Discover the Healing Benefits of Red Light Therapy (LED) after Surgery

Gain the profound rewards of red light therapy for a more expedient and secure post-surgery recovery. These scientific findings regarding the healing power of LED lights have been rigorously confirmed. This natural treatment yields highly effective analgesic relief after surgery, as well as enabling patients to resume their day-to-day activities sooner than normal – all with minimal risk!LED light therapy red light therapy benefits in wound healing pre and post surgery liposuction

Researchers have evaluated the efficacy of red light therapy postoperatively for alleviating Postoperative Pain (POP), and their findings indicate that patients who received this treatment experienced a marked reduction in discomfort and discomfort when compared with those who did not.

After only a month of treatment, patients in the research experienced negligible coughing discomfort and experienced less incision bleeding, fewer wound ruptures and thus complications showing that the therapy runs deeper than the surface.

  • Red light therapy reduced incision bleeding and prevented wound ruptures.
  • Patients who received red light therapy experienced fewer complications and less excess blood.
  • Improves a weakened immune system

When the body stresses, it produces chemicals called cytokines, which can damage healthy tissue. These chemicals are also produced when you’re undergoing surgery, and they have shown red light therapy helps reduce their production.

celluma_wound led light therapy red light therapy benefits

These incredible clinical findings build on years of successful lab work, which has showed the potent anti-inflammatory effects of red light therapy on wound healing. With this breakthrough technology, you can heal faster, stronger, and with greater confidence.

In fact, a team of researchers conducted an in-depth review of 40 studies in 2015, including 28 animal trials and 12 human trials on healing from plastic surgery. The results were remarkable – red light treatments proved beneficial for acute wounds as well as improving burn scars! So don’t let the apprehension over pain or inflammation hold you back in achieving your desired results; embrace the power of Red Light Therapy and let it assist you along your journey towards recuperation with speed and success!

Red light therapy when recovering from plastic surgery

Recovering from plastic surgery can be an arduous journey, but with the aid of red light therapy, you’ll be able to make swift progress with little difficulty. It’s a highly effective remedy for alleviating pain and inflammation related issues in all types of postoperative environments – it truly is a gift when needed most!

These inspiring results exceed the achievements of numerous scientific investigations, where red light therapy is proven to powerfully reduce inflammation and expedite wound closure. We apply this after surgery, but also for any kind of injury, including Vampire facial/ PRP facials and plasma facials.

Imagine the benefits of red light therapy for your own recovery! By incorporating this addition to your post-op MLD sessions with Essential Feeling, you can unlock limitless possibilities for regaining your day-to-day life. Further layer on vitamin injections as an optional extra and you can see how your journey to recovery will be further enhanced.

1. Vitamin D
   – Enhanced Bone Health Vitamin D is crucial for calcium absorption and bone health. After plastic surgery, especially procedures involving bone or structural changes such as rhinoplasty, vitamin D injections can support the healing of bones and tissues, ensuring a strong foundation for recovery. However, it also has benefits for recovery more generally.
2. Vitamin B12
   – Boosted Energy Levels Plastic surgery can sometimes lead to temporary fatigue. Vitamin B12 injections are known for their energy-boosting properties, helping you stay active and engaged in your recovery process. More energy means a faster return to your daily activities which speeds up your lymphatic system which heals you faster.
3. Vitamin B Complex
   – Nervous System Support The B complex vitamins, including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, and B7, play a vital role in maintaining a healthy nervous system. After surgery, they can aid in nerve repair and function, contributing to pain management and overall comfort during recovery and helping to stimulate you not feeling that weird numbness for as long.
4. Vitamin C
   – Collagen Production Vitamin C is essential for collagen synthesis, a protein that’s crucial for wound healing and tissue repair. Combining vitamin C injections with red light therapy and lymphatic drainage massage can accelerate the formation of collagen, helping scars fade and tissues regenerate more efficiently.
By integrating these vitamin injections with red light therapy and lymphatic drainage massage, you create a holistic approach to healing after plastic surgery. Each vitamin addresses specific aspects of the recovery process, from bone health to energy levels and tissue repair, ensuring a smoother and faster recuperation journey.

Discover the Power of Red Light Therapy Benefits in Transforming Scars

Scar tissue is made up of fibrous cells that are arranged in a network. When these cells are damaged, they release several proteins that cause the scar to become firm and raised. Red light therapy helps to reduce the production of these proteins, resulting in softer scars that look smoother. When we combine this with our state-of-the-art microneedling device, the results are amazing.

Unprecedented research has shown that red light therapy can be a transformative treatment for scars. Investigating hypertrophic scars in 15 children, scientists from a prestigious institution investigated half of them and applied red light therapy to one side of their scarred areas for three months. By this time, the results were remarkable – with many exhibiting greater levels of symmetry than before the intervention!

The findings were astonishing; wounds treated with red light therapy exhibited ‘striking improvements in the appearance and degree of scarification.

The investigation revealed that red light treatments are both safe and highly effective for mitigating raised scars. In addition, research revealed that those with burn scars experienced twice the improvement in visible scarring after undergoing such therapy.

The best part? Any of the patients reported no negative effects. So, if you’re looking for a natural and safe way to transform your scars, red light therapy is the way to go!

Prescription drugs

We’re not saying there isn’t a place for these, particularly in the first few days after surgery. But, most people can heal faster and feel better if they avoid taking prescription drugs. By combining red light therapy with gentle post surgery MLD therapy to reduce swelling in your lymphatic system naturally, you’re not only in less pain, but you heal faster with fewer complications.

The incredible healing benefits of red light therapy

Thankfully, this emerging clinical research has highlighted the incredible healing power of red light therapy. This natural, safe, and effective treatment can provide much-needed relief for those recovering from surgery, facilitating faster healing and a quicker return to normal activity levels.

Reduced pain

A recent double-blind study closely examined the recoveries and pain levels of 90 post-sternum surgery patients, comparing those who received red light therapy with those who did not.

The results were truly remarkable, with red light therapy proving to be a powerful tool in the healing process. Patients who received the therapy reported significantly less pain compared to those who didn’t. Additionally, they experienced minimal coughing pain after just one month of treatment.

With the power of red light therapy, you can accelerate your recovery and get back to your active lifestyle with ease.

Unlike prescription medications that come with a host of side effects and risks, red light therapy is a natural and safe option proven to relieve pain and strain in post-surgery environments. By promoting faster healing, you can reduce your risk of additional health complications and regain your strength and mobility in no time.

Improve your results further with vitamin injections

If you would like to go one step further, you have the option to add in vitamin injections. Vitamin injections work synergistically with red light therapy to enhance wound healing because of their combined benefits in promoting tissue repair and reducing inflammation. Red light therapy uses specific wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin and stimulate cellular activity, leading to increased collagen production and improved circulation.

When combined with vitamin injections, such as vitamin C and B complex, the body receives an additional boost of essential nutrients that are vital for collagen synthesis and tissue regeneration. Vitamin C, in particular, plays a pivotal role in collagen formation, supporting the structural integrity of the skin and aiding in wound closure.

The anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin injections complement the reduction of inflammation achieved through red light therapy, creating an optimal healing environment. This powerful combination of vitamin injections and red light therapy speeds up the healing process, promoting faster and more effective wound recovery.

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