Here’s why you could make a mistake, and the straightforward way to find an alternative to looking for a fertility clinic with no BMI limit if you’re a patient told to lose weight.

Ok so, you’re reading this because you’re looking for a fertility clinic with no BMI limit. Read on. We’re going to explain why BMI is important to a successful pregnancy and how to get around the body fat issue.

But first off, a note of warning. If you find a fertility clinic with no BMI limit, then we strongly recommend you look into just how successful their treatments are. This is because your body mass index, which essentially is how much fat you have in as a percentage of your overall body weight, is a strain on your body’s ability to carry a baby full term.

Let’s explain.Looking for an IVF clinic with no BMI limit?

You’re having fertility treatment such as IVF or IUI because for whatever medical reason your body struggles to conceive a child and carry it full term. It doesn’t matter whether this is an issue with your reproductive system, hormonal imbalances or even diabetes. The broad issue is that your body is overloaded with everything it has to cope with already and therefore can’t produce a healthy pregnancy.

You can treat this with IVF or IUI drugs, but if you don’t deal with what could be a root cause, then you’re always going to struggle after egg transfer.

Now let’s think about the effects of obesity on fertility.

Regardless of whether you’re clinically obese or just slightly overweight, this adds extra load to what your body needs to do just to get through your day. You only ever have 100% capacity. You can’t go over this. So when patients have a lifestyle, for whatever reason, that leads to weight issues, then doctors want you to get this down.

This is because if it may only take you 10% of your available energy to move around, but you need 20% because you weigh more, then your body is using 10% of the energy it could divert towards a healthy pregnancy to getting you from A to B. It’s the same issue with stress.

So, indirectly you can suffer with infertility complications due to carrying extra weight.

And this is irrespective of you having perfect eggs, being in overall good health and of a great child bearing age. If the load on your system doesn’t leave enough capacity to get pregnant, you won’t.

This is before we get down to the added risks of a positive pregnancy on people who are overweight.

So, when a private fertility clinic says they don’t have a BMI limit, so we’re skeptical. There’s a reason the NHS is strict. Their experience and their research has shown them there is an increased risk of failure or loss. And as they only have so much budget to allocate, a doctor will focus their resource to women who have a greater chance of success.

What’s the solution if you’re struggling to lose those extra few pounds?

We offer a non-surgical, non-invasive RF therapy treatment at Essential Feeling in Gidea Park. RF stands for radio frequency. The machine we use was developed by four physicists in tandem with the University of Manchester and is now used by the NHS and other professional bodies.

Studies show that when diet and exercise alone won’t shift that stubborn extra weight, our machine will. And what’s better is that you’re being treated by fertility specialists.

If you’re struggling we can tie this in with Lemon Bottle injections for almost immediate results in some cases. And still looking for further enhancements to your program? Then we will add another tier to your treatment, including microneedlingMicroneedling.

We’re not a general beautician who is just looking for an aesthetic result. For sure you’ll get that, but our primary aim is to work with your reproductive cycle so that everything from your ovulation with good size eggs to embryos are as strong as possible. This will be the entire concept of your treatment. To affect your reprod health. Ideally without you needing to pump yourself full of medicine and take sperm from a test tube.

We’re not here to throw you on the scales, get you weighed and then humiliate you like you may feel in any other clinics. We respect you as a woman and are here to improve your body mass index to achieve your aim of having babies.

Maybe once your BMI is under control and your body has less to cope with in terms of daily living that you actually no longer need to find an IVF clinic; BMI limit or otherwise.

We say this because when your body isn’t using as much energy to support general running daily, you may naturally develop larger, stronger eggs and your overall reproduction health, including menstrual cycle, may naturally improve.

To book your appointment for prenatal instant inch loss intervention, use our online booking system now or text us on 07757 946023 today.