ITEC massage is one of the leading massage therapy qualifications in the world. To qualify to be an ITEC registered massage therapist, students must complete countless hours of practical training. Charlie, your massage therapist at Essential Feeling is qualified to ITEC standard.

But, besides this, getting their diploma means therapist’s must understand the detail of anatomy and physiology. The student will learn how therapies interact with the physical body, how diseases and conditions affect muscles and will spend days on end testing their knowledge in real life therapies.

This means that once your ITEC massage therapist has gone through their practical exam and written A&P examination, the successful completion of the topics in their training means they truly understand how the muscles of the human body work, how they interact with other parts of your anatomy and can use this understanding in their practise to help you feel better.

The study time takes years at specialist school. With continued professional development being layered on top of this post qualifying. This means that your ITEC massage therapist is always learning new and further advanced massage techniques and about the latest research. Once they are completed, that isn’t the last day of your therapist’s learning.

What does ITEC stand for?

ITEC stands for International Therapy Examination Council meaning that the therapists who have achieved this top level of qualification are so highly qualified that they may travel the world practising with a recognised certification.

ITEC have been running courses since 1947 in all elements of the complementary business. This includes holistic health massage and sports massage.

What is the benefit of me paying extra to have a massage from a qualified ITEC professional such as Charlie?

*Firstly, many leading insurance companies cover our massage therapy treatments, meaning you can claim back the cost of your treatment with Essential Feeling.

*Secondly, you are getting a high standard of massage. We’re not just talking about the time you spend on the table. You’re also paying for the hours that it has taken for us to achieve the level of understanding about your body that means we can help you in fewer sessions than if you go to e.g. someone at a beauty salon who has taken a one day massage therapy certificate.

We have put the time in. And received the best training the UK offers.

We’ve had years of experience putting that to the test with advanced learning and practical sessions.
The major benefit to coming to Essential Feeling over some other options is that we care enough to invest in your wellbeing. By paying for the best training. And then continuing with our professional development threonine.

For instance, if you’re coming to us for lymphatic drainage, then the ITEC course covers this in a module. But then we have invested in additional training after completing this initial teaching. Plus, Charlie your massage therapist in Romford, is additionally trained to level 5 in Anatomy & Physiology, level 3 is considered well trained within the industry, so he’s almost double as good haha.

It’s the same with deep tissue massage.

ITEC cover this in their syllabus. But, after we’d qualified we then took additional training. And then again, a few years ago now, we invested in another professionally recognised advanced deep tissue massage training qualification.

We never stop. And this is why our level of ITEC expertise is recognised in countries around the world.

For sure, our hourly fees may be a little more than some other place, but this level of experience and training means that we know what we’re offering in terms of remedial massage. We can adapt our skills to give you the best outcome, and we will always offer you the most suitable treatment for your required outcomes. We’re not about to sign you up for a course of sessions you may or may not need. Chiropractors are renowned for this approach. We’re not. We have more than enough happy clients who recommend us that we don’t need to advise you to have more sessions than you’ll need to fix your pain.

In short. You can trust us.

Does completing this ITEC massage qualification mean that you are accredited?

We are covered by our own insurance during therapy.

And we’re trained to such a top level that many companies in the insurance industry will also pay out for our services against their policies.
By having them pay the balance of your massage (and reflexology by the way, as we’re similarly qualified in that) it can ease the financial pressure on booking a series of remedial massage sessions.

This is a lofty standard.

For complementary therapies to reach this level of respect from the insurance industry that it covers them and their remedial therapies within insurance policies is testament to how rigorous the ITEC qualification and standard of learning is.

Check out our certificates in massage and bodywork, here.