The professional Group at the Plastic Surgery Group (PSG) is a team of board-certified plastic surgeons who offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. They specialise in breast, face, and body contouring surgery. They have clinics in London’s, 100 Harley Street.

They offer a comprehensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures and surgeons who are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible service. They take the time to listen to each individual’s needs and concerns, and strive to ensure that patients are happy with the results of their treatment.

PSG the plastic surgery group 100 Harley StreetSpecialist surgeons at the Plastic Surgery Group

Dr Marsh and Dr Akhavani are both highly experienced surgeons, having performed thousands of procedures. They are dedicated to providing patients with the best possible outcomes, and take the time to listen to each individual’s needs and concerns.

The Plastic Surgery Group is one of the most respected and trusted cosmetic surgery clinics in London’s Harley Street. Patients travel from all over the country to receive treatment from Dr Marsh and Dr Akhavani.

The clinic offers a range of surgical and non-surgical treatments, from breast augmentation to liposuction, and from laser hair removal to wrinkle reduction. They use the latest techniques and equipment to ensure that patients receive the best possible results.

The Plastic Surgery Group has a team of highly skilled Introduction: The Plastic Surgery Group is a team of board-certified plastic surgeons who offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. They specialize in breast, face, and body contouring surgery.

The Plastic Surgery Group offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. These procedures can have a number of benefits, including improved self-esteem and a more youthful appearance.

What procedures do The Plastic Surgery Group offer?

The Plastic Surgery Group offers a range of surgical and non-surgical procedures to help you achieve the look you desire. They offer procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, and rhinoplasty, as well as non-surgical procedures such as laser hair removal and dermal fillers.

Their team of experienced surgeons and nurses will work with you to create a treatment plan that meets your needs and budget. They are incredibly devoted to aftercare and will always advise you to have a minimum of ten MLD treatments post surgery to ensure you get the best results.

The practice offers a variety of surgical and non-surgical options, including:

-Breast augmentation -Rhinoplasty -Liposuction -Tummy tuck -Facelift -Botox injections

What are the benefits of cosmetic surgery such as they specialise in at the Plastic Surgery Group?

1. Improved self-confidence and self-esteem.

2. Improved appearance, which may lead to increased social opportunities.

3. Improved quality of life.

4. Improved psychological well-being.

5. Improved physical health as it’s easier to maintain an active lifestyle.

There are many benefits to cosmetic surgery.

One of the most obvious benefits is that it can improve your appearance. Cosmetic surgery can help you look younger, more attractive, and more confident. It can also help you, as the patient, feel better about yourself and improve your self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery can also improve your physical health by correcting medical problems that are caused by your appearance. For example, cosmetic surgery can correct breathing problems, vision problems, and skin problems.

What are the benefits of facial plastic surgery?

The benefits of professional facial plastic surgery are many and varied. Some of the most common benefits include:

Some people might think that getting even the best plastic surgery is a waste of time and money. But others might think that it is a good way to improve their appearance and their life. Plastic surgery can make people look younger and more confident. It can also help them meet new people and have a better life.

What are the benefits of body contouring surgery with experts such as Plastic Surgery Group?

Some of the benefits of body contouring surgery are that it can help improve your appearance, make you feel better about yourself, and make it easier to wear certain clothes.

• Improved appearance—Body contouring surgery can help improve your appearance by sculpting your body and making you look thinner and more toned. But also, if you’re looking at reconstruction, whether this be breast tissue after mastectomy cancer, nipple correction or reconstruct breasts with natural soft appearance following children (see microsurgery below). Likewise, following an accident, we cannot underestimate the importance of improved appearance.

• Restore or grow self-esteem—Body sculpted surgery can help improve your self-esteem and therefore mental health, by making you look and feel better about yourself. Especially in this social media era, these services are valuable to lift anyone’s self-esteem and provide a more confident demeanor. Don’t underestimate how this approach can help you grow into the person you are on the inside, externally. And we’re not just talking about women. About half of our aftercare clients are male, a particularly popular surgery is gynecomastia where your surgeon removes unwanted fat to reconstruct the shape of your overly sized breasts. Often a great finish can be achieved without implants.

