Ovulation calculator

Ovulation calculator

Ovulation calculator

Firstly, though, some background, what is conception?

Fertilisation is the meeting of the egg from the female and the sperm from the male to produce an embryo.  Conception is the implantation of that embryo.  This is how couples can be fertile, but still struggling to conceive.

Ovulation calculator

Throughout the female cycle which lasts roughly a month (everyone is different) we have different hormones that release at different levels.  This provides different combinations of hormones in our body that stimulates different activities within our bodies.

At the point of ovulation, we are looking for a peak in LH (Lutenising hormone) and Oestrogen.  Just after this, progesterone starts to rise.

These hormones produce different effects in our body.  At Essential Feeling, we then work with you to make sure that you have all of the necessary tools to spot your bodies inbuilt ovulation calculator by reading the signs that your body gives you.  

In fertility reflexology we talk about balancing hormones, this means that we concentrate on ensuring that your body is as balanced as possible to allow your hormones to peak and trough as required to conception to take place.

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Determining the day of ovulation from your internal ovulation calculator

Watching out for secretions of mucus from your cervix can be the most accurate way of establishing your own ovulation calculator.  Once it starts being prevalent, it goes through a process that you should try and monitor.

1. Scant, sticky and pasty

2. White, sticky, gluey and elastic

3. Cloudy, stretchy, more abundant and also wetter

4. Clear, stretchy, profuse and slippery

By tracking this (see videos below too), you’ll be able to make use of your own built in internal ovulation calculator which will give you the clearest indication of what is going on in your body.

The final stage, stage 4, when your mucus is clear, stretch, profuse and slippery is when you are ovulating.  If you’re not getting the above it may be that you’re not ovulating.  If this is the case we have lots of experience of bringing about more regular ovulation with fertility reflexology.

However, bear in mind, that you need to look out for all the stages in your ovulation calculator so you’re ready.  Sperm lasts for up to 7 days in your fallopian tube depending on it’s quality.  Therefore, you need to be building up sexual intercourse during the stages so that you have the maximum amount of living sperm ready to fertilise your egg.

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Your natural ovulation calculator will tell you when it’s time to start working on things.  You don’t need to go mad, and particularly bear in mind, there is no benefit to having sexual intercourse more than once a day as at this rate the sperm can’t reproduce enough.

Trust your natural ovulation calculator and you can take it a bit easier, thus reducing stress and again aiding your chances of getting pregnant.

An ovulation calculator is not the be all and end all

NICE guidelines state the following and it’s worth bearing this in mind:

“People who are concerned about their fertility should be informed that sexual intercourse every 2 to 3 days optimises the chance of pregnancy.  Timing intercourse to coincide with ovulation causes stress and is not recommended”.

I’m using the ovulation calculator technique above and I’m still not getting pregnant?

This can happen for many reasons; the ovulation calculator is one tool amidst many things that need to coincide to make pregnancy happen.  The thing is though, without getting this bit right, it certainly won’t happen and we can work on the rest with fertility reflexology for men and for women, nutrition advice, dealing with stress and many other lifestyle factors.