Romford based clinic invests in specialist radiofrequency skin tightening near me in Gidea Park. I couldn’t wait to try out the treatment, so when I was invited to have a session that promises to increase the collagen my body produces, I was all ears. Oh, and I had a list of questions too.

But first, I needed to know how long are the treatments, and what is the frequency.

Charlie, who works at Essential Feeling in Gidea Park, Romford told me it takes about half an hour to do radio frequency skin tightening on a piece of my skin the size of an A4 sheet. Pulling up my jersey and taking a quick look at my belly, I was hoping I’d be in for a half-hour session. But the truth would probably mean it would be more like an hour.

In terms of frequency, I can return within a week or leave it longer depending on how I feel and the results I’m trying to achieve.

This leads me to thinking about exactly what results I am trying to achieve. Because let’s face it you need to be realistic with these treatments, none of them really work. Do they?

Well, without giving you a spoiler, I was happy with the results.

Then I got to asking, how does heat improve wrinkles?

Cos we’ve all been told to keep out of the sun if you want to keep silky smooth skin. So, perhaps I’m on the slow side, but I was wondering how on earth this works, but the sun’s heat has the opposite effect.

Apparently it’s all to do with which layer of the skin the energy and the heat targets. So the sun deals with the top layers. Whilst radiofrequency skin tightening near me at least uses a specialist machine which targets the lower layers. Specifically, the lower layers within the dermis are treated. The effects of this non-invasive technology trigger our skin to tighten because the heat tricks our body into thinking that we are being attacked and cells injured.

They aren’t.

But this misunderstanding is excellent for how we look because our body sends a ton of new collagen and elastin out to the site that it thinks is injured. And then with nothing to fix, it gets to work tightening our skin. And we look brighter, younger and have less loose skin.

That’s it in a nutshell.

So, it was time for me to take myself off to the clinic in Gidea Park, Romford.Radiofrequency RF therapy near me in Romford, Essex Pro Max lipo machine

They have been around for around ten years now, I’m told. I did not know that such a hidden gem was around the corner from me. I could have been looking twenty years younger and free from cellulite for years now if I’d only known! Before I’ve even walked in the place, I’m already thinking about whether this would be the solution for smoother skin around my eyes and to even get rid of my ghastly aging neck. When you read the literature online, it says that this is the nonsurgical procedure for body contouring.

Not that I’m getting overexcited, but my opinion of Essential Feeling in Gidea Park is already that I will be back. And that’s not just because they are near me. It’s because they are outright professional, whilst maintaining a friendly demeanour.

Before my appointment we’ve already done a consultation which was hassle free — not something you can say about most places. They seem to either relish the whole consultation thing as added value, or not do it at all. The balance here and therefore the servicescore that I’ll give is 10/10.

I park in one of the free parking spaces right outside and make my way inside where because we’ve already chatted the point now is to get on with my radiofrequency skin tightening session. I undress and hop onto the bed, cover myself with some plump towels that are already laid out, and settle back to relax.

The machine is already in situ and thankfully it isn’t the type of thing you look at and feel immediate fear. It’s ergonomic design makes it appear almost warm and friendly.

Down to the sculpting and removal of the excess tissue around my mid-line.the ultimate guide to non surgical belly fat removal with rf therapy

They weren’t lying. While I’m chatting amiably to Charlie and asking more questions about my complexion and skincare post treatment, I am comfortable and not once do I feel like I have targeted radiation zapping my fat molecules to stimulate collagen. It’s really not that kind of session. It’s totally believable that they claim any dermatologist will be happy to recommend this aesthetic treatment.

And do you know what I found out? There’s two types of fat. They call one visceral fat, which is deep down inside and wraps around your organs. When we get too much of this nasty fatty type, it literally crushes our internals so that they can’t function anymore. Astounding! How did I not know this already?

Anyway, I digress. My session is over before I know it. Charlie reminds me I may have some redness in the area for the next day or so, but that this is normal and it will improve. We joke about how if I see an improvement in my sagging surface area then I’ll happily take a little redness, but it isn’t sore.

Lemon Bottle injections with radiofrequency skin tightening

Combining lemon bottle injections with radiofrequency skin tightening is a dynamic approach for achieving amazing skin rejuvenation results. Lemon bottle injections, rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, infuse your skin with vitality from within, promoting a natural glow and improved texture. When paired with radiofrequency skin tightening, which stimulates collagen production and tightens loose skin, this combination offers a comprehensive solution to combat signs of aging, leaving you with a refreshed and youthful appearance that truly stands out.

Elevate your skincare regimen to the next level by combining vitamin C injections with the powerful synergy of lemon bottle injections and radiofrequency skin tightening. Vitamin C injections infuse your skin with essential nutrients, promoting collagen production and brightening your complexion.

When harmonised with lemon bottle injections, which provide an additional boost of vitamin C and antioxidants, and the skin-tightening effects of radiofrequency therapy, you’re harnessing a trifecta of rejuvenation. This dynamic combination not only enhances your skin’s radiance but also helps to reduce fine lines, combat pigmentation issues, and achieve a more youthful and vibrant look that’s truly remarkable.

The next day.

