Reflexology gift vouchers are the perfect gift of health and wellness.

If you’re looking to buy a treatment voucher for your loved one for Christmas or some other special occasion, then stop. You’ve found them the perfect gift of wellness. Buy electronic gift cards for reflexology treatments today and help the recipient find themselves again.

So much more than a foot massage.

When you buy reflexology gift vouchers, we’ll be working pressure points on your loved one’s feet. For sure, we’ll be using techniques that may seem a lot like massage, but reflexology isn’t a beauty treatment. We target pressure points to ease blockages in the body which when released, allow your body to operate at its most effective.

This means that we can help with any number of issues ranging from fertility to cancer care.

How does reflexology work?

Stress has a huge knock on effect of our body’s ability to effectively fight disease and stay in a healthy state. By alleviating the amount of stress that our body needs to cope with via reflexology gift vouchers, it has more energy for maintaining and improving general wellness. This is known as homeostasis.

Find out more about how reflexology works.

Are these electronic gift cards?

Yes they are. All our digital gift cards are available to purchase online through our authorised payment provider, Square. This ensures your healthy gift voucher cardsecurity and the absolute best service in terms of speed of delivery making them fantastic for last-minute gift ideas that allow your loved one to relax.

I can buy deals such as Groupon online, why would I spend more with you?

We are a local owner operator. When you purchase gift cards online with us, you’re not only supporting your local community, you’re also buying a quality massage or reflexology. Here’s the thing. In order to be able to offer discounts on sites such as Groupon, holistic therapists are prepared to not only cut the cost of their sessions by approx 50% but then they give a huge chunk of that amount over to the provider.

We were approached years ago about working with Groupon and it worked out that for every £62 session, we would come out with just over £10. This means you need to churn out a lot of sessions to break even on what we need to pay our bills. And this is tiring work. We don’t believe someone who is overworked and underpaid can effectively provide the gift of health nor the gift of wellness.

Fresh therapists with a vested interest in your loved one’s care.

We limit the amount of massage and reflexology treatments that we do in any one day to ensure that we always treat every client to the best of our ability. And to their unique needs. We tailor our massage and reflexology sessions to what they need to take away from their session. We never follow a pre-determined routine. You may be buying electronic gift cards from us, but you are certainly never buying generic products of a shelf.

At Essential Feeling we excel in providing the peace of rest and relaxation. Our excellence is born through maintaining our prices so that we have the energy to resolve the issues your loved one needs our help with during the hour that they are with us for.

You are not buying the recipient a standard treatment gift voucher, our reflexology gift vouchers and massage gift certificates are a period of time for your loved one to forget the heady details of real life and unload.

Who will be the reflexologist?

gift card shop order online massage reflexologyKaren will be your experienced reflexologist. She has been working full time in reflexology for the best part of ten years now and is experienced in helping clients with a range of wellbeing needs.

So if you have purchased reflexology gift vouchers from Essential Feeling, your loved one will have a reflexology treatment that is so much more than a convenient and easy to buy digital gift card. You’re buying them the gift of health.


Buy your reflexology gift vouchers online now.

About Massage Gift Certificates Available Online

Why not purchase the gift of comfort for your loved one with a massage gift certificate or reflexology gift vouchers?

What is an Essential Feeling Massage Gift Certificate?

Each Essential Feeling Massage or Reflexology Gift Card has a cash balance that can be used to purchase salon and spa treatments exclusively on the Essential Feeling website via our partner, Square.

Gift certificates include a unique code which, when entered before purchase, will apply a discount on the total order, or pay for the treatment in full if there is enough on the massage gift card to cover the total cost.

Where can I spend my gift card?

Gift cards are valid for online bookings and can also be taken as payment over the phone. Just browse and book in one of the array of massage and reflexology treatments on our website, You may also use your massage gift card when booking via the telephone with us directly.

Massage Gift certificates can be used as full or partial payment for all affordable treatments and stays at the adjacent AirBnb property, but they cannot be used to purchase more gift cards online.

