Then stop looking because Essential Feeling in Romford not only use radio frequency treatments for skin tightening but also inch loss and cellulite reduction. So when you’re looking for radiofrequency near me, if you’re in Romford, or Essex, then you’ve found the place for your treatment.

Radiofrequency works by using energy to heat the lower layers of the skin. This allows your body to produce more collagen and elastin because of the procedure. The effect of this is that your body can more effectively detox fat molecules because of the therapy whilst simultaneously having the effect of giving you tighter skin and fewer wrinkles.


How skin deteriorates with age in terms of collagen and elastin production

Too good to be true?

We thought so too, but have a look at the radio frequency before and after photos. This therapy works to reduce the appearance of sagging skin. Without pain or discomfort and will also improve stubborn pockets of fat so that the contour of your body is more in line aesthetically with what makes you happy.

How does radiofrequency therapy work?

Now we’ve covered off the effects of radiofrequency near me, let’s inspect how the production of sound waves can aid the production of tighter skin in clients.

The epidermis is the outer layer of skin. This provides the waterproof barrier and is what we see. This is where we see the effects of tighter skin tone. The dermis is where the tough connective tissue, sweat glands and hair follicles live. And then beneath this is the hypodermis, which is the deeper subcutaneous tissue. This is made of fat and connective tissue.

Radiofrequency targets the deep layers of the skin. Incidentally, this is why we’ve heat helps to regenerate skin rather than age it as happens with sun damage on the top-most layer. They designed the rays to trick our body into thinking that there is some damage so that it sends the natural healing properties; collagen and elastin. It’s these that end up lifting our skin resulting in what appears to be a reversal of aging.


Insead of just having radio frequency, you can also have the following therapies; either instead of radio frequency, or in addition to RF therapy. The options are yours.

Skin tightening/ wrinkle reduction – also look at microneedling and electroporation along with iPRF or PRP

Fat loss – take a look at the revolutionary lemon bottle fat dissolving injection. A totally natural and fast working fat disssolving injection.

It’s that simple?

Yes. There are some caveats of course. If you want to see the best results, then you’ll always get greater benefits from some exercise directly after your treatment, and certainly within 72 hours. We can always give you recommended ideas to help you target the best types for your outcomes. This is because exercise helps the process of radiofrequency continue and speed up. This then results in even firmer skin on the area that has been treated. And note, this is all with no needles or surgery. So there is literally no downtime.

It’s common for people to experience some redness in your complexion that has been treated by the device just after their session. The reason is two-fold. We have administered a warm temperature to your skin, so in the same way that if you put your hand on a radiator it will go warm, then the effects of this are similar. We’ve performed therapy on your skin that encourages blood flow (circulation). If you think of the colour of blood, this always gives a temporary flush to the top cell.

How long will it take to see results?

Here’s the cool thing. You’ll see immediate results. You may need over one session to get you to the place you want to be, but your skin will be tighter straight after you have finished (see the radiofrequency before and after shots).So when you leave you’ll already have fewer fine lines and a tighter texture to the targeted areas where we have applied radio frequency therapy.

How long is recovery?

This technology is fabulous because there is literally no downtime, you don’t need an anaesthetic because the route to smoother skin using radiofrequency is relaxing as well as effective improvements. You’re not visiting a surgeon, there’s no microneedling, we don’t even physically penetrate under the surface of your skin. You can check out our aftercare notes in this article.

The side effects directly after your naturally firming session are generally mild, with some visible redness when you leave the clinic that may last a few hours or so. However, you will also immediately see more toned skin directly post treatment. You’ll often find you have more of a glow too upon that firm skin!

What are the precise areas that this machine is suitable to treat?Key target areas where radiofrequency skin tightening therapy will be most effective

Radiofrequency therapy is popular to tighten areas all over your body, including (a broad spectrum):

Inner thighs

Eyes (hence why this is often called a nonsurgical facelift)

Neck and facial area

Upper arms



Bra roll

Around your knee

What happens during the radio frequency therapy?

Promax lipo treatment shot radiofrequency radio frequency therapy near me RFYour practitioner will apply a protective gel formula onto your skin prior to treatment and then use the relevant one of the hand held devices heads on top of this to achieve a powerful regeneration of your skin. This heats during the application You’ll notice an immediate reversal of the signs of ageing (we tighten skin) as well as fat loss if this is what you’re looking to achieve.

Does this affect my daily skincare routine?

There are some recommended moisturisers what you can choose to use in the days and months following your RF therapy, but there are no medications. You also won’t need to substantially change your skincare routine, although think about e.g. spf and sun protection and greater hydration because whilst radiofrequency in Essex may well lower the starting point, we will continue to age from there-on-in. So, if there is anything you can do to improve your diet (if, for example, you are prone to acne) then this may be a good time to think about it. Usually it’s not about which cream you use (nor the price) which is causing ageing, but more about lifestyle choices. None of this directly relates to the treatment per se though, more about you getting the most out of it.

Does it damage the nerves?

This is a medical grade machine that is used by the NHS. Four physicians who work alongside the University of Manchester research department developed it. They set gentle waves at between 1Mhz and 2 Mhz depending on the area that we’re working. This is a safe process where we’re getting significant results for our clients whilst at all times considering their protection. If you have sensitive skin, we can also work you and improve your loose skin, it’s that temperate. We just wouldn’t want to work over any excessively dry or broken skin cells in conditions such as eczema that’s all.

How many treatment sessions can I expect to need?

We suggest that initially you should be prepared to commit to six sessions. If you need less, that’s great, but at least you then won’t get half way through your treatments and realise you may need more. Then, once we’ve worked with you on six, you may choose to keep going, or cut them back to once every few months for maintenance, or perhaps, that will be you done. The choice is yours and we will never pressure you.

Whilst this treatment to ensure smooth and youthful skin isn’t invasive, we don’t want to risk you being disappointed with your aesthetic results. The machine will do its job, but the cosmetic starting point is always an enormous factor as to how long you take to achieve your chosen elasticity, size (BMI) loss and cellulite reduction. There is always a solution, but the time we take to stimulate enough fat loss and collagen development will vary by client.