What is Jaw Slimming Botox?

Jaw Slimming Botox is known by many names, including masticatory muscle treatment, jaw thinning, bruxism, teeth grinding and reduction. This is mainly because of its versatility and ability to address a variety of medical and cosmetic issues. However, it still involves piercing your skin — invasive.

Botox is often associated as an injectable anti-aging and anti-wrinkle injectable agent.

However, Botox can also:

  • reduce the appearance of a square jawline Slimming jaw
  • tackle Tooth grinding disorder (TMJ bruxism) and associated headaches

Botox is well known and is often used as a non-invasive anti-aging treatment to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, Botox has been widely used in medical treatments such as migraines, bruxism (teeth grinding) and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).

Our genes or habits that we have developed, such as grinding teeth and clenching the jaw, cause hypertrophic chewing muscles to develop, making the lower part of the face appear more square and prominent. For many, this is a feature of their face that they like very much.

However, it can be uncomfortable for some, especially if they prefer a thinner jaw. Where patients are unhappy with the jawline, some people use Botox as a non-surgical procedure to remove and slim the jaw area.

The procedure involves a plastic surgeon, administering Botox to the enlarged jaw muscles or the chewing muscle. After the injections, these muscles relax and shrink, which reduces the area of the jaw.

However, there is another way to relax the muscles of your jawline and still achieve the results of jaw slimming Botox.

Deep Oscillation, the noninvasive way to achieve the results of jaw slimming Botox.

We can use deep oscillation to achieve the same results as you’d get from jaw slimming botox. At Essential Feeling Clinic London and Essex, our experts offer Deep Oscillation treatments to improve the shape and tightness of the muscles in your jaw which is what they aim to achieve by injecting Botox into your jaw muscle. This helps with not only the shape and size but also if you grind teeth and the associated benefits to reduce associated pain (TMJ).

Tie this in with a buccal massage and you’ll be laughing.

Unlock the Elegance: Jaw Slimming Botox effect with Lemon Bottle, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and Radio Frequency. The permanent solution.

Experience the pinnacle of jawline refinement with our innovative approach to jaw slimming through the amazing and all natural Lemon Bottle fat dissolving injections, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and Radio Frequency treatments.
Our unique blend of these cutting-edge techniques ensures a comprehensive and transformative solution for achieving a more sculpted and defined jawline.
Botox injections are strategically administered to relax the jaw muscles, reducing the appearance of jawline fullness. Lemon Bottle therapy replicates this by facilitating the removal of excess fat and toxins. Ultrasonic Cavitation further targets stubborn fat deposits, promoting contouring and firmness. Finally, Radio Frequency technology tightens and firms the skin, enhancing the overall effect.
This holistic approach not only achieves jaw slimming but also revitalises your skin, leaving you with a harmoniously refined and rejuvenated appearance. Say hello to your best jawline ever, courtesy of our Lemon Bottle, Ultrasonic Cavitation, and Radio Frequency expertise.
Jawline Botox Commonly Treats
  • Jawline slimming
  • Reduce the appearance of a square jaw
  • Teeth grinding (bruxism)
  • Associated benefits, which may reduce headaches by relaxing muscles in an effective, but noninvasive way.
Procedure time of Deep Oscillation for jaw relaxation and slimming

Approx 1 hour

Is there any downtime?

There is NO DOWNTIME, you can go back to work directly after your treatment and no-one will know that you’ve had anything done. You wont’ be red, nor tender. If you’re wearing makeup, it will be the same.

How many sessions?

This will vary on how bad you are to start with, but we’ll discuss this with you after your first treatment, as you will know how you feel after this. Maybe one is enough, but we expect you to need a few regular ones to start with.

Timeframe for results?

This depends on your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re under a lot of stress, your masseter muscle will more than likely get tight again faster, but over time the period extends. Your facial muscles are like any other ones in your body and respond to your lifestyle.

So if you constantly clench your jaw and don’t use a mouth guard, then you’ll be more inclined to get worse faster than someone who does all this stuff.

Why does Deep oscillation work on a patient looking for jaw slimming Botox?

The purpose of injecting Botox into your muscle is to relax it. We’ve already discussed some of the potential risks about how this can go wrong.

Essentially Botox is a medicine that is made from a toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. It’s the same toxin that causes a life-threatening type of food poisoning called botulism. Qualified doctors use it in small doses to treat health problems, including: Temporarily smoothing facial wrinkles and improving their appearance

Can I get botulism from Botox

There are many signs and symptoms of long-distance spread and botulism poisoning in Botox users, including sudden loss of strength or unexplained muscle weakness, hoarseness or difficulty speaking, difficulty speaking clearly, loss of bladder control, difficulty breathing or swallowing, double vision, vision blurred vision or drooping jowls..

So, if we can find a non-invasive way to make your muscles of your face less strong, then you can not only enjoy the session but also you’re avoiding these potential problems. As well as not injecting a toxin (third party solution) into your body — we’ve all seen the horror stories.

Deep oscillation does this with high frequency sound. It reaches the muscles and vibrates them to stimulate relaxation. It’s that simple. Plus the sessions are really relaxing. And of course safe.

Bonus benefit of deep oscillation

On top of this there is a bonus benefit. The sound vibration moves along stagnant fluid in our lymphatic system. When we get rid of this, there is less weight pulling down our face and we find that sagging skin is removed, or at least noticeably improved.

How does deep oscillation make my face slimmer?

We have fluid in our lymphatic system. It runs around our face and the rest of our body. The side effect of using sound to massage our muscles is that we don’t need to use a deep pressure like we would if we were doing a deep massage.

This leave the delicate structure of our lymphatic system intact. The vibration stimulates the movement of lymphatic waste out of our face and so you’ll find that not only do the muscles of your jaw relax, but your face not only appears, but actually is more slim because of deep oscillation therapy.

Massage for lymphatic drainage

Your lynmphatic system runs around your entire body. When we drain fluid from it, your body, including your jaw is slimmer without needing Jaw Slimming Botox

All we require you to do is lie back and relax.

Is there any discomfort?

Absolutely none. In fact, it’s highly relaxing. There’s no need for us to use a needle as your professional practitioners aren’t injecting you with fillers when we’re treating you.

Is this just for women?

There is a worry that if we’re relaxing your jaw muscles, then you’ll look less masculine. Particularly as the size of your jaw also shrinks. But, this isnt’ the case. You’re not going to suddenly look different to your normal self. You’ll just not have the tight connections underneath your skin in your mandible area which we know are guaranteed to cause you pain.

What’s the booking process?

You book online. And then once you’ve done that, you’ll complete a consultation form. This is something that is required by insurance companies. And that’s it, you’ll come along and meet your practitioners on the day of your appointment. Each session lasts an hour,.