It’s usual to have loose skin after lipo 360. Liposuction is just like any other rapid fat loss. Your skin can’t always catch up at the rate we’d like when we reduce weight fast.

This is an issue because you’ve had plastic surgery because you want to improve your appearance, and now you’re left with unwanted sagging skin. You’re not exactly brimming with the excitement of getting another surgical excision to tighten stubborn, loose skin, especially when you’re only just done with your natural healing process. Plus not everyone is an ideal candidate for a tummy tuck or equivalent in your area of concern.

So, what are your options to get rid of loose skin after lipo 360?

Here are our top ways to ensure your body is looking top notch after surgery, including tightening up that excess skin; naturally.

1 For optimum skin tone, drink water

We’ve all heard it. Plenty of water is important. Not only does it help to flush out toxins, which is important after a procedure, but in terms of contouring, it also helps to improve blood flow. Combining removal of excess fluid from surgery and increases the nutrients to the area that is carried in the blood evens out skin tone.

2 Adopt a Regular Exercise Routine

We accept that you have these cosmetic procedures because you rarely have the time nor the inclination for a fitness schedule, but we have to add this to the list. Because it works. If you build muscle, this definition can fill some of the space left by the fat removal and thus give the appearance of a firmer skin or a lift.

However, as we’ve said with water, moving also helps your blood flow, which again improves excessive skin laxity.

3 Directly after surgery, wear your compression garments properly

We say this daily. Wearing the compression garment day and night, continuously, and changing the sizes so it’s constantly tight makes the difference between a good and bad finish.

The garment does several jobs for us, but one way it helps you achieve your desired skin tone finish is to hold skin tissue in place during your recovery whilst it goe through the retraction process. This is more of a way to prevent suffering from looseness and hanging folds, but it’s an ideal way because then after, for example, six weeks, your skin will often retract naturally from just this and regular MLD sessions from a specialist alone.

4 Get regular MLD sessions from a post surgery specialist such as us at Essential Feeling

Start with manual lymphatic drainage, 24 to 48 hours after you’ve had liposuction. It doesn’t hurt so don’t worry about that, in fact it’s a relief. And then trust a specialist to use whatever techniques will reduce your swelling best. This will allow your lymphatic fluid to make way for blood flow, which contains the nutrients you need to heal.

This faster healing will mean that you’ll be swollen for less time this meaning your skin has more time to retract under your compression garment as it can meld back against your tissue that lymph fluid.

If your surgeon suggests you wear a board on your stomach, then do it. If they are concerned about some part of your healing and give you instructions, then follow these. It all counts.

And choose a certified aftercare specialist who can vary the way they treat you based not just on a standard routine, but on the shape you’re trying to achieve, your lifestyle, age and commitments. It’s not enough to just remove unwanted fat and results will always vary from person to person. So you need someone to look after you who understands this and can adapt your treatment accordingly.

Before & after post lipo mld massage

5 Have a skin tightening procedure

There are all kinds of skin tightening procedures out there. Some use a laser for fat reduction, but our team uses renowned radiofrequency, combined with cavitation and lymphatic drainage.

This is better than so many other options for:

Reducing loose and flabby skin, so you don’t get the skin sag after liposuction 360.

Getting rid of wrinkling or looseness because of over stretched skin after dramatic weight loss such as diet or having fat cells manually removed

Stimulates collagen and elastin production by your body to ensure that your body uses this rather than eradicating it as a foreign entity. Does this even more effectively and therefore faster when combined with iPRF the technology used in the vampire facial.

Plus, the bonus is that we can also deal with any existing pockets of fat that your surgeon may have missed. This can include the small abdominal apron caused by too much volume beneath your belly button. We’re specialists at dealing with all things post surgery, including loose skin after lipo. We work out of Romford, Essex and Central London near Harley Street, London.

Vitamin injections will also speed up your natural collagen production, not only improving skin elasticity but also reducing any visible scars.

non surgical lipo fat reduction stomach

A few tips on how our tailored radio frequency therapy works to improve saggy skin

The degree to which loose skin after lipo is unacceptable is more so than it would be to someone who hasn’t gone through the pain and substantial healing process of having had surgery. You, therefore, want to be guaranteed results.

The way we use our award-winning ProMax Lipo machine regarding loose skin after lipo is aid your cosmetic recovery. Your surgeon has removed fat cells, and so we now need to find a healthy way to promote your body into producing more elastin and collagen.

By prompting your body to do this itself, naturally, the activity of self generation means that your system doesn’t eliminate it again as it would if you use any of the third party options you’ll see banded around on social media.

We use radio frequency in a very specific way to heat your skin to amounts that mean your body thinks you’re about to be burned. It sounds dramatic, but bear in mind, we don’t burn you, we just mask the heat in such a way that rather than struggle to heal post burn, your body gets ahead of the game and deposits elastin and collagen to heal the skin it’s expecting to get damaged.

When in reality you’re just left with a mild redness, the good stuff is already in place, and is left right there where you need your skin tightening.

We can also use this same machine, along with a combination of traditional liposuction, to remove small pockets of fat that your doctor may have left. This could be as part of what anyone would expect during their after care as melted fat cools and hardens, but also, if your contouring isn’t quite what you were hoping for we can do this at the same time. It doesn’t matter where you as the patient want this, we can improve skin elasticity on your thighs, abdomen or even neck and face. This machine is adaptable.

We run this at our Romford, Essex clinic. Patients typically take 25 minutes on the train from Liverpool Street in Central London so it doesn’t take too much energy to make the trip to our specialist centre.

To book, text us on 07757 946023