If your processing costs more than the value of the gift card, you can pay the extra amount at the time of purchase. Similarly, if you do not want to spend the whole gift at the same time, the remaining balance will remain in your Essential Feeling Wallet.

How do I spend my massage gift card?

Recipients can enter the code in the special field during checkout where you would normally enter your credit card details.

massage gift certificate gift of comfort online reflexology


How long will my massage gift certificate be valid?

Your gift card balance will remain valid for as long as Essential Feeling are operating, they don’t have an expiry date. If you’ve added the card to an account, you can also see when your balance will expire when you sign in to your profile.

Can I purchase gift cards online?

Yes you can. It’s a fast and easy process, the perfect last minute gift. If you’re looking to order gift cards online, all you do is click the link on our website which will take you through to our partner Square who deal with all online payment processing.

You’ll be able to select the design of the massage gift certificate or reflexology gift voucher. And then from here, you’ll select one of the prepaid amounts, or you’re free to order gift cards online for a totally flexible amount — you choose.

Your massage gift card will then be emailed in real time to either you or directly to the recipient. When you buy a massage gift card online from our gift card shop, we really have thought of everything, meaning that this isn’t just a gift of comfort for your loved one. It’s so easy, it’s also a gift of comfort for you too, avoiding all those crazy queues when out shopping. There really is no more simple way to order personalised gift cards online that with Essential Feeling. After all, who doesn’t want the gift of comfort either during the Christmas holiday season, or just to show that you care.

This is a last minute gift certificate, how long will I have to wait when I use your gift card shop?

Delivery is as long as it takes for your inbox to accept the email which makes this the perfect gift of comfort when time is short and you’ve left buying gift vouchers until the last minute.

It also means that they are great if you have an unexpected visit from a friend who brings an even more unexpected gift along with them. You can simply nip upstairs, order gift cards online, download and print them out complete with an image of the design of your choice and head back to your guests without the embarrassment of being empty handed. The recipient chooses whether they want to use this as a massage gift card or reflexology gift voucher at the time they book.

Minimal stress for you at the push of a button and your friends and family as we ease away their pains with our excellent massage and reflexology therapy.

I don’t want a standard body massage experience, can I create something more tailored?

Yes of course. We’re happy to put together a total experience for your loved one. In this instance, give us a call on 07757 946023 and we’ll chat through what you need and process everything online for you.

What are the benefits of massages?

There are many skin benefits that people who have massage display. Such as smoother skin and more elasticity. But the real benefits of massage gift certificates are from what goes on under the surface.

Massage creates improved blood flow and circulation, and improves our general feeling of wellbeing, which makes them the best gift of comfort if we are looking to treat someone who has been stressed for months. They can take time out and enjoy a short time for themselves, whilst experiencing a form of benefit that they often say is like an escape or retreat.

Where about in London are you?

gift card shop order online massage reflexologyWe’re East London on the edge of Essex, 20 mins from the city via Liverpool Street. We’re open 7 days you can book appointments with us from 7am to 9pm for a 10pm finish.

Allow your loved one to lighten their mood and enjoy a reduction in stress and discover the power of healing touch. Buy them the gift of comfort, of escape and of pure bliss from qualified and experienced therapists that will work around their busy schedule. Purchase your massage gift certificate or reflexology gift vouchers online at our gift card shop today.


Massage vouchers

Massage vouchers.

Looking for the perfect gift voucher for our loved one. Our gift of a massage voucher is your gift of choice.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your loved one, you could do worse than the gift of some me time with massage vouchers from Essential Feeling. Buy their soul a retreat to unwind from the stress and tension sensations that dull their mood. And help them feel the love, from you and for themselves as they escape with the help of our magic hands.

We’re all crazy busy in this crazy world.

