We’re delighted to announce that our brand spanking new ProMax Lipo radiofrequency machine will arrive with us on Friday 2nd July. We’ll be taking appointments to improve your skin laxity and treatment of wrinkles through improved collagen production the week after — we want to play with it first!

If you’d still like to donate, then here’s the link. We’re giving everyone who donates a free treatment to the value of which will be more than their donation as soon as it arrives. Just a little thank you!

So now we all know our RF tightening machine is on its way, what does it do?

So we told you before that we already do manual lymphatic drainage for many clients, but particularly with post surgery clients.This helped us in the last months of lockdown as we linked with a Harley Street clinic and treatments have been going really well.

But, the MLD is only the first part of the treatment protocol. The second part is skin tightening using a device such as the one we have chosen. When patients have had liposuction, their skin doesn’t always have enough elastin in it to reduce back as tight as they would like. This machine helps our body produce more elastin and collagen through radio frequency thermal energy which effects how fast and how tight their end result is.

But, there are other benefits to this machine.

For sure, if you’ve had surgery, having the best possible outcome is important. But, a side effect if you like, is that when our skin produces more collagen, we also have visibly fewer wrinkles and cellulite. The heat from the hand piece also tricks our body into detoxifying fat through our lymphatic system.

Therefore the machine is called the Pro Lipo because the effects are better than traditional surgery in that there is no scarring or downtime. You may get a little red from the heat for a few hours afterwards at the side we have targeted, but that’s it. There’s no pain, no recovery, no rehabilitation. It’s possible to just leave, exercise (for best results) and get on with your day whilst instantly seeing visible results.

How do we see this working for our client base?

For sure we’re going to continue to link with our Harley Street clinic for post-operative care for the RF tightening side. We see this as being something we might expand on in the future too.

But there is another key benefit to this machine.

As you probably already know, we do a lot of deep tissue remedial style massage, but we also work closely with many fertility people. A lot of these are women who need to lose BMI in order to be accepted for fertility treatment such as IVF. These ladies already are under a massive amount of stress which is detrimental to fertility anyway, and loading on losing weight in a crash diet format really doesn’t help that. We see this as being a wonderful tool to help our fertility clients through their procedure with as little negative effect on their stress as possible. Thus improving their chances of successful conception.

In addition, there are so many added benefits to radiofrequency, that particularly after the year we’ve had, we are definitely not going to turn anyone down. And from the second week in July 2021, we will also help our clients look and feel younger because that just makes them feel good.

A few examples of what we’ll be able to help you with (all totally noninvasive):

Facial skin tightening including your neck, eyes and jowels (non surgical facelift) as well as your forehead

Contouring (fat removal) all over your body including stomach and abdomen, flanks and back (bra roll)

Inner thighs tighten and cellulite reduction

Calves and arms tightened with this rf tightening therapy

Take a look at the radiofrequency before and after photos, they’re amazing.

And what’s better is that there is no downtime with this. We generate heat using ultrasound radiofrequency. You’ll see an immediate improvement after teh application process and this will continue in the following weeks. If you want to loose the maximum amount of fatty cells, or improve your body’s ability to generate fresh collagen, then we have some guidelines to help you and you’ll probably want more than one session, but this nonsurgical procedure has genuine positive physiological results.

That’s why we chose this machine rather than some of the cheaper alternatives that are on the market.

Tell me about this machine then.

First off, the company that developed it are UK based. They’re in Cheshire and Lynton’s (the company) is headed up by the same four physicists who started it originally. The whole ethos of the company is that genuine technology and statistical scholar analysis drives it. We think this is what makes the difference between this and so many other options that are on the market.

The NHS uses this machine, it’s that good.

The whole project started out as a research study and it was the NHS who convinced the scientific phycisists to go into production with the machine.

The technology behind it is that radio frequency waves go into the deeper layers of our skin (the epidermis tissue) from different handpieces which we’ll tell you about soon. This radiofrequency is non-invasive, doesn’t hurt and is effective for rejuvenation.

As we age we lose a lot of things. One is skin elasticity which is down to insufficient collagen fibres. The equipment tricks our body into thinking that we are under attack, and so it stimulates a surge in, then sends collagen and elastin to the area we’re targeting to help healing. In fact, because we’re not under attack, then this spare collagen means we end up with less sagging, reduced signs of aging and fewer fine lines.

To contour, the heat helps to break down the walls of the fatty cells which means our body is more able to pass it out through our lymphatic system. Kind of like a helping hand if we’re jumping over a fence (you can tell where my weaknesses lie, right!)

And then the vacuum function will help to break down cellulite.

What is radio frequency energy

RF tightening skin tightening radiotherapy radio therapyFirst off, it’s not radiation. We don’t have to gear up and get out of the room while we zap you. The method is a simple application of a handpiece. The ProMax Lipo comes with several options each one suited to where we’re working.

The facial rf tightening device comes complete with vacuum which helps to get to the correct depth in our skin tissues. This uses bipolar radiofrequency which is set to 2Mhz so is very safe.

The bigger hand pieces suitable for the procedures on larger areas of our body use 1Mhz frequencies but tripolar and multipolar radiofrequency so that there are more sound-waves bouncing around the bigger area that are being treated.

As you can tell from the low megahertz, this is applying warmth to the deeper layers of your skin, we’re not heating which is why it’s comfortable, relaxing even, and means your downtime is minimal. Zero if you don’t mind a bit of skin redness for a few hours directly afterwards.

Tailored to your needs

The choice of devices means that we’re always using not only the appropriate nozzle size but also the appropriate setting for the area. This adds to the effectiveness of the machine and your sessions. That’s the thing when you’re working with a bunch of scientists they’re always looking at evidence based clinical studies to give you the best treatment outcomes. That’s why we’re so proud of our before and after pictures, because we know they’re genuine, undoctored and allow you a real opportunity to evaluate whether this is the right treatment for you.

As a quick aside, if you’re doing your research you may come across Thermage and monopolar rf tightening and wonder why we don’t mention this; it’s because they now considered this outdated technology, our science is more advanced.

If I decide I want to book, what happens then?

As you know, we’ve built our reputation over time we’re not about to mess it up now. We will always have you check a quick checklist before you book your treatment.

This allows us efficacy; to asses whether the treatment is right for you, and to manage the parameters of your expectations based on your starting point and lifestyle. The level of results you can expect will be different to someone with a different body constitution, or who does less exercise etc, and so rather than risk decreased satisfaction (and a poor review blotting our excellent reputation), we’d always rather have an open and frank conversation up front so that you may then decide how you’d like to move forward with and experience your aesthetic procedure.

If you’re still undecided after your consultation, we have a ton of literature covering commonly asked questions, some medical, others not. And you may then consider this at your leisure.

How long is the procedure?

It depends on the size of the area and the thickness of your skin and fatty tissue. We allow an hour and then we will do as much as we can within that time. You’ll need anywhere between six and ten sessions twice a week for the first three weeks and then weekly thereonin.

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