There’s a bunch of things you need after liposuction.

You can make it easy or hard on yourself and just the things you need after liposuction in one cost effective pack.

It’s not just knowing that you will need plasters, or dressings. It’s about which are the right ones. Which won’t bring your already sensitive skin out in a rash. Which wounds need a low adhesive dressing, and where do you need to use something totally waterproof?

Do you need a ton of dressings. Are you prepared for leaking on your furniture and in your car when you leave surgery? If so, how. What is the best way of dealing with all of this?

And do you really need a million different versions of the same dressing because they are sold in bulk?

Save time and money. And rest easy by buying our post surgery pack, which contains everything you need, and advice on how to use what, where and when.

  • Low adhesive dressings for regular changes
  • High adhesive waterproof dressings
  • Absorbant pads to protect your furniture
  • Microporous tape
  • The correct arnica tablets according to London Harley St clinic
  • Shewee — Trust us girls, this helps when you don’t want to keep taking your garment off in the first few days after your surgery
  • Neck pillow — if you’re not supposed to sleep on your side, a good quality neck pillow such as this one will help you sleep on your back without turning over whilst your sleeping
  • Vitamin A Capsules — epithelial and bone formation, cellular differentiation and immune function
  • Vitamin C — Collagen formation, immune function, antioxidant. This is one we have used
  • Vitamin E — New blood vessel formation (angiogenesis), inflammatory response, Immune response.
  • 1 bottle of the award-winning powerful antimicrobial cleansing lotion to ensure you heal fast and with minimal complications. You can purchase this directly from us on your first session if you want this as a standalone. It’s £14.95
  • Optional add on: scar strip for use once your wounds have crusted (saves postage by adding to your pack now)
  • Seatbelt pillow for protection post mastectomy or tummy tuck
  • BBL pillow for sleeping and lounging around (this isn’t a mistake guys, it’s also great for BBL)
  • BBL pillow for sitting in an upright chair

Lipo 360 recovery day by day

What to expect a week after liposuction

Day 1, you’ll be very weak. You’ll leak fluid everywhere and you’ll wonder what on earth you have done to yourself.Day of liposuction surgery after on stomach and flanks

Day 2, you’ll have slept surprisingly well and although you’ll still be leaking, you will notice that some incision points are getting less.

Day 3, you should have had your first lymphatic massage by now and although you would have been apprehensive that it was going to hurt, today you’ll be pleased because you’re already feeling better after you had it. And now you can already see the light at the end of your healing tunnel.

Day 4, you’re feeling way better and walking in way less pain than you think you should be at this point. You’re wondering now, just how long does it take to heal after lipo 360, because you seem to buck the trend.

Day 5, this is when we have to remind you what not to do after liposuction because you’re already planning your return to the gym. Until you move too fast, and then your body gives you a sneaky reminder.

Day 6, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering how long does it take for skin to reattach after lipo. Because you’re not sure whether your surgeon took enough, particularly around your flanks. We’re here to tell you now, and for the next few months, that your surgeon absolutely did. You just need to give your body time.

Day 7, you text us asking how long does it take for your skin to reattach after liposuction because although we had this discussion yesterday; you don’t believe us. You’ve seen such amazing results so far, that you’re ahead of yourself. We laugh and remind you, it’s only been a week!

What to expect 2 weeks after liposuction

Moving on a few weeks. You’re still asking us whether the area around your flanks is still swollen. It is. We can tell you that now. We’ll show you how to tell, and you’ll relax again, but in the back of your mind, you’re still wondering how long does it take for skin to reattach after tummy tuck or lipo. It takes months.

This is probably about the time that you’ll need to order a different compression garment. You’ll have lost so much size by now that you’ll more than likely need a smaller size.

What to expect 6 weeks after liposuction

It depends if you have been diligent about keeping up with your post liposuction therapy. We’ll have given you stretches and guided you on what to do exercise wise along the way.

The hard fat making skin appear plastic like plasticine

Showing how fat can harden if you don’t have MLD soon enough and with enough frequency post surgery

You may have had some hard fat spots that we have broken down. Your tissue may have stuck together if you haven’t stretched enough. And many other complications. However, if you’ve been doing everything right, you may have had none of these.

This is the point that you won’t have to wear your compression garment anymore. You’ll feel naked without it, a little unprotected, and the thing that you hated so much when you had to wear it, will now seem like a fond memory.

If you want at this point, you can continue to wear a phase two compression garment, although it’s personal preference, not something you must do.

What to expect 3 months after liposuction

This is when you’ll be able to see where you’re going to end up. Most of your loose skin and tissue will be reattached where it needs to end up. And your swelling will have gone down in most areas.

You’ll likely still be swollen on your flanks though. Yes, it takes that long. Sometimes up to six months. We’re telling you now, in black and white so you’re prepared when you think it’s never going to happen.

At this point, you may have some unevenness if you haven’t had regular post surgery therapy sessions with us. In terms of how to get rid of hard stomach after lipo or how to smooth your stomach after lipo, we have some tools at our disposal and everything is very much about reading your body.

This applies throughout your healing, but certainly also at this phase. But, don’t panic, there are answers.

How to get rid of fluid pockets after liposuction

These fluid pockets aren’t the same as welling that hasn’t gone down. These are seromas. They look like bags of water under your skin. You’ll need to get these seromas drained. We can help you with this.

To book in for your post surgery session with us in Essex or Central London, book online or text us on 07757 946023.

And don’t forget to buy your post surgery aftercare package to be delivered to your home before you go in for procedure so you have everything that you need to hand without having to worry.

Fat pockets after lipo?

Don’t forget, surgeons are humans, and so while they will all try their best to do an even finish, they are all going by eye whilst your body is swollen. So, you can see how sometimes, it’s possible to get a finish that isn’t quite symmetrical. In these instances we have your answer. We can use the radiofrequency and skin tightening techniques mentioned about, Combine this with the awesome effects of Lemon Bottle fat dissolving and you will see results the next day which then continue over time.

Scars after lipo

We can use our machines to minimise the appearance of scars as well as breaking down fibrosis. Text us today to book in.

Whatever you need, we have you covered.