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Ross and Charlotte from Clinisept+ with their Safety in Beauty Award

We know Clinisept+ the best antimicrobial on the market. That’s why we recommend it. But, when Clinisept Spray won the best universal product, not only in the UK, but across the whole of Europe in Saturday’s Safety in Beauty Awards, we couldn’t help but feel a kick of satisfaction.

Here’s why Clinisept+ Spray won so convincingly out of the fourteen competitors shortlisted.

The winning product had to demonstrate an ease of use, safe outcomes, and have received consistent excellent patient/client feedback. We can certainly vouch for all three of the above.

Ease of use

Have you seen the Clinisept+ antimicrobial spray? It comes in such a handy bottle with a spray attachment why is so easy to use. Plus, 100ml will last you ages, because the fine Clinisept antimicrobial spray is a gentle mist. But under light, it’s effects on bacteria is not only instant, but also undeniable.

Safe outcomes

Is antimicrobial spray safe? Well this one is. Clinisept+ is extremely effective because of its high concentration of hypochlorous acid. While its potency is remarkable, human skin cells do not absorb hypochlorous acid. Clinisept+ is formulated with a skin-neutral pH and is free of alcohol, petroleum, lanolin, oils and parabens.

This product poses no toxicity or irritation to human skin and does not have any cytotoxic effects on human skin cells.

Clinisept+ is a noteworthy departure from traditional cleansers designed for skin use, as its oxidising action enables it to effectively eliminate pathogens, yet be mild enough not to disrupt healthy skin cells or impede skin regeneration.

Why do we (and now the industry) think this is THE BEST antimicrobial spray?

Clinisept+ offers a multitude of advantages: Its primary application in a clinical environment is to offer comprehensive cleaning properties coupled with an antimicrobial defense for both patients and clinic staff.

Clinisept+ is an effective remedy for diminishing redness and inflammation, besides providing a cooling effect to the skin.

Following a procedure, Clinisept+ serves as an effective aftercare measure that helps protect treated areas from contamination, promoting healthy skin, and rapid recovery. Faster than anything we’ve ever seen before, and all whilst maintaining an unmeasured level of cleanliness and safety. And therefore, it’s not only great for healing but also minimising the appearance of scars. Particularly when combined with the specialist Lipoelastic UK scar strips we recommend for your second stage of healing.

Excellent patient/client feedback

Clinisept spray reviews are all excellent, within the industry with people such as us, and also surgeons. But, also the patients that use this on our recommendation. They can’t believe the rate at which they heal after a few sprays.

Clinisept spray winner of safety in beauty awards

Clinisept+ products have been tested and validated as non-toxic, non-mutagenic, and non-irritating to both skin and eyes. It is important to read and follow the instructions on the label, and to keep the products out of reach of children.

Clinisept spray ingredients

Clinisept+ is formulated with sodium hypochlorite as its active ingredient. Through a patented process, the hypochlorite is converted into an ultra-pure, stabilised hypochlorous solution, resulting in the reaction we know as Clinisept Spray.

Clinisept+ has been showed to have a purity of hypochlorous of over 90%, significantly surpassing the purity of other products marketed as containing hypochlorous.

The human immune system is powered by Hypochlorous, a chemical produced by white blood cells in the body to fight infection. This disinfection agent is recognised for its remarkable ability to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores, establishing it as the most effective disinfection agent available.

Many patients ask us how to make antimicrobial spray. The honest answer is that whilst we’re sure you could, we are also sure that it wouldn’t be a patch on Clinisept antimicrobial spray.

How do you use Clinisept aftercare spray?

We use it on all open wounds. It’s a massive benefit to speeding up healing and this means that the scars you’re left with post surgery are massively reduced. The least amount of time your body spends fighting bacteria, the more it can devote to knitting together your skin.

Clinisept antimicrobial spray is something we advise all our patients to invest in. It’s never a waste of money, because not only is the price reasonable to start off with, but the 100ml will far outlast your recovery. And so, then you are free to use this amazing miracle cure on anything that needs to heal. This includes spots and acne, irritated skin and even if you spray something in your eyes by mistake.

Clinisept aftercare spray truly is the most wonderful product. And of course, we’re proud to not only use and recommend something that is now recognised industry wide as being the best in Europe.

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