• Improved health—Body contouring surgery can help improve your health. By improving your overall physical appearance, you not only feel more confident in a workout situation, but movement is also easier. This is how performing innovative methods of cosmetic surgeries can improve your health.

What are the Risks of Cosmetic Surgery?

There are some risks associated with cosmetic surgery which are not limited to one clinic or another. These include:

• Bleeding • Infection • Scarring • Nerve damage • Blood clots • Changes in skin color • Swelling • Problems with anesthesia

Many of these risks can be avoided with great aftercare. A lot of patients don’t like the idea of a massage post surgery. They think it’s going to be hard and hurt. When in fact it is very gentle and even relaxing.

The added benefit of these MLD sessions is that they keep your lymphatic system working. This avoids stagnation and so infection as your body receives everything it needs to heal as fast as is possible.

Lack of infection leads to better healing, less scarring and fewer risks of blood clots and nerve damage. Although it can still happen when you have a professional who you see regularly. We can help you catch anything that you should be seeing your surgeon about. And also help to set your mind at rest about anything that is normal.

What is the Cost of Cosmetic Surgery?

The cost of cosmetic surgery can vary, depending on the procedure. Generally, the cost of cosmetic surgery is higher than the cost of medical or reconstructive surgery.

What is the Recovery Time for Cosmetic Surgery?

It can take up to six months for your body to recover fully from plastic surgery. However, within a week, you notice that swelling is going down and within a month you will see a difference.

Three months post surgery, you’ll usually know how you are going to look, with just a few bits and pieces that are still healing.

Your recovery time will be substantially improved if you follow your doctor’s aftercare advice. And have MLD massages and deep oscillation and cavitation. This is why the Plastic Surgery Group (PSG) always advise their patients to invest in good post op care. And that’s why we are happy to be accredited with them.

If you have loose skin, after three months we can tighten this with radiofrequency for you.

Microsurgery gives you a natural appearance using your own tissue.

Microsurgery takes tissue from your leg or back to form microsurgical breast reconstructions. It can also be used to reattach fingers or perform plastic or reconstructive surgery on ears, noses, scalps, hands, fingers, tongues, toes and other small body parts. Microsurgery is often used for complex cancer and trauma cases.

What happens if I want to go for surgery?

Whether it’s to repair damaged tissue, restorative technique to banish the effects of age, or to improve your nose for safety of breathing, the highly trained doctors at the plastic surgery group don’t just get the kitchen scissors out. There is a wonderful process throughout which you’ll discuss your goals and develop a relaionship with your surgeon and be in a position to ask questions along the way. It’s also an opportunity for your surgeon t give you one of their strict screenings.

Once you’ve decided to go ahead, you’ll have a consultation with your surgeon at their local office in 100 Harley Street, London. This is where your doctor will look at what you’ve decided, and advise on how he will do this. For instance, will you need an implant, or is it just the application of some faster treatment such as fat removal.


At this point you will also decide whether you would like a local or general anaesthetic. Each leading clinic has their own approaches and they’ll advise based on your anticipated pain threshold as well as complexity of your procedure.

Your surgeon will recommend his best course of action, meaning you can also get a confirmed cost quotation for completion of the specific work you’ve discussed.

Once you’ve arranged the date of your surgery, you won’t speak to anyone other than to make any payment that is due. On the day, aim to arrive early in case there is a delay on your way. You won’t be the only person that is having an operation this day, and you don’t want to miss out on time or have to have your day changed if you have to be removed from the calendar.

The amount of time it takes to do your procedure will depend on whether you’re having a single surgery or more. And also the type.

You’ll meet a few staff, from friendly nurses who can hold your hand throughout, and doctors as well as admin staff. Before you enter the operating theatre, you’ll complete paperwork forms, often with the manager, and then your registered surgeon will mark up the distinct area for your elective treatment. This is important because it helps address enhanced symmetry — particularly with fatty bodies which change shape when you lie on the bed.

Every procedure is always personalised.

When you’re in theatre, the procedures will change depending on what sedation and procedure you’ve decided to have.

