General Booking Confirmation — Essential Feeling, Gidea Park

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  1. Complete the consultation form asap
  2. Address is 12 Oxley Close, Gidea Park, RM2 6NX. For any questions and help you may need, please text us on 07941 668456

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  • If this is your first appointment or you haven’t been to us for 1 year or more, please complete this form.
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  • We need this form returning a minimum of a few hours before your session so we have time to look at it before you come along as we may very well be working with other clients directly before your appointment.
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SOME THINGS TO CONSIDER (post surgery patients only)

If you’d like to book the vitamin injections to help with your healing, please let us know ahead of time so that we can ensure we have everything we need for this. Prices are: Vitamin C £20, Vitamin B12 £20 Vitamin B Complex £25 Vitamin D £45. Please also check out some items you’ll need following your surgery if you’re coming for post surgery care. What to expect between your surgery and seeing us

Just type ‘EssentialFeeling’ into the basket at either Lipoelastic or Macom Medical to get the best compression garments at a discount.


We have included directions below, please acquaint yourself with them prior to leaving for your appointment and make sure you are on time.

  • If you are using Google, please type in ‘Essential Feeling‘ but please do also read the directions below.
  • Here is a link to Google Maps.

Driving – From Gallows Corner:

  1. Take the main road exit towards Romford town centre
  2. At the first set of traffic light turn left
  3. Take the immediate left down the side of the shops (you may feel like you are going in to a car park, its OK)
  4. Take the first left
  5. And again take the next first left
  6. We’re down at the bottom of this cul-de-sac on the right hand side, the house with the light blue door.
  7. Please park on the drive and we will come and find you there at your scheduled appointment time. Please don’t panic if we’re not around before, very often we have clients in ahead of you so we can’t answer our phone if you call. We will be with you as arranged for your session.


  1. Take the 174 bus to the Upper Brentwood Road stop (Romford side of Gallows Corner)
  2. Cut through the trees on the side of the road OPPOSITE the cricket field
  3. Keep on the left side of the pavement (you’re now on Farnes Drive)
  4. Take your first left on to Gillian Crescent
  5. First left again on to Oxley Close, Gidea Park, Romford
  6. We’re the bottom of the road on the right hand side. Please call or text us when you arrive if you don’t get an answer as our treatment rooms are separate to the house. If you are early do not panic if you don’t get an immediate answer as we may well be working with another client. We will be with you at your allotted time.
  7. It will take you no more than 1 minute to walk from the bus stop.