We barely have time to throw a meal down our necks without giving ourselves indigestion. It’s easy to consider a voucher for a spa, but who has the time to devote to spending a day of indulgent pampering? And let’s face it, the massage therapists in spas are generally underqualified and over worked anyway, so you’re giving all that time out of your day when their ability to soothe you is limited by their energy and how they have been trained.

Here’s why you should buy massage vouchers from Essential Feeling in Gidea Park.

One quality massage voucher experience in an afternoon can do more good than a few smaller treatments. For instance, if you go to a spa, you’ll usually get an out of the box half hour massage thrown in, perhaps with a facial or something too.

The therapy at a spa isn’t tailored to your needs, the routine type will always follow an exact form and your experience will more than likely not mean anything to the person giving you your peaceful wellbeing therapy. The rest of your afternoon is spent lolling around a pool sporting a borrowed robe and damp towel, not great in the post covid days.

At Essential Feeling, we are owner run. We care about every single treatment that walks through our doors. We want you to enjoy your time. We want you to benefit from your choice to visit us and we will customise your package to suit your needs. Your life doesn’t comply with a menu of options, and so neither will your session with us.

You will buy your recipient a gift card that cover a period with us and then for that we will work with our client to give them the perfect session based on their lifestyle.

Plus, you don’t have to redeem your vouchers within a certain amount of time.

We don’t limit the valid from dates, your gift doesn’t expire. It starts when you buy it, and it continues to run onwards from that date of purchase. We’re open 7 days a week too, so your loved one will be sure to find a slot that works for their hectic schedule. It doesn’t matter to us whether they come on a Friday, Sunday or Monday. And with our long appointment hours, and online booking system, your body will be crying out for you to book a spot on our massage therapy table.

Buy your massage vouchers now.

after all, that’s why they need a calming therapy right?

You may even be able to book in over the Christmas break.

We’re based on the outskirts of London, just 25 minutes from Liverpool Street Station in the East of the City. If you’d like more details about buying this massage gift voucher or vouchers includes then please, message us on 07757 946023 or you can buy the massage gift card online.

How to redeem your massage gift voucher

In terms of how to redeem your massage vouchers, it’s simple. The date of purchase of your gift voucher, the amount of gift vouchers you’ve purchased, or the type of massage experience or reflexology treatment you’ve selected from our range of gift cards is not relevant. Our therapist’s will work their magic with any massage vouchers you have purchased. All your loved one needs to do is call up and let us know that they have massage vouchers. Or they can select a suitable time online. Then we’ll book them in for the hour spa session that you have paid for at their convenience. It doesn’t matter how long after you have purchased their massage vouchers that they call, because the card will be valid for as long as we are in operation.

We’ll take the voucher code at the time of booking and as we proceed to payment, this will be used as a monetary value to purchase the slot that they have booked.

And then all that’s left is that your loved one turns up at their appointed time, having completed the necessary consultation paperwork and we’re all set. It’s that simple.

If you have purchased more time, then the balance will remain valid for as long as we are operating. This means your loved one can enjoy the extra whenever it suits them in the future.

Are you open on Saturday? My loved one doesn’t have a ton of time.

Yes, and Sundays too. We know that many people who receive a massage treatment or reflexology experience as a gift are short on time. This is the nature of this being an amazing gift choice for them. We’re also open from 7am in the morning through to 10pm at night, so they’ll be sure to find a slot where they can relax for their massage whether their down time is a Wednesday evening or a Saturday afternoon.

I’m pregnant, can I still use massage voucher?

Yes of course, we are not only qualified, but experienced in pregnancy massage and often work with mums to be who are the early or latter stages of their pregnancy.

My loved one has specific needs, can you tailor a package?

Yes! We love doing this. Tailoring unique packages that meet the needs of our clients is our speciality. So whether you’re looking for a trilogy of treatments, such as Swedish massage treatment for aches, reflexology on the feet for balance and Indian head massage to address total exotic relaxing experiences; down to just allowing someone who is lonely physical and emotional contact; our special massages are your safe choice.

