If you’re looking for a compression garment fitting near me, there’s more to it than just finding someone local in Essex or London. Here’s what you need to think about.

Fitting a compression garment is an important step in preventing illness and injury, so it’s also crucial to get it done correctly. Too tight a fit can cause skin irritation and discomfort, while a too-loose fit can lead to terrible end results if you’ve had surgery because the garment isn’t then doing its job properly.

That’s why it’s important to find a professional who knows how to measure and adjust compression garments for optimal results. And how to choose the correct style of garment for your healing needs.

1. Benefits of Compression Garment Fitting

If you’re looking for compression garment fitting near me, remember these tips:

Measure your body carefully before starting any fitting process. This means measure in all the key places at the correct tension. Even if you’ve fitted compression garments before, your measurements will change with surgery, and throughout your healing process. The last thing you want is for the garment to be too tight or too loose. If you’re not sure, we can do this for you during your appointment. Or if you’re 2 weeks out of surgery, we can bring you in for a bespoke garment fitting.

It’s often better to get some professional advice about how to measure, or for the sake of a small appointment fee, get measured and order it from a trained professional. You can not underestimate the power a good fitting and good quality compression garment has on your ability to heal faster, but also with great cosmetic results.

2. Identifying the Right Compression Garment for You

Depending on what you’ve had done, you’ll need different styles of garments.

Compression Garments That’ll Help You Feel Better Than Ever

If you’ve had 360 lipo for instance, don’t choose a garment that will cut into the area you’ve had work done as this will cause you more complications in the long run.

Many people often ask us why they need the straps on some of the garments. They’re there for a reason, so please, use them. They keep the garment taught and prevent it from cutting into the flesh that is soft, which prevents you from getting ridges of hard fat later on.

Compression garment fitting near me

3. Finding Quality Compression Garment Fitting Near You

There are a few ways to find compression garment fitting near me.

One way is to ask your doctor, nurse or physical therapist if they know of any local compression garment fitting professionals in your area.

Another way is to search online for “compression garment fitting” or “fitted compression garments” and see what pops up. You can also check out companies that specialise in compression garments such as Lipoelastic UK. If you input ‘EssentialFeeling’ at the basket, you’ll get 10% discount.

4. Remember: Follow the Fitting Guidelines!

Even if you’ve fitted compression garments before, it’s always a good idea to follow the fitting guidelines that come with any garment you buy. This will ensure a proper fit, minimise irritation and help you avoid any future health problems.

4. Preparing for Your Compression Garment Fitting Appointment

Before your appointment, make sure you’ve gathered the following information:

  • -The date of your surgery
  • -The type of surgery you’re having done
  • -Exactly where you’re having surgery
  • -You are wearing clothes that are easy to remove
5. Appointments with Professional Compression Garment Fitting Professionals

Most compression garment fitting professionals offer appointments that last around half an hour. This is to get you measured and give you advice on which garment to order and to place the order and take payment.

6. If the garment becomes too loose, go back for another fitting.

When you’ve had surgery, you lose size. The better you are doing your aftercare, the faster you’ll reduce your size. This will mean that you need more garments in different sizes, often within a relatively short space of time.

But don’t let this push you into buying a lower quality garment. The more expensive ones, such as Lipoelastic UK will always give you more support and fewer complications such as hard spots/ fibrosis. You’ll also feel less tender. Whilst it may feel like you’re saving money, the extra few pounds you spend on your garments will be saved in aftercare session with therapists such as us at Essential Feeling.

NB benefits of compression garments for lymphedema are exactly the same as above, we just specialise in MLD for post surgery patients, so this is the focus of this blog. But, we can also advise and measure you up for compression garment fitting for Lymphedema too.

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