Back massage deep tissue — how it helps your entire health.

If you’re looking for a back massage deep tissue is the best for eking out pain from tight knots in shoulders and your neck. Don’t get us wrong, there are all kinds of pressure that you can use during a back massage but deep tissue therapy breaks down chronic tension in your muscles by applying pressure. This targeted type of massage techniques by your therapist during your treatment is beneficial for your overall health, not just your back.

Here’s why.

When we work a muscle, we may look at that area of your body. But, all muscles are interconnected — think about your body as an elaborate domino set. If we apply treatment to conditions on your back during a massage, these will indirectly affect other areas.

For instance — if your neck is tight, you may suffer with headaches. If your jaw is tight, you may also have to deal with headaches. This is because your muscles connect.

For instance, if you have lower back pain, you’ll probably be standing dominant on one leg. This pushes your hip out of alignment. This will affect the curvature of your spine and create pain or tension in your opposite shoulder. It could also lead to pain in your knee and foot/ ankle at the opposite side to your dominant leg. This is how massage can help to improve conditions that you never even thought about.

When you have tense muscles and tissues, they contract. This causes blood flow to be compromised. When we loosen the muscle, your circulation then improves. There are many a study that proves the importance of how good blood flow in a person can not only improve our ability to heal from injury but also how these strokes mean that people feel the benefits in their overall health.

This is because blood carries many of the nutrients our body needs for overall wellbeing.

It doesn’t matter whether we release tension in your upper back with deep tissue massage, your shoulder, arm, hand, forearm or even your legs. What’s important is that we allow the blood to flow and then your body fixes itself as the tools it needs become available.

When looking for a back massage deep tissue is hugely beneficial.

As we’ve seen, working through the different layers of skin, fat, fascia and using our hands and elbows may be uncomfortable for the short term of your massages, but the benefits last longer than the hour you’re on the table.

If you’re looking to just escape stress and relax, then book in for a Swedish back massage which uses light motion on your back with minimal pressure from our thumbs!

But, if you’re looking for a remedial back massage deep tissue helps with all types of muscular sports injuries. Down to the strain of poor posterior posture or a more sedentary lifestyle such as sitting at a desk. Deep tissue back massage is one of our best complementary rehabilitation treatments for sore muscles, stiffness in individuals and to provide relief from lack of movement.

Our clients range from professional athletes to general gym goers and team participants, all the way to people who will avoid exercise sessions at all costs!

Our therapists can work with all of these physical (muscular) medical conditions within personally tailored massage sessions. We may start with a therapeutic deep tissue massage on your back, and then gradually as we work out a specific condition we’ll uncover some deeper underlying painful condition that is the actual cause of your discomfort.

Referred pain example

If you have a condition called ankylosing spondylitis, this is when the bones of your spine fuse (see image at top of page). For sure as this presses on your nerves and as your range of motion reduces, you’ll feel some pain in the area.

But, you could also suffer with pain in your chest for example. This is because your problems with movement mean that there is an inflammation of the connective tissue which sits between our patient’s ribs. You may also feel severe pain in your forearms.

This referred pain can alarm, who’d have thought that a massage gliding over a concentrated area could ease such seemingly unrelated conditions.

Professional massage touch is an important part of modern integrative healthcare. Massaging isn’t just an hour out from life anymore.

We’re not just looking to hurt you with a dig of our elbow (or knuckles and fingers), we’re looking for the effects of your sessions so we can have you leave pain free.

How will I feel after my back massage deep tissue?

You may feel some soreness and perhaps even some bruising as we’ve had to use deep pressure to break down adhesions. This is intended damage to prompt our internal natural healing response; you’ll feel it in the area we have worked, so for instance, if we have massaged your calf this is where you will feel tender.

You may also have what we call ‘healing response’. If you’ve received a deep tissue back massage, then when you move your back or shoulder for a few days, you’ll be reminded you’ve had a back neck and shoulder massage. But, often an effective massage will also release dormant toxins which our system then needs to eradicate. This is a bit like the improved blood circulation we talked about earlier.


Until our system has had the time to get these out they may reach localised areas of our body, for instance our head and give us a headache. We may feel cold as our body diverts energy to eradicate these toxins rather than keeping us warm which it doesn’t see as being vital for life at this point in time. The best medicine is water. It helps your body to flush out the waste that has been lying dormant and is now overloading us. Every bit of help we can give our body, the better and faster we will enjoy the relaxation that follows a good deep tissue back massage.

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