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Everything You Need to Know About Post Partum Massage & How to Get One
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You need to be in your best shape to give baby the best.

Post partum massage is an ideal way to nurture your body after giving birth, restoring lost energy levels and promoting optimal health. In other words – it’s essential!

Yet many women are apprehensive about seeking postpartum massages, perceiving them as being uncomfortable and unnecessary. However, these concerns can be easily allayed by understanding what constitutes a suitable session and locating a qualified practitioner (such as us at Essential Feeling in Essex & Central London) who can provide you with this much-deserved relaxation experience.

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Post Partum Massage

Questions & Answers


What Is Post Partum Massage?

During pregnancy, a woman’s centre of gravity can shift and move from one end of her body to another. This may lead to some initial discomfort; however, after giving birth it could result in even further soreness.

Post-partum massage is an effective remedy for alleviating soreness caused by incisions, ligament laxity and abdominal binding. Post partum massages typically use techniques such as kneading, squeezing and stroking to relieve aches and pains associated with post partum confinement. We may also use Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) to reduce swelling and help your body heal faster. 

If you’ve had a cesarian you may be interested in our c section recovery massage.


How Much Does Post Partum Massage Cost?

Post Partum Massage can be a therapeutic treatment option after pregnancy. Although there are several variations of massage therapies, post-partum massages are some of the most common services offered. They cost the same as our other therapies, and you can book online.


Is It Safe to Do Post Partum Massage?

Post partum massage may be an ideal choice for those who want to revitalise their exhausted muscles and alleviate some postpartum discomfort..

Post partum massage is considered safe if administered by a licensed professional like we are at Essential Feeling.


What Kinds of Massages Are Offered?

Post partum massage is designed to soothe and relieve postpartum symptoms, such as acute soreness or irritated muscles.

As your experienced therapist, we will decide on a combination of techniques – such as pressure point release like reflexology points, deep tissue massage or MLD to alleviate swelling. Whatever we decide, we’ll do it together to enhance your comfort.

You can expect this type of treatment to provide relief from mild aches and pains; however, it can also be employed to treat more serious postpartum issues, potentially like neurological symptoms.


Where Is the Best Place to Get a Post Partum Massage?

If you are planning a pampering session after giving birth, consider scheduling an appointment with a certified massage therapist such as we are at Essential Feeling.

We have convenient appointment times so you can get childcare from your partner after they have finished work and you’ve bathed and put your little one down for the night. We don’t come out to your house, we have everything that we need in our specialist treatment rooms.


How Long Should I Have My Post Partum Massage for?

Medical professionals typically recommend postpartum massage for a minimum of six weeks after giving birth. Additionally, there are no established guidelines for determining how long you should remain under treatment – as it varies from case to case and it’s for you to decide.

If you seem fatigued or unwell after your delivery, then scheduling an appointment promptly could be prudent. However, if you quickly recover and are ready to resume normal activities within the next few days; then you may decide to wait until you’re more settled at home. Whatever you decide is fine by us.


Benefits of Post Partum Massage: How Will It Help Me?

Post partum massage can relieve stress and tension, bring about restful sleep for both mom and baby, and provide a plethora of other benefits for mom and baby alike.

For instance, it promotes relaxation and helps you enjoy the journey back to feeling like yourself again. It may also help ease any postpartum symptoms that may arise – from back pain to anxiety!

Post Partum Massage in Essex & Central London

What Can I Expect From a Post Partum Massage Treatment?

Enjoy an invigorating massage that has been tailored specifically for you after giving birth. This treatment will provide relief from stress and anxiety while also alleviating any aches and pains associated with pregnancy.

After delivery, physicians will recommend various postpartum massages designed to help relieve discomfort while at the same time stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage – all contributing towards easing soreness and rendering relief from minor ailments.

On average, expect to book in 60-90 minutes of attention during a postpartum massage treatment.

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When Is the Best Time to Schedule a Post Partum Massage?

If you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed, a post-partum massage offer could be just what you need to unwind and rewind. This soothing practice can even provide relief for tension associated with childbirth, thanks to its focus on the mother’s body – an experience that no doubt demands much attention during this important period in one’s life!

In some situations like back pain that may arise from lifting objects or having a baby it can be difficult or impossible to sleep well after delivery. This lack of slumber may leave you feeling fatigued and tense throughout the day; therefore scheduling your first post-pregnancy massage is ideal if you plan to continue working out at home

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