What to look for when you’re searching out the best sport massage therapist near me in Gidea Park, Romford.

First, we’d always recommend a great qualification. Someone who is ITEC certified, as Charlie is at Essential Feeling in Gidea Park, Romford, has learnt the basics well right from the start of their training. So well in fact that his qualifications are recognised internationally so he can travel and work around the world.

How long have they been practising?

But, second, we always advise you to think about how long your sport massage therapist has been practising.

Charlie has been working on injured sports people for almost ten years now. And what’s more is that this is his primary job. He only earns his money from being a massage therapist. When you drill down, you’ll find that many people do sports massage therapy as a side job, so they only spend a few hours a week dealing with client’s pain and injury.

Working hours builds experience. And knowledge.

In short, they don’t have enough hours behind their belt working on bodies to be experienced, no matter how many years it is since they qualified. This can be a genuine issue as a lot of soft tissue work is from the experience of learned touch. It’s this experience that tells us which techniques we need to use on a particular muscle injury that different clients present with. Our bodies are all unique and it takes time to develop the skills to read what is going on inside a body, underneath the layers of skin.

This experience also helps us to feel when injuries are not muscular and therefore whatever level of massage treatment we try, we know that you need to see your doctor for their help. Less experienced, or less qualified therapists won’t necessarily know this and this could hinder rather than aid your recovery.

When you come to Essential Feeling looking for a sport massage therapist near me, you’re in expert hands. We’re a professional business, we’re not a day spa. We have trained to a high standard, continue to develop our knowledge via continued development, and have been working only in the remedial massage industry for years. We can provide you with a range of modalities best suited to what your body needs for optimal healing.

We’re experienced sport massage therapists and ITEC qualified

Our experience also means that we may offer additional exercise advice that will further improve the performance of your treatments.

Benefits of sport massage therapist near meWhat is the benefit of choosing a sport massage therapist near me, rather than someone who just does massage?

Not all bodywork is the same, and the service each massage therapist offers has pros and cons. If you race off to the services of a beauty therapist, it’s likely that their massage and anatomy and physiology qualifications will be less extensive than a sports massage specialist. They’re great if you want to relax, but generally, they don’t cover how stress affects your mind and body, let alone for example the minutae detail of the movement of a runners muscles during an event. Nor the effects of the level of strain that a fitness session can induce. You’ll still improve your relaxation.

Think about it this way. You go to your GP and then they send you off to a specialist health clinic post appointment for them to view exactly what is going on with you and help you get better. This happens in all aspects of health care, and massages are no different. So, if you’re looking for professional relief from your musculoskeletal issues, then choose a specialist.

As soon as you visit a specialist massage therapist, they know what kind of therapeutic pressure to use. Sometimes you need deep work to reduce physical muscle tightness, but other times we need to improve your blood flow (circulation) by using a lighter pressure. Your specialist sport massage therapist at Essential Feeling will know that through a combination of experience and training as we’ve mentioned above.

I come in with aching joints and leave with soreness, what’s that all about?

This is one issue that prevents clients from booking in. For sure if your sport massage therapist has designed a treatment plan that involves breaking down your muscles, and even some specific trigger point therapy, then you may write in your journal at night about how you’re aching after your session. And this could last a few days.

But, we load these advanced techniques with longer-term benefits. Even while you’re aching, you’ll notice that you’re more agile, you can move more, and even though you’re aware of sore tissues, it’s a distinct feeling to injury. You’re on your path to wellness and you can feel it.

Once the aching wears off in a few days, athletes feel strong. You’ll have impeccable motion compared to before your session and you’ll be thanking your practitioner for easing your dysfunction and bumping you up towards meeting your personal goal.

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