We understand that the therapy work we do doesn’t just work muscles. It’s about allowing your loved one the chance to checkout of the stresses of their lives. It’s this warm style and can do mentality that means we’re winning back repeat clients years and month after month. Our clients are consistently telling us we’re the refreshment they need from their crazy lives.

When you send someone the gift of a gentle or deep tissue massage or reflexology with Essential Feeling, this isn’t just a manicure at a health resort with refreshments and lunch. It’s support for their lives. We’re so much more than a buffet lunch.

This is because our touch is blissful for sure. But we’re always incredibly qualified which results in a superior service. With us, you don’t need to book a deluxe pedicure, because you’ve already completed a detailed health questionnaire prior to your visit. So we won’t be offering anything that won’t give you the best possible outcome.

Your loved one’s time with us will be access to bliss. That’s what you’re buying them. Access to longer term health benefits by giving them access to someone in their locality who understands their pressures and who can adapt their massage techniques to offer them a tailored service.

We know how to adapt our massage to be soothing to deep-rooted pains, whether this be on their back, neck, shoulders or their foot.

Book massage vouchers and reflexology vouchers online now.



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What is massage for sports injuries?

Massage for sports is massage that involves the manipulation of soft tissues for the benefit of a person engaged in regular physical activity. This could be to treat pain, improve the effects of blood flow on your body or deep muscular work performed to improve flexibility and other performance benefits. So whilst most people think of sports massage as a massage for sports injuries, this isn’t always the case.

What are soft tissues?What is soft tissue in relation to massage for sports

Soft tissues are connective tissues that have not hardened in bones and cartilage; they include skin, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia (a form of connective tissue that covers and envelops other soft tissues).

Sports massage are techniques designed to help correct problems and imbalances in soft tissues from repetitive and intense physical activity and trauma.

Using sports massages, before and after exercise, can improve your performance, help recovery and prevent injuries.

History of massage for sports persons

Massage is registered as one of the first forms of physiotherapy and was used more than 3000 years ago in China, India and Greece. Its popular use in the Western world is largely due to the work of Per Henrik Ling (1776 – 1839), who developed the form of massage now known as Swedish massage.

Ling developed its own style of massage and exercise to help fencers and gymnasts, gaining international recognition in the process.

Many of his ideas formed the basis of modern sports massage. Today, there are many forms of massage available to help us maintain our health and well-being.

Sports massage has been accepted in the United States, Canada and Australia for many years, while in the United Kingdom the practice of easing away muscle tightness with massage for sports performance became known and more widely used only in the 1990s.

What is sports therapy?

Sport therapy involves a higher level of training that includes a broader set of supportive skills and knowledge. There is general agreement in the UK on some key areas that are essential for sports therapy, although the emphasis varies from one training provider to another, some favour soft tissue therapy and others focus on rehabilitation or emergency care.

It is widely accepted that sports therapy includes: Anatomy and Physiology Sports Massage. This is why your therapist at Essential Feeling is qualified in A&P.

The general area in which a sports therapist will work is to help individuals and teams move from the ability to perform normal daily physical functions to highly qualified sports activities.

Beginning in the mid-1990s they made a collective effort to make sport therapy a “regulated” profession with a protected title through the Health Professions Council (HPC). The term “protected title” would mean that only those who have proven that they meet the required standards can exercise under the chosen title; here, sports therapy.

All those interested in this area agreed that the minimum level of education to be practised in this area would be university level. More recently, however, HPC has limited applications to occupations that pose a risk to the general public. Sport therapy has been considered safe and will therefore not be presented to HPC unless there is a policy change in the future. This is not foreseeable at this time.

Are massages good for athletes?

If you are an athlete or an exercise enthusiast, receiving regular massages could transform the way you engage in your activity. Massage can help you do more than you want by increasing the range of motion and flexibility, reducing inflammation, reducing pain, relaxing the body and preventing injuries.

What are the benefits of sports massage?