Charlie was indeed correct in what to expect. And I’m not sure whether it’s my wishful thinking, but I am extremely sure that this thermotherapy has already improved the texture of my skin. There’s certainly no redness there now, that’s for sure. I ask hubby what he thinks, who is typically no help, and grunts approval at my slimmer gut.

I’ll take that as a positive. He didn’t laugh and point at least.

I go online and look for before and after photos to compare myself to, and I admit, I do this with a delighted sense of excitement. The common theme is that heating the deeper layers of our skin ensure signs of aging such as tighter skin and smoothing out the surface wrinkles are verified. I’m sure that the treatment will reduce my size further too. I mean it has to right, I’m tightening loose skin. I muse in front of the mirror while I pull at the band of my jeans. They are definitely more loose.


Now when I booked my session, Charlie clarified that this is the most effective when I am exercising and so if I want maximum results, then this is needed. And so given the great lengths Essential Feeling has gone to in order to ensure the reduction of my stubborn belly fat, I hit my normal routine and head to the local gym. And as I bounce up and down on the treadmill, I’m sure my improved laxity has also resulted in improvements in firmness. Nothing seems to be wobbling about like it normally does.

I have a greater spring in my step as I walk my rejuvenated body past the mirror. I can’t help but take a sneaky peak at my healthy self.

In summary

After sessions two and three, I was delighted. I have even booked for my chin to be put under the radiofrequency microscope at the Essential Feeling salon. I have thought about liposuction before, but I never really felt I was bad enough to warrant the cost. And the downtime, cos let me tell you the after effects of standard lipo are not pretty for quite some time. But this. It seems like my very own wonder cure. I don’t know why women all over the world aren’t getting this done to combat their signs of ageing. It’s one of those secrets that really shouldn’t be a secret.

Additional notes on how to get the most from your skin therapy

You may enhance and speed up your results by adding vitamin injections into your treatment plan. Here’s some information on that to help you make your decision. Note, we’re talking about wound care in the posts, but that’s what we’re trying to simulate in your body by using RF therapy.

Quick Q&A

How does the treatment increase new collagen?

Our skin generates less collagen as we age. This means that our skin holds its shape less easily, resulting in sagging skin and wrinkles. Radiofrequency skin tightening focuses on a treatment area with loose skin. Somewhere post surgery or a general aesthetic area where we’re looking to improve fine lines and wrinkles or the signs of aging such as loose skin. The thirty-minute radio frequency treatment stimulates the production of collagen fibres resulting in the appearance of tighter skin. They can also apply it to areas where we’re looking to improve our body sculpting as to regenerate collagen and elastin with vacuum massage treatment results in more shapely and elastic smoothing and refining against ageing skin.

Is the clinic still working during the coronavirus pandemic

Not only are they working, but I felt extremely safe. They set the whole appointment structure up so that I don’t cross paths with another client. The only person I met was Charlie, my therapist. When I arrived, before I even entered, they took my temperature and then upon stepping inside they invited me to use the sanitising gel in the doorway.

I folded my clothes and placed them in one box which Charlie explained would be disinfected when I left, as well as the touchpoints in the room. And let’s face it, the place was clean anyway. This was a perfectly comfortable place to deal with refining away cellulite, even mid-pandemic.

Is there research on how radiofrequency skin tightening improves ageing skin?

Yes. I haven’t personally read them, but Charlie was telling me about a study which initially led to the RF machine that Essential Feeling use being put into service. The company which makes this particular machine was initially developed by four physicists working with Manchester University. The clinical benefits of the combined RF therapy with vacuum motion were wide, one being rejuvenation and firmer skin. It was a clinician then working for the NHS certified board who suggested the multipolar, tripolar and bipolar technology be applied to target inch loss and slimming as well as to improve the youthful finish of skin after a cosmetic/ plastic surgeon has finished his procedures.

What training do the therapists at Essential Feeling have?

This is an important one because we’ve all been to a dodgy beauticians churning out treatments with what seems to be less information about the foundation of the procedures than we ourselves have learned during the course of our research.

The therapists at Essential Feeling in Gidea Park, Romford don’t fall into that category. They knew answers to all of my questions and even said that the foundation of their business is quality. It’s clear to see that they follow this through with not only the machine they use but also their training.

When I enquired, they have an understanding not only of the therapy that they do but also several other similar systems which also claim to provide prosculpt results. And Charlie could tell me why the RF they use is the best for me and also explain the evidence around why these are their therapies of choice for continually satisfied customers. For instance, they don’t use unipolar or monopolar RF because not only is this fairly old school nowadays, but it is also apparently quite painful.

Are the effects permanent?

The effects of these technologies are powerful, and skin lifting is lasting. But, it doesn’t stop the ageing process, so we look older again from a different baseline, but we still age. If I want to maintain the results, then the ultimate position is that I’ll exercise. Luckily I do, so that’s not an issue for me. And then, of course, I can have another session to fine tune my collaged fibres later on down the line if I choose.

Essential Feeling is in Gidea Park. It’s so easy to get there as they’re literally just off Gallows Corner, so if you’re looking for radiofrequency skin tightening near me then you could do worse than giving these guys a shout. They’re on 07757 946023 and work out of a beautiful clinic on the edge of Romford, Essex.