Once you’ve finished, the cleaning staff will disinfect your theatre while you recover. It’ll usually be your nurse who is then the authority on what your aftercare should involve. This will range from wearing compression garments and changing dressings to the times you should take your prescription medication and the adequate size of your dose.

Maximise your results

At some point, you will probably have been told about how to maximise your results. An organisation such as the Plastic Surgery Group (PSG) has stringent protocols about bloc booking MLD massages post surgery.

Once you leave your surgery and head home, you’ll have several follow-up meetings individually with your surgeon where they check your progress. If you have not arranged and started having manual lymphatic drainage within 48 to 72 hours post surgery, your doctor will know. And they’re never happy because this affects the quality of your outcome, as well as their work.

During your consultation, this is your time to ask any questions you may have about your healing. Your time will be limited so the textbook way to get the most out of this is t keep a journal.

If this is a worry for you, then don’t. If you have booked aftercare with us at Essential Feeling, either in Central London near Harley Street or Romford, Essex, then we are on call with our expertise to answer any questions you have along the way. We’ll see you every few days at first with a uniquely tailored recovery plan.

We’re professionals who spend our days helping you rid yourself of excess swelling, reduce fatty lumps and expertly ensuring you don’t suffer from infection with efficient preventative measures separate from what your clinic offer. These are only some of the advantages along with minimising ugly scar tissue to having your post surgery aftercare with us. As well as being there to contact on WhatsApp or text 7am to 10pm every day to answer your questions and keep you safe.

And this is why reputable providers such as the plastic surgery group, Hans Place and the Harley Body Clinic are so dogmatic about you receiving the care they know makes the difference. Plus, it empowers you and them to do what you each specialise in. Checking the ratings of us and these London plastic surgery clinics will give you an extra idea of how well the two disciplines work together.

How will your experience be when you come for MLD massage?

First off, this won’t hurt, we use minimal pressure. Honestly. Whether you’ve had waistline excess fat transfer (in the UK or internationally), or some exceptional and advanced procedure that involves guidance, we’ve got you. This is something we will have dealt with prior as helping people post surgery is how we spend our lives.

As well as manual techniques, we also have different specialised machines to reduce your fat, speed up lymph flow and tighten skin post surgery with minimal pain. In order to maximise your results, we can also get rid of any stubborn fatty deposits that hang around post surgery.

This means you’re entering a space that is filled with calm confidence. You can relax, ask questions, or not, knowing that you are being fully taken care of.


Your records will remain private, so feel free to disclose everything to us in your first consultation so we can help you fully. We will have reviewed your form before you come, but this is where anything impersonal stops. You’re a person, a sophisticated individual on numerous levels, and we interact with you as such. We’ve been through the same or similar procedures, so we will never perceive you as a failure. And being trained counsellors, experienced in all chapters of patient’s lives, we’re there for you on multiple levels.

Generally, it’ll take a few expert sessions during which time we’re extremely diligent in speeding up your lymphatic flow and spotting abnormalities. Early detection can avoid theLymphatic system flow MLD manual drainage post op aftercare combined issues caused by poor lymph flow and drainage. Plus, by reducing your swelling to only what the body needs to heal, we’re restoring your mobility faster, adding to your feel good.

Some common procedures we’re experienced in dealing with.
  • Mastopexy and breast surgeries of all types, including oncoplastic surgery and cleavage enhancement
  • Upper and lower abdominal sculpting
  • Neck lift
  • Buttock lift (BBL) and gluteal augmentation
  • Vaser liposuction or standard lipo including thigh and arm
  • All revision work including after botch jobs
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Earlobe repair
  • Nipple and areola realign
  • Tummy tuck

essential feeling romford essex Central London near Harley Street post op care lipo specialistsWhat’s the location of the aftercare?

You can attend for your therapy in Central London near Harley Street and Romford, Essex.

Central London near Harley Street, just 3 minutes walk from several tube lines tube, and yes, although you’ll be feeling like tube travel will be too much for you a few days after surgery, from a physical perspective you’ll be fine. If you’re unsure, then ask your surgeon.

Essex, with free parking literally right outside the treatment room, and just off the intersection of the A12 and A127.

If you have any queries, or would like to book, text us on 07757 946023. Our doors are always open 7 days a week for placing appointments.