Our micro needling machine is more than the standard, but to get the best from it, you need to understand everything about microneedling before and after. We believe that if you have something, then you should see the benefits. And experience the minimum amount of pain possible. And so, as with all our machines, we’ve invested in the best, top of the range machine. You’ll benefit from literally the newest natural skin tightening machine on the market, and not only that, they have designed it specifically it for your face or the rest of your body. We can even tighten the skin or remove unsightly scars on your abdomen after tummy tuck surgery.

You can read all about it within the skin section of our website, but for now, there are some before and after information that you need to read properly. This is so you get the best from your treatment in terms of finished results, but also to improve your healing.

Pre Treatment Plan as part of your microneedling before and after info

  1. Avoid sun exposure (including sunbeds) for two weeks prior to treatment, and self-tanning products for one week prior to your treatment.
  2. Avoid using acid/ chemical based products to the area for one week prior to your treatments. For example, glycolic/ salicylic acid and retinols).
  3. Avoid using topical steroids or retinoids two weeks prior to treatment.
  4. Avoid having AHA peels/ microdermabrasion/ waxing for 2 weeks prior to treatment
  5. Inform your clinician of any changes in medication/ health
  6. Inform your clinician of history or recent outbreak of cold sores, as this can impair your treatment. Anti viral medication may be taken if necessary.
  7. If topical anaesthetic is to be used, please apply this according to manufacturer’s guidelines and do so an hour before your session.

Post Treatment Plan as part of your microneedling before and after info

  1. The treatment area can be red or pink after the treatment, and this may last for a few hours. It will also feel warm to the touch during this time.
  2. Bleeding may occur slightly afterwards. This is normal and will soon stop.
  3. You may see some grazing of the skin following treatments, depending on the treatment protocol used
  4. Dry/ flaky skin is normal post treatment and can be helped with a plain moisturiser – do not pick or exfoliate the skin during this time
  5. A high protection sunscreen should be used after treatments and sun exposure avoided for 4 weeks post treatment
  6. Make-up can be applied after 24 hours
  7. Immediately after treatment, contraction of collagen fibres improves the skin elasticity so your skin may appear firmer. This may be temporary as the production of new collagen takes time and we see the best results after a course of treatments (continuing for 3 to 6 months after the end of your course.
  8. Avoid alcohol and keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water
  9. Avoid heat treatments such as hot baths/ showers/ saunas steam rooms for 72 hours post treatment
  10. Waxing, tweezing and depilatory creams can be resumed 7 days post treatment
  11. You can use a non exfoliating cleanser and light moisturiser on the day of the treatment and for 1 to 2 days afterwards. By around day 3, normal skin routine can be resumed
  12. Further last treatment, chemical peels, Botox/ dermal fillers can be resumed 2 weeks post-treatment.

If you have any urgent concerns or queries regarding the treated area, please phone the clinic for advice.