Advantages of therapeutic sports massage Increased amplitude of movement, which leads to better performance. Decreased muscle stiffness and pain after exercise or physical activity. Reduced recovery time after injury Increased relaxation levels and reduced physical and psychological stress

How do you prepare for a sports massage?

How to prepare for a deep tissue massage

Do research to find a good massage therapist with experience and great qualifications.

Preparing relevant health information for the therapist via the online consultation form you’ll be sent once you’ve booked.

Drink a little water.

Take a hot or warm shower before the massage to loosen the muscles and help you put yourself in a relaxed state.

Wear loose and comfortable clothes for the massage appointment — this will help you stay relaxed when you leave.

Do sports massages hurt?

A massage for sports isn’t gentle. And so you are likely to feel some discomfort , during and after a massage. This is completely normal and, in general, means that it works. But a sports massage should never cause you as much pain as you feel the need to tire yourself to endure it. If your muscles are tense, they will not benefit much from the massage.

Sports massage is not only for athletes?

Sports massage techniques are suitable for athletes as well as non-athletes and can help relieve injuries, chronic pain, muscle pain and limited freedom of movement in all of us.

Will massage for sports get rid of knots?

Muscles can produce lactic acid in large quantities, which can solidify to form nodes. Techniques used in sports massage help to drain lactic acid and other waste from the body. This, in turn, helps to relieve the nodes and accelerate the recovery of muscles.

Can you run after a sports massage?

In general, it is usually normal to do some light exercise, such as walking or jogging, after receiving a massage. If you’re not sure, ask your therapist at Essential Feeling, Romford. They will be happy to provide some advice on post-treatment after massage

Is this a full sports massage of the body?

Unlike a full body massage, the therapist is likely to focus on specific areas of the body once an evaluation has been performed before treatment.

Is a deep tissue massage the same as a sports massage?

Sports massage is appointed for sports-specific injuries.

The difference between this and deep tissue massage is that this modality focuses more specifically on chronic muscle tension and stress reduction.

What is the best massage for muscle knots?

Deep tissue massage protocol: The best massage technique to relieve stress and muscle tension is deep tissue massage by qualified and experienced therapists. This friction can loosen the painful “knots”, release lactic acid in muscles and realign the deep layers of the tissues improving the feeling of strain and fatigue. This is thanks to a combination of firm pressure and slow blows. Your therapist will work not only on the usual muscles, but also on the connective tissue.

Is the massage good after the gym?

Benefits of a post-workout massage Getting a massage once you have finished training helps reduce muscle soreness by reducing inflammation and improving recovery time by accelerating cell regeneration. Studies show that the key to keep in mind is that massage intervention should be done as soon as possible after exercise.

What massage techniques do you use during a massage for sports?

It depends on what we’re trying to do, we could be helping you heal from injury, recover faster post workout, or improve flexibility. Each requires a different approach from your massage therapist which is why it’s important to choose a well qualified and experienced one.

You could expect some level of kneading, petrissage, effleurage treatments along with active strokes over a controlled period. We’ll also likely include some trigger point work which consists of sustained manual pressure on one area of a clients body. When this point releases, the domino effect will ease other problem areas.

To some degree, due to the unique nature of body mechanics, your session will always have a degree of being experimental, in that your therapist will adapt their skill to give you a dynamic treatment based on how they feel your body reacting to the treatment when you are on the table.

We’ll not only adjust the techniques but also the pressure and intensity under our hand.


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After surgery massage

After surgery massage can be an essential form of post-operative treatment. A person can undergo surgery for a wide variety of reasons. Some of the most common types of surgery include cosmetic surgery or removal of lymph nodes due to cancer.

After surgery, you may often experience pain, inflammation, scars and a condition called lymphedema.

Lymphedema occurs after the removal of lymph nodes causing damage or obstruction to the lymphatic system which increases swelling and pain.

A manual lymphatic drainage massage can help after surgery by encouraging increased healing, stimulating your lymphatic system to work optimally and breaking scar tissue.

