Struggling to find the perfect gift for your stressed out mum on Mother’s Day this year?

We know. Finding a gift for mother’s day this year, one that sums up just how special your mum is to you is tough at any time; but this mothering Sunday may be the toughest yet with some parts of the UK on different restrictions to others.

But don’t panic we have you covered this March.

Beyond making mother’s day this year a national public holiday where our patient and kind mothers are celebrated; what else can we do?

Let’s face it, this has been a trying year. What with home schooling and kids bored out of their minds and running riot, it’s time people mother's day this year home schoolingcelebrated the daily sacrifices of our mums across countries. It’s not fun and games sitting inside with no friends to visit for distraction. We’re willing to bet that on mother’s day this year, our mums will have a few more grey hairs than last.

Who would have thought it this time last year? That the global pandemic would have ravaged through last Mar, well beyond Nov and even Feb 2021 and still be affecting how tradition can honour the most special ladies in our lives.

It’s been a year where cards and flowers just won’t cut the mustard.

Let’s run through the options:

Businesses may or may not be open. So booking a meal in a restaurant used to be a fail safe, but what if they’re closed: then what?

Booking experience days out also falls into the dubious list. As is any kind of travel for a quick dose of sun and sand.

And mother is always watching her weight, so especially with lockdown bellies, is a cake a double edged sword?

What are the origins of this maternal celebration becoming a staple in the calendar?

mother's day this year new mum

To look at how best to celebrate, let’s take a second to role back on how the tradition of Mother’s Day started.

Back in 1907 or some say 1908, an American mum must have had enough. Her name was Anna Jarvis and she took it upon herself to honour her own mother with a set of activities that were personal to them.

It didn’t take long for the idea of a treat to become a common event, and seven years later, the US president made it a national holiday. Except that being a Sunday that was a bit of a non-event as it wasn’t like there were a lot of people working Sundays back then!

Anyway, regardless, I guess the thought was there.

Since then, the word spread and we’ve taken to buying marzipan cakes and whatever the current gift trend is worldwide.

So, why have we stopped really thinking about what our mums go through on a daily basis and what gift from their families would return the favour of all that motherhood is?

Think about your mum’s priority for a second.

*Making sure her kids eat at a well stocked table, often before she does.

*That they get to do their favourite things whilst she goes without. Sons go to football out of the household budget, whilst daughters play with overpriced dolls.

*And family time is key. They’ll get up early in the morning to clean the house, to prepare our food or iron our clothes, all so that this is done to free up time for a special family outing.

Mother’s give their time and their energy freely, with no request for reward linked to their handmade, homegrown, all-consuming devotion.

So what can we give mums back that gives them back a piece of the love they show us on a daily basis?


*A family trip, that they invariably end up organising?

*Perhaps a day off from chores, that they end up picking up the slack from the next day?

When you really think about it, there is only really one gift that observes with enough respect, just how diligently our Mum’s love and care for us.

The gift of time. And of relaxation. A slice of peace.

These are the treats that show our mother just how much we understand what she does for us. For sure, we can layer in a candy cake and buy a bunch of roses, after all, women always love flowers, but don’t leave it at that.

When would your mum ever not give time and consideration to a gift she buys for you?

So what’s the answer?

Buy her a gift card for Essential Feeling. She has something to open on the day, she can book at a time that suits her, either during or post covid, and we’re in her hometown (Gidea Park, Romford).

Specialising in massage and reflexology for people just like your mum, our treatment varies based on exactly her needs. She’ll enjoy a massage or reflexology dedicated to her collection of stress puzzles. Being a servant to giving your mum the best possible gift experience is what makes us happy.

How to buy your perfect mother’s day gift this year

You can buy a gift voucher here. It’s all done online and is fast and easy to process. Once you’ve done this, you can either choose whether you want to book an appointment for her on Mother’s Day itself, Sunday 14th March, or present her the voucher in a wrapped pink envelope adorned with ribbons and glitter.

Either way, you can’t really go wrong. Book an appointment on the day (covid-19 permitting) and she has an event. Give her the voucher to book at her convenience and she can make a social event of her treatment when she has maximum headspace to enjoy its health benefits.

Celebrating your mum and mother’s day this year has never been easier.