle aches
*Shooting or stabbing pain in your back or limbs
*Pain radiating, often down your leg (sciatic)
*Your back pain will worsen when you bend/ lift/ stand/ walk
*If you recline, your back pain will usually ease


How do I know if I have chronic back pain?

Chronic means a condition which has been ongoing for a period without easing. Or that it comes and goes. If you have back strain from e.g. repeating a lift in the wrong position, this could contribute to chronic back pain.

Often you’ll find that your back strain will repeatedly be in the same area, such as lower back. This is usually because you are using your back muscles in the wrong way over and over, which contributes to the chronic nature of your condition.

We know we can’t all run out and change our jobs to prevent back problems just because we get a back pain, therefore a back massage can help this because it eases tight back muscles in e.g. lower back (lumbar), hamstrings and glutes so that at least when you’re repeating the act that is causing the problem, the effect isn’t as compound.

Sometimes, back pain can be caused by bowel or bladder problems, especially if a fever accompanies it. As is the case anytime you have any doubts, seek your doctor’s opinion, if for no other reason than to rule out something more sinister.


I’m having painful muscle spasms. Can you help?

Good news! Yes.
When people are experiencing back muscle spasms, this is because of muscle-related pain and so we can help.

This is because your body is made up of a series of muscles. Each one interconnects with the next. So, if you pull your calf, you could find your shoulder is out. Your lower back muscles (lumbar) are no different, see below.


Common causes of low back pain

One of the most common cause of low back pain we see at Essential Feeling is because of people’s posture when walking or standing. This may be compounded by repeating actions over and over as part of our jobs or our daily routines.

For instance, walking a lot, standing on one leg, balancing a child on our hips.

Essential Feeling can fix most acute low back pain that affects our clients in a few sessions. But because we all repeat the same actions that caused our problem, no fix is permanent. Just because we continue to do the action that has caused the problem. Therefore, once we’re on top of the pain, it’s important to maintain a schedule of regular massage appointments so that your massage therapist can make sure that your back muscle pain never gets as bad as you were when you came for your first massage appointment.

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If my nerve pain is from a muscle related cause, will a back massage still help?

Yes. Because when the muscles tighten, they stick together. When they do this, they sometimes trap the nerves which are in the same area which is what causes the sharp shooting pains. So by loosening the muscles, the nerves are no longer trapped within them and that acute pain is relieved.


How long does it take for a pulled back muscle to heal?

First, it’s important to understand that everyone is different. Your muscle structure affects muscle function. So, as we’re all built a little differently, then our healing can take on a slightly unique process. That’s why at Essential Feeling we will always adapt your massage to your specific needs.


How do I know if I pulled a muscle in my back?

When you have a pain, muscle strains and sprains, the way you feel is very much a personal experience. Generally , if a pain is sharp like bone is grazing against bone, then this is bad, and if it is a stretching, or twinging, then this could be because of a muscular tightening. However, we would always recommend you visit your doctor if you are in any doubt.


Symptoms of upper and middle back pain

Middle back pain can occur anywhere within the mid sector of your back. This may be linked to the areas above or below it, which is why during a back massage we work these areas too because pain that affects the connective tissue isn’t always something you can identify from how your body feels alone.


What is a common source of back pain?

Other than general muscular problems that we deal with at Essential Feeling, some other issues that we are experienced in helping include:
*Skeletal irregularities


My neck is hurting as well as my back, can you still help?

Usually people who have pain in their backs also suffer with neck pain. And often some shoulder pain too. This is because of the way the ligaments, joints, tendons, and muscles all connect our bones and organs together underneath our skin. It’s also why we may work with referred pain, which is where you feel pain in one area, but injuries in another cause it. So, yes. Very often, we can help in these painful situations.


How do I know if my back pain is serious or if it is ligament strain?

Visit your doctor for proper medical help. They’ll examine your back and assess your ability to sit, stand, walk and lift your legs to ensure everything is in full working order. If he says tight muscles cause your issues, then book a back massage with us.


I’ve heard myofascial pain that affects the connective tissue can cause back pain. How does this work?

Our body connects with fascia, which is a sticky tissue which runs from head to toe and keeps the tissue of a muscle or group, or our organs in place. When we don’t move so much, this fascia tightens, which is why we are still after a long, deep sleep. This has the knock on effect of tightening everything beneath it, which is why at Essential Feeling we may tie a myofascial release into a back massage.

Is there an ointment for back muscle pain/ what is the best ointment for back muscle pain?
We’re not doctors and if you’re looking for advice on something such as this, we would recommend speaking with one, or your pharmacist.

We’d always recommend that if you’re in any doubt, you contact your doctor about your painful injuries first.

You should always do so if your back pain is severe and doesn’t improve with rest, or if it spreads down below your knee. Often back pain can cause weakness, or tingling, or numbness, but we’d recommend getting your doctor to check out your issues. And then, of course, if you have any unexplained weight loss, always get this checked out too.

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What causes low back strain?

*Constant strain.
*Muscle overuse.
*Poor physical condition
*Not doing back exercises therefore weak muscular tone
*Disc pain
*Way of your busy life
*Heavy lifting
*Other conditions causing joint pain including injury

What are the risk factors to back pain?

*Excess weight
*Psychological conditions
*Smoking (reduces blood flow, massage is a great help)




How can I avoid back muscle pain?

*Exercise, within the boundaries of what is feasible for your body and fitness level
*Build gradual muscle tone
*Ensure you concentrate on flexibility as well as muscle mass
*Maintain a weight which is healthy to not overload the small muscles and bones of your spine
*Don’t smoke, see above
*Avoid movements/ positions which strain your body


NB Pain meds

When you have muscle tension and decide to come for a back massage at Essential Feeling, whether that is for chronic muscle tension or acute back pain, please try not to take pain products before your session. This is because they do what they are supposed to and block the pain, but this helps us to work out where we should massage. Pain usually radiates from one area to another within our bodies, and it’s often not until we massage that you feel things you didn’t know were there.


Confirmed booking

If you would like to make a confirmed booking for a back massage, then please use the link below. But, for an appointment within 24 hours, then please text us on 07941 668456 and we’ll come back to you as soon as we have a break between clients.

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