Our massage therapist at Essential Feeling uses effective techniques to help reduce negative symptoms after surgery and this is why manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is recommended by surgeons.

Benefits of massage after surgery

*A massage can often be used to treat scars.

Scars are formed when damage occurs to the internal or external tissues of the body. As part of the natural healing process of your body, an accumulation of collagen fibres, fibrous connective tissue occurs, resulting in scars forming.

Scars have a different texture and appearance than natural body tissues and can often restrict movement.

As a scar can affect a person physically and mentally, symptoms of stress, anxiety and pain can also simultaneously increase.

Massage after surgery helps reduce scars by decomposing, loosening and realigning collagen fibres which have less elasticity than natural body tissues and are placed in a disordered position through the muscle fibres, which can increase restriction and pain.

Massage increases the temperature of collagen fibres thus encouraging them to soften and loosen. Softened and loosened collagen fibres allow you to realign to match the position of the natural muscle fibres and tissues of the body.

Loosening and realignment of collagen fibres reduces restriction, as well as the appearance of scars.

*Stress is common after surgery.

Stress can be both physical and mental.

Physical stress occurs inside the muscles of the body after damage caused by surgery leading to muscle weakness and tension build-up.

Mental stress increases due to lack of movement and pain that occurs after surgery.

Massage can help reduce stress after surgery by increasing healing and encouraging physical and mental relaxation by improving blood and lymphatic flow.

Improved blood circulation provides muscles and tissues with the oxygen and essential nutrients needed to repair and reform damaged muscles and tissues. Improving the lymphatic flow increases the removal of metabolic waste accumulated in a muscle that slows down the healing process. Increasing healing helps to increase muscle strength and reduces tension.

As pain and tension relieves, physical relaxation improves creating faster healing. A reduction in pain and tension increases relaxation and thus reduces mental stress.

After surgery, you may experience acute pain.

Acute pain occurs due to damage to fibres and muscle tissues and can include aching, acute or stabbing pains, and can restrict movement and increase stress and tension.

*Massage reduces acute pain by improving recovery and relieving tension.

Recovery may be slow due to the lack of available nutrients for tissues. Blood flow is what contains oxygen and nutrients essential to improve recovery. A massage creates friction between the skin and fingers, which promotes an increase in blood flow to the area.

An increase in blood flow leads to an increase in oxygen and nutrients. An increase in oxygen and nutrients speeds up the healing process, improves recovery and thereby reduces acute pain.

Tension occurs when the muscles are tightened to avoid further damage. When the blood flow increases during a massage, the temperature of the muscles also rises. Increasing the temperature of the muscles promotes relaxation of muscle fibres. Relaxing muscles relieves tension and further reduces acute pain.

What are the physiological effects of receiving a postoperative massage?

There is a range of physiological effects that occur during a massage after surgery. Some of the most common physiological effects that occur include increased:

*Lymphatic drainage

*Tissue elasticity


Lymphatic drainage

lymphodoema after surgery massage
Lymphodoema can be helped by after surgery massage

Lymphatic drainage is a common physiological effect that occurs during a massage after surgery as it removes excess fluids and metabolic waste from your body through the lymphatic system.

A frequent condition caused by surgery is lymphedema (lymphodoema). Lymphedema occurs when there is damage or obstruction in the lymphatic vessels which carry lymphatic fluids containing metabolic waste and excess fluids to remove them from your body.

When lymphatic vessels are damaged or blocked, lymphatic fluids can not pass through the vessels. This accumulation of fluids creates swelling.

Swelling can be sensitive to touch and often restricts movement. A manual lymphatic drainage massage after surgery stimulates lymphatic drainage.

Increased lymphatic drainage promotes an increase in lymphatic flow. Increased lymphatic flow increases the rate of metabolic waste and excess fluids that are removed from the body. It improves the overall disposal of metabolic waste and excess fluids reduces swelling and thus reduces lymphoedema and a better postoperative result.


*Postoperative massage can increase the elasticity of the tissue.

