If you're looking for lymphatic drainage Essex, whether this be for post surgery healing or general localised swelling, then look no further. You have found your place. Not only are Essential Feeling affiliated with Harley Body Clinic on London's prestigious Harley Street, but we have gained such notoriety because we have been using MLD to help reduce swelling for more years than we care to remember.

Why are Essential Feeling Essex considered one of the leading manual lymphatic drainage centres in Essex and the London area?

Whilst there are many therapy centres in our vicinity that claim to be specialists in the gentle MLD treatments, few of these will work with your doctors and surgeons to develop a treatment plan specific to you. And your needs.

We work with Harley Street clinics because we truly understand that every surgery is different. And so is every patient. The elasticity in your skin, the rate at which your vessels remove waste and your immune response will all vary. You're an individual, and so you deserve a unique treatment.

Most clinics will recommend lymphatic drainage massage to remove excess water/ fluid products and toxins from your system post surgery. But the amount of these you require and the timeline following surgery, how long they continue for and how far we space each session out will vary. You may also find that your body requires some deep tissue massage techniques after a period, or that your fascia becomes tight and needs to be released.

We understand this and will work with your clinic to ensure that your overall experience of treatment combines to give you the best possible results and outcome.

Where in Essex can I get my manual lymphatic drainage?

We're in Gidea Park, Romford. We have great access from both central London and Essex. If you're coming by car, your trip couldn't be more simple. And being just off Gallows Corner, right by where the A127 and A12 meet, we're easy to find. Plus, this is only approximately 2 miles from both junctions 28 and 29 of the M25.

What's even better is that we have free, off street parking right outside the treatment rooms, so when you're feeling tender, all you need to do is roll out of your car, take about ten steps and you're just where you need to be.