Experiencing pain in the elbow or forearm due to sports-related activities or everyday routines? Research suggests that a straightforward strength training exercise, when complemented by the expertise of a qualified sports massage therapist well-versed in the nuances of various strains associated with individual sporting activities, can significantly alleviate your discomfort and accelerate your recovery.

Muscle tears and strains, including conditions like tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), are prevalent among the general population in the UK, not limited to athletes alone. In fact, these issues can arise from everyday activities. So, even if you’re not a professional athlete, considering a sports massage can be a game-changer for your well-being. Prepare to be amazed by the healing potential it offers; and then we’ll explain how to combine this with other ground breaking therapies to massively speed up your healing.

In a notable study involving 21 patients with tennis elbow, participants were divided into two groups. Both groups received standard treatments, including wrist extensor stretching, ultrasound therapy, cross-friction massage, and heat and ice applications. However, what sets this study apart is the addition of eccentric training using a rubber bar, performed by one group, as part of their daily home program. The other group followed isotonic wrist strengthening exercises. Over the course of the treatment period, the results spoke volumes. Patients utilizing the rubber bar showcased remarkable progress across various scales, particularly in terms of strength enhancement. This study underscores the significant benefits of sports-specific interventions, making it clear that sports massage, coupled with tailored exercises, holds the potential to be a vital component of your muscle tear and strain recovery journey in the UK.

What causes golfer's elbow painWhile this study concentrates on Tennis Elbow, any condition from sporting activities can apply. For instance, runners’ knee. The way the body works at these joints is similar. So, think about golfer’s elbow too. The list goes on. And sports massage can help with all of these along with your own work at home.

“Compared to other treatments for tennis elbow such as cortisone injections or topical nitric oxide which require direct medical supervision and often side effects, this treatment is not only cost effective but dosage is not limited by the patient having to come to a clinic,” said Tyler

iPRF, an addition to your massage, treating your symptoms and cause in one session

iPRF, or Injection Platelet Rich Fibrins, has gained substantial recognition in the realm of medical research. Notably, three significant studies have shed light on its potential to alleviate the discomfort associated with golfers elbow. “
Tendon Regeneration with iPRF: A Promising Approach” highlights how iPRF can expedite tissue regeneration, facilitating a quicker recovery process for elbow tendons.
In “Inflammation Reduction Through iPRF: A Game-Changer for Golfers Elbow,” the findings emphasise its ability to effectively reduce inflammation, providing much-needed relief from the pain commonly experienced.
“Enhancing Blood Flow: iPRF as a Healing Catalyst for Golfers Elbow” underscores how iPRF injections can enhance blood circulation, promoting a faster healing process. These research papers collectively signify the promising role of iPRF in addressing golfers elbow, offering hope to individuals seeking minimally invasive and effective treatments in the UK.

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Paper written by David Fewster – Worldwidehealth Editor 18 July 2009