Tissue elasticity is the ability of a muscle to reach its full length without restrictions. Low elasticity of tissues can lead to restriction of movements, increased pain and decreased relaxation. Massage increases the elasticity of tissues by increasing muscle temperature. An increase in blood flow occurs during a massage encouraging the muscle temperature to rise. Increasing muscle temperature increases the flexibility of elastic fibres inside the muscles.

Increased flexibility allows muscles to stretch and loosen. Allowing a muscle to stretch and loosen increases relaxation and thus increases tissue elasticity. This also encourages you to move around more, which is important for lymphatic drainage.

*Increased vasodilation often occurs during a massage after surgery.

Vasodilation is the place where the muscles bordering the blood vessels relax, which allows the vessels to expand and approach the surface of the skin. Pink staining that occurs on the skin is often a sign of vasodilation occurred.

When the blood vessels expand, this allows an increase in blood to flow through them which then increases the availability of blood reaching damaged muscles and tissues. Increased blood availability provides muscles and tissues with oxygen and nutrients, which allows increased healing and rapid recovery.

Breast tissue scars

Scars are a common and known form of fibrosis and often occur following breast surgery, particularly for removal of cancer.

Most people with breast cancer undergo a surgery, which affects the lymphatic circulation in several ways.

*Surgical scar tissue can form a barricade to normal lymphatic circulation, creating stasis. When they remove lymph nodes, this can create more congestion.

There are many factors that can affect surgical outcomes:

*type and extent of surgery

*type of surgeon

*whether there are other treatments such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy that may aggravate wound healing and scars.

But the skin and underlying tissues of your chest and armpits will often feel like they’re getting harder and “stuck together”.

For instance, it’s not uncommon for clients to notice several “ropes” between their armpit and elbow which make it tricky to raise your arm.

Ropes following cancer treatment

Your hospital therapist has recommended special pads with padded cherry holes inside to wear besides their foam padded garments to speed up the softening of fabrics in your chest and armpits.

By combining this with after surgery massage styles including myofascial release, clients feel relief from the tightness and traction of surgical fibrosis, radiation and cord in the upper right part of the body.

It’s also common for clients who completed their cancer treatment 10, 20 and even 30 years ago who are referred for lymphedema.

Although early treatment always gives the best results as it can prevent the progression of lymphedema and fibrosis, I want to give patients hope. Treatment at any stage can improve symptoms, help your body cure surgical, radiation-induced and cable-induced fibrosis, and empower patients to gain the knowledge and tools needed to self-manage symptoms.

How long after surgery can you get a massage?

Your doctor will usually advise that you come for MLD massage therapy as soon as practical following your surgery. Often within a few days.

What is a post-op massage?

A post-op massage is any massage style which follows a surgery. Often this is manual lymphatic, but if we’re looking to improve scarring as a result of an incision then this could involve some deep work or myofascial release. Your therapist will always advise you at the time of your appointment when we see you, but we may also discuss this with you on the phone prior to your session.

Does massage help after surgery?

Absolutely. The sooner you come after your medical procedure the better the results. Many clients worry about the level of pressure that they will have to ensure as a recent patient. But for instance, MLD is a gentle procedure which eases rather than causes pain and discomfort.

What should you avoid after a massage?

This is best advised by your surgeon in their aftercare advice because everyone is different, but broadly, take it easy. If you’ve had abdominal surgery, then don’t start doing sit-ups. Your body needs as much energy as possible to heal. Give it the best chance to fix the post-operative damage by taking some therapeutic down time. And taking the appropriate massaging.

Find out more about after surgery massage.


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Benefits of a neck massage

Before we look at the benefits of a neck massage, we need to look at the muscles of the neck. Because without understanding how these interact with an increase in pressure around the shoulder areas and the trigger points of the shoulder and other parts of our anatomy, it’s impossible to truly understand how a neck massage can help you. Both in terms of cognition and brain functioning, and general comfort — or avoiding discomfort.

So here goes.

Neck muscles

As you can see from this image, your neck is constructed of a series of small, thin strands of muscle. Therefore, when Anatomy of the neck muscles for neck massageyou run your hand over your neck when it’s tight, you will feel these fibres as lumps and bumps under your skin.

These muscles are under constant strain, holding up our head, which on average weighs around 5kg of constantly moving weight.

If you look at a tree which needs to sway in the wind without breaking, it grounds the trunk into roots which splay out into the ground at the bottom.

Our body works similarly, connecting our thin neck muscles to a larger fan like muscle which spreads out over our shoulders and anchors down our spine.

Whilst this works great for meaning our head doesn’t roll off our shoulders, it also means that as soon as this way larger muscle becomes tight or in any way damaged, it’s easy for our neck to be pulled out of alignment. This results in us suffering with neck pain.

And this is how a neck massage from a qualified and experienced professional massage therapist has benefits.

Why shouldn’t I get a neck massage from a less qualified or experienced massage therapist?

As you can see from the image below, there are a ton of nerves and arteries running in and out of our neck, feeding our brain and taking the commands from our brain around the rest of our body. A neck massage from your partner, or using one of the neck massagers on the market, can feel great. But they come with an inherent risk. You run the risk of doing some damage if you press the wrong part of your neck.

Trigger points affecting neck massage

Even if it feels like you’re relieving tension in a particular spot with just the perfect pressure, you may inadvertently catch another area with your fingers, and what starts out as a relaxation therapy, can quickly turn into a bigger problem.

You could even damage the blood flow to tissues whilst trying to relieve knots and stress. And then a headache is the least of your worries. It’s not uncommon for people to end up having a stroke after a bad neck massage.

Seriously. It’s no joke.

neck anatomy and why you shouldn't massage your own neck

How many people do you know who apply pressure to their neck and end up in more pain?

So, if I want to give myself a neck massage, what advice do you have?

Put no firm massage on an area. You’re looking to only stroke the muscles with your thumbs and palms of your hands.

If this light, fingertip and thumb pressure doesn’t reduce your pain, then you can use some stretch techniques. Be sure to do this for long enough. And don’t just whip your head around from one side to the next, or even in a circular motion. That will cause more damage to the slight areas that connect the joints into your skull (suboccipital) and could cause even more headaches and problems.

My therapist will ball their fist and massage in a rolling motion, isn’t that dangerous?

Not if your therapist has studied anatomy and physiology as we have done at Essential Feeling in Romford. This is because we know where we’re heading with our pressure and the physical structure of your neck underneath your skin into the deeper layers of tissues.

What are the symptoms that I need a neck massage?

*A general tightness in the area or a stiffness across your shoulders

*Headaches and tension around your eyes. This can even run into your jaw.

*A crunching of the bones in your neck, either chronic or acute can be a sign that you need a neck massage because the muscles which surround small bones may be pulling them so the bones grind.

*Reduced nerve sensation may improve from a neck massage, but this very much depends on the deeper cause. This isn’t a fail-safe.

*If you’re suffering with mental stress, it’s often easier to relax after a gently relaxing neck massage.

What steps can I take to avoid needing a neck massage?

Our modern life is geared firmly towards us suffering with neck pain. Our shoulders are constantly up around our ears from a combination of stress, computer work and driving. Reducing this kind of static activity or moving around more frees up this tension and prevents the fibres from sticking in the wrong position. But, if that were possible, we’d all be doing it already.

Life and commitments don’t allow for us to be allowing continuous motions throughout the course of a busy day.

Perhaps you could do some types of stretching whilst you sit at your desk or in traffic? If you remember.

It may be possible to move your arms out of a static position which will help release how tense these connecting muscles are with a knock on effect on your neck.

Beyond this, you’re looking at treatment from a neck massage, we’re afraid. But it can be an enjoyable experience. And if you have them regularly, you will actually avoid injury because your muscles won’t ever become so tight that they cause you issues.

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