According to government guidelines, we’re still not entirely sure when we’ll be resuming our normal massage and reflexology practise in Gidea Park, Romford. But, we’re preparing!

You’ll see some pics below of some lovely men upgrading our current air conditioning unit. Our new, very flashy Nanoe X unit not only deodorises the air and moisturises our skin, but more importantly, it inhibits certain bacteria and viruses. It does this by inhibiting the growth of allergens, bacteria and viruses. Op top of this, we’ve also installed an additional unit so now we have two units cooling, filtering and warming each treatment room as we need. All in addition to luxurious underfloor heating.

Aircon for covid health









You’ll notice in the picture above that the place doesn’t look anything like those in our header bars. This is because we’ve taken the downtime to invest in stripping back all the decoration. We want your place to be as fresh as possible and so there is nothing left from before the lock down. Other than us. Even our massage table is getting a makeover.

Returning back to normal. What’s now necessary.

The downside of keeping you safe is that we’ve shifted out all unnecessary soft furnishings. This includes the chairs in our waiting room which means that we do need to ask you to wait outside for your appointment time. We’ll come and collect you before your session and we’ll open all doors and so on. May we please ask you when you enter our treatment rooms not to touch anything that isn’t needed. We’ll do all that for you.

However it won’t be possible for you to avoid touching anything and although we’ll sanitise everything after your session, may we please also ask that you ensure you wash and sanitise your hands before entering our building.

We also require you to complete this risk assessment before you come along to your session. Please follow the link, and for everyone’s safety ensure that you are diligent about your answers.

We’ll also be offering less appointments. To book, please feel free to use our online booking system for massage and reflexology as this is up to date with the appointments we are